Is Network Marketing a Legitimate Business?

Is Network Marketing a Legitimate Business?

I don’t know how most of you will react to this, but if you ask me…? MLM is just another huge way guys are getting scammed.

OK, this is probably going to raise a few eyebrows and maybe even pop some eyeballs, but my opinion sticks.

It’s natural and very expected for people already in a MLM scheme to come to its defense and label me a hater because nobody wants to admit they got duped.

But woe unto you if you finally caved in and bought into that MLM your neighbor has been nagging you about for months, you’ll wish you’d stumbled upon this article before you did…!

Anyway, it’s baptism by fire right?

Kissing frogs before you get to your prince kind of thing.

Its part of your learning process to find out what works and what sucks.

This article will attempt to bring in a new perspective that many of you have never thought of…and this is good information for both sides of the fence and in no way meant to look down judgmentally on one side or the the other.

Its just sharing facts so yeah, I’m sure its going to be well appreciated by anyone who likes the truth.

So what do I think about Multi-Lavel Marketing? Here goes…

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MLM Turns You Into A Sorry Hustler, Whichever Way You Look At It!

See that guy hanging at the street corner wearing funny colored suits and fake gators? Or that annoying carpet salesperson on everybody’s doorstep trying to pass off some cheap no good knock-offs as authentic Turkish rags?

Yeah, that’s you…selling stuff people haven’t heard of and probably don’t even need.

When we only buy to get rid of you or simply out of pity, and without any care to ever use your product or follow into your dead-end business in any way then yes, your MLM scheme is a hustle.

And we don’t blame you.

The recruiting process is an indoctrination of some sorts….

MLM Turns You Into A Sorry Hustler

The “product” and its supposed “benefits” are continuously hammered into you until you become a staunch believer.

Then they send out to hustle other people by forcefully making them sit through your MLM pitches either face-to-face or through cold calls.

These MLM companies want you to walk up to everyone and practically call every number on your contacts list…three times a day including family and friends…and just sing like a canary!

Sing like you were taught… This is hustle in its purest form and your reputation is bound to suffer once you get entangled in multi-level marketing schemes.

To Make Compensation, You Have to Over-Charge!

How else can you earn in an MLM without nudging prices a bit?

And what’s even worse is that you are unknowingly selling untested and potentially dangerous products to unsuspecting people like your friends. How do you feel selling health products that you don’t use?

And it moves from worse to worst!

You try to convince other people to join you and build their own lists of victims. MLM’s operate on the following principles:

  1. You have to pay a membership fee before becoming part of the flock.
  2. You will be required to by the products to re-sell to your tribe.
  3. The products have to be overpriced for the compensation structure used in all MLM’s to even work at all.

What you don’t realize is that you are all pawns (you plus the people who buy from you…) in a very dirty game that leaves only a few fat smiling faces at the top.

Buying into an MLM for the purpose of advancing the “cause” to others and adding more recruits into the chain is basically paying to become a slave!

MLM’s Don’t Earn Trust, They’d Rather Buy It…

And what do you expect from a company selling half baked products and programs? Certainly the ever growing number of online negative reviews has to be covered up in some way right?

So what better way than to pay for a BBB or Stevie among other awards? Yes, you read that correct…these unscrupulous companies will go to any lengths to have you hoodwinked and portray a legitimate brand to the public.

Network Marketing Tips

Its all about getting new recruits, whatever it takes. And in the long run its a small investment for the MLM’s considering the profits they rake in once they get you and similar gullible souls caught in their evil net.

Sadly, people can buy reviews and award statuses just like picking bananas in a market; without following any due diligence.

The Federal Trade Commission has closed down so many companies brandishing these awards.

It’s Not Cool to Exploit Your Friends and Family!

MLM’s are the surest way to drive a wedge between friendships and good family relations.


Your family and friends make up 98% – 100% of your clientele. Once this small group realizes that you’re just selling them cans of worms then you’re done.

You lose your respect and people start seeing you as a swindler or a schemer which doesn’t do your reputation any favor. You’ll soon be wondering whether joining the MLM was worth all the trouble.

Do you remember Monavie? Apparently they were flagged as a scam company and were forced to close.

It served them right too; why sell a bottle of “Acai” juice for $30 and yet you can easily find the same for less than $10 at other outlets?

That’s three times the “normal” price!

See what you’re doing to the people you love when you join a MLM scheme?

MLM is Not Helping You Build a Real Sustainable Business…

These guys are deviously smart. Check this…you’re out there promoting a business and a product while in the real sense you own nothing; not the product, neither the business itself, not even a website…!

MLM’s suck you in by making you believe that they are helping you build a real business.

While in other money making ventures related to marketing like affiliate marketing involve building actual brands and channels to promote a long lasting business, MLM’s just concentrate on pushing you to recruit more people in your downline and collecting all the registration fees from them.

Some shamelessly force you to buy the products in after a certain period to maintain membership.

They will entice you with meaningless titles like “senior level” distributor to keep you from seeing the real truth, you being just a bottom block in a very, very high pyramid!

Some MLM’s Still Survive, While More Continue to Meet a Deserved Death…

There are countless MLM’s cropping up everywhere in the world as you read this and more have been closed and continue to face closure as their schemes hit rock bottom. Popular MLM’s that have weathered the storm include:

* Beachbody

* NuSkin (currently under probe by relevant authorities)

* 7 Minute Workout

* Isagenix

* Young Living Essential Oils

* Pampered Chef

* Karat Bars

* Herbalife (also under investigations and pressure from relevant aithrorities)

* Mary Kay

* Origami Owl

* Rodan & Fields

Some MLM’s have not been so lucky and have succumbed to the authority’s guillotine. The most embarrassing unceremonious exits driven by legal issues include:

* BurnLounge

* Vemma

* TelexFree

* Fortune High-Tech Marketing

* Wake Up Now

* Mona Vie

* TrekAlliance

Bottom Line, Its Not You Its Them!

We don’t think that you’re a bad person for getting involved in Multi-Level Marketing schemes; people have done worse for money…The main driving force is money and the willingness to do anything for money.

Just because someone you know is doing it doesn’t make MLM’s okay.

If you feel like marketing is your calling then affiliate marketing is something you can try your hands on. Its safer and more respectable…

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10 comments on “Is Network Marketing a Legitimate Business?

  1. Hey Chris,
    I really enjoyed your post! Mostly because you spoke your mind and so many people are afraid to do so online. You call out the bullshit for what it is and don’t lie to your readers.
    It is refreshing, entertaining and in this case also very helpful and informative. I’m glad your bluntness will help people not get scammed and like me, I am sure they appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hiya Sarah – glad you like the blunt style of my writing! ๐Ÿ™‚

      I find it’s a lot easier to write if I’m being completely myself – it kinda flows better (if you know what I mean?)

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels this way. MLM has been successful for certain ones but just like you said, pure MLM pushes one to go for the sale no matter the cost. It’s never the customer first and recruitment is #1 no matter what. I think Mary Kay is on your list of MLMs that have survived and they are a reputable company (can’t miss their pink Cadillacs), so they must be doing something right to stick around.

    How do you feel about other marketing that employs MLM elements? I think those are great as long as they aren’t your bread and butter but actually just a bonus.

    1. Well it’s pretty hard for me to give any opportunity based on MLM elements the thumbs up Wing – they just offer so little and are so hard for newbies to crack.

      At the end of the day they seem to be hell bent on taking money off their members first then providing (poor) services second!

  3. Hahaha! Loved your take on MLM’s.

    You’re blunt, and I love the fact that you call it like you see it. … and in my opinion are absolutely correct.

    It’s been my experience that what you say is true. I’ve been involved in a number of Network Marketing companies over the years (Cell Tech and Melaleuca to name a couple), and had the same experiences as you.

    I am so done – done – done with it! Never again.

    I also discovered affiliate marketing and will be sticking with that. Simply put, it works, period.

    Thanks for a great post.

    1. I feel quite sorry for you Joanne – being involved in MLM setups is no fun whatsoever! Glad you found something legit you can stick to now – check out our internet marketing articles here if you’re looking for a little advice! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I almost got hooked into this unfulfilling job. When i was in my first year i really needed money for pocket money and so was ready to entertain any idea that i came across. This one sure came…through a schoolmate and friend. But soon i got bored by the idea of talking people to buy stuff i didnt even use.. i also couldnt see myself telling all my friends to buy stuff…so i quit fast. I dont regret that decision.. anyway. Very informative piece. MLM is just not an awesome business

  5. I absolutely, totally agree MLM is a scam. Take it from one who has kissed a number of very ugly frogs. There are several things I thoroughly dislike about MLM…

    Having to pass up your sales to someone else, the complicated payment system that could make your head explode trying to work it out and the pressure put on members to hassle friends and family.

    Thanks for writing this and I hope people see it before throwing their money away on another MLM scam.

    I see so many of these new MLM options popping up month after month – it really makes my heart bleed when I think about the poor people spending and then losing their money on these poor products.

    It’s by far the worst marketing setup out there at the moment!

    Have you ever fallen for one of these systems yourself?

    1. Hi Margaret,

      No I haven’t fallen for a MLM system in the past but that’s not to say I haven’t been burned by a scam…I have!

      I didn’t lose that much money but it still hurt – it was when I first came online to earn some extra cash (many moons ago!).

      I also feel sorry for these newbies who end up desperately selling to their friends and family – it must be an awful situation to be in when you first realize you are screwed and lumbered with worthless products!

      Thanks for taking the time to leave your opinion with us Margaret!

      Have a great new year!

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