Is Nerium International Skin Care Scam?

Is Nerium International Skin Care Scam?

The majority of Multilevel Marketing opportunities I have come across are based in the health and beauty sectors. Even though I don’t like this type of marketing, the products are usually top quality (although a little overpriced!).

The company we are taking a look at today is yet another well known beauty product range – Nerium International Skin Care.

Are you looking to work for this MLM brand?

Have you landed on this article to find out more information about their job offers?

Is Nerium International Skin Care scam or is it legit?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Nerium Product Review

What is Nerium International?

The actual company, Nerium, was founded by the author of the book The Slight Edge – Jeff Olson, and his friend Dennis Windsor.

They officially launched the company back in August, 2011 with their initial product NeriumAD.

AD was/is a product that targets aging – like the majority of Nerium products.

Nerium International now offers a complete line of clinically tested anti-aging products as well as holistic care products.


The Nerium International Products

The Nerium International Products

Nerium Double Cleansing Botanical Face Wash: Advanced, lightweight cleanser goes on as an oil and then lathers with water to wash away clean, leaving your skin feeling fresh.

Nerium Night and Day Cream: The (apparent) ultimate skincare duo, designed to effectively combat aging around the clock.

Nerium Age-Defying Eye Serum and Nerium Eye-V Moisture Boost Hydrogel Patches: Innovative patches deliver targeted hydration to the delicate skin around your eyes for the appearance of an instant, refreshing eye lift.

EHT Brain Formula: Dr. Jeffry Stock discovered EHT, a mix of bioactive molecules isolated from coffee. His investigation suggests the EHT extract optimizes the function of PP2A, a key protein that helps keep neuronal connections in the brain strong and healthy.

Youth Factor Vitality Complex: This Holistic daily supplement’s ingredients work at the cellular level to help support optimal function, maintenance and repair of your body, inside and out.


Nerium International Login & Sign Up

The only way into this beauty product business is to sign up as one of their brand partners.

This means you will be required to purchase either their basic kit which costs $49.95 or their starter pack which costs a whopping $499.95.

The cheaper option, the basic kit, only seems to contain the marketing materials you will need to get your Nerium business up and running.

The full starter pack includes the same marketing kit plus a load of products to sell.

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Make Money With Nerium

Make Money With Nerium

There are two main options to earn with Nerium – you can sell their products or you can build a team (or downline of referrals) below you and make money off their sales.

Once you manage to build your team up of three or more referrals – you actually get free products to sell (which is a pretty cool deal when you think about it!).

If you manage to get your downline full of hundreds of referrals – you can qualify for receiving free goods (even a new car is on offer!).


The MLM Setup

If the section above has interested you in an way, you should stop a minute and think about the workload necessary to make it with an MLM company.

Now, I have nothing against Nerium or their products, they have both good and bad reviews online.

At the end of the day people do make money with their system…but only 5% of members that join…

That’s right, apparently 95% of new members end up failing at this business venture, and by failing, I mean losing some money!

The MLM sector is hard, hard work. As I mentioned above, people do make money with this setup – but they put in a lot of work (and they put their money where their mouth is!).

The income disclosure that Nerium International provides shows us that out of the 24,277 brand partners, 98.5% of them (23,916 brand partners) did not make substantial money from the business opportunity.

These are the publications from Nerium themselves – they ARE NOT my views/opinions.

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Is Nerium International Skin Care Scam?

No it’s definitely NOT a scam, but it is a form of marketing that I would not touch with a barge pole!

As I touched on above – you really need to steady yourself BEFORE jumping into a MLM opportunity.

First off the bat – are these products something you have an interest in? Can you talk about them and sell them?

More importantly – have you tried these products yourself? Do they even work?

I also advise ANYONE going into the MLM sector to check out the support system in place first – when you are new to this sort of marketing you are going to NEED some sort of guidance, a team leader etc.

To be brutally honest with you – if you are a complete newbie to the MLM system, you really should educate yourself on it first (don’t jump in blind!).

Personally, I don’t think anyone should pay for the opportunity to work from home. There are wonderful free options out there that teach you everything you need to know…

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4 comments on “Is Nerium International Skin Care Scam?

  1. Hi Chris – thanks for sharing this interesting review. Those negative statistics make for some serious reading. It’s incredible that 98.5% of people didn’t make any substantial money, and that’s presumably after having to pay for a kit in the first place. It’s a timely warning, as no doubt there are many people who will be wanting to earn some extra cash after the expense of Christmas. Personally, MLM doesn’t appeal to me at all, I will stick with affiliate marketing, which is tried and tested. All the best, Diane 

    1. Hi Diane,

      Great to see that you’ve picked a viable way to make money online – affiliate marketing is a much ‘safer’ choice. 

  2. I’m inclined to agree with you here. “Mlm” is one step away from “pyramid scheme” where all the money flows up to the top 1 or 2% which leaves everyone e at the bottom broke. I would definitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate over any Multi Level Marketing any day. Especially a program that asks for almost 500$ up front to get started while also essentially requiring you to sign up other folks beneath you. I do like how you can get credit for the sales made by your “team” though. That reminds me of Builderalls two tier affiliate commission program (they even offer a car!). I liked your article, it was quick, to the point, and easy to read. Great article! 

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