Is My Data Team a Scam?

Is My Data Team a Scam?

​I often come across online work opportunities that center themselves around data entry jobs.

I have read somewhere that they used to be legit and worthwhile – does anyone believe this?

I’m completely astounded by the amount of new data entry websites that STILL manage to get themselves up-and-running. How do they keep on drawing in newbies?

I’ve been working online, full time now, for just over six years and I have NEVER come across a data entry website that is worth it’s hosting price!

Sooooo…with that in mind…is My Data Team a scam or is it worth your time, money and effort?

I think you already know the answer but we’ll take a look anyway…

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My Data Team Review

The website was started up in 2002 by Timothy Darwin and it claims to be a Global Data Entry Job Program.

I was more than surprised to find out that this little baby had been floating about for over a decade but hey – Mr. Darwin seems to be a rather clever man!

They portray themselves as a totally legit online company that can offer at least 10 ways to make some extra money online.

What is My Data Team?

Okay, let’s dig a little bit deeper into this data entry opportunity…

If you sign up to make money with this platform you will effectively be processing data evaluations and ad submissions. So they say!

What is My Data Team?

Once you have signed up you will have to opportunity to earn between $300 and $1,000.00 per day…hold on a minute!

Yes, that is correct – between $300 and $1,000.00 per day ( I thought I had made a mistake in my notes! ).

Now, during my time working online I have built up over seven businesses and sold two of them on…

I’ve never managed to reach the giddy heights of $300 and $1,000.00 per day!

ANY opportunity that claims to make you this much money online has been taking a dip in the ‘river of scam’!

There are no short cuts, no quick fixes and NO DATA ENTRY JOBS WITH ANYWHERE NEAR THESE SORT OF FIGURES!

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My Data Team Global Data Entry

Okay lets nail this one down a little bit before we go any further. There’s really no point in going deeper into their work options or memberships ( because they are pretty much worthless! ).

First off the bat – the money you have to shell out!

All the way through the sign up and sales process this bunch PROMISE that there are NO FEES involved with their…scheme?

I’m not like most people – I like to read the ‘small print’ on these landing pages!

Right down the bottom of the page we are informed that there are fees involved with this option.

So, we have the promise of no fees…but we have to pay a fee…all on the same page?

Have I missed something?

Unfortunately the internet is not policed well enough to keep up with these shady tactics.

Do they really think that lying on a sales page then admitting to the lie in the small print is going to cover their ass???

Surely one day SOMEONE is going to take them on?

Next we come to the whole ‘data entry’ gig…which doesn’t even exist!

That’s right – this is yet another data entry platform that has no data entry work to offer whatsoever!

So what do they have to offer for the fee you just paid?

Well…you can affiliate their product…

And the penny drops!

You have just paid a fee to promote a shitty scam product. Doesn’t Clickbank let you do that for FREE?

The My Data Team Scam

Landing pages ( or sales pages ) are always a good indication of how sturdy online businesses are. Unfortunately My Data Team provide us with way to many red flags.

First off you get the scarcity tacticsQuick join up now! Only 10 positions left! Price will go up tomorrow!

All bulls##t – if you refresh the page you will see the counters pop back to their starting positions!

My Data Team Global Data Entry

Then, at the bottom of the landing page are some seals that are placed there to give the website some legitimacy.

Some of these seals actually have links that work…but they lead to websites that have nothing really to do with data entry or working online?

The other two are complete ‘cut and paste’ jobs – why would an antivirus company promote a data entry platform?

They wouldn’t!


This is the type of opportunity that millions of newbies have fallen for in the past – it’s pretty much a disgrace.

Scams are always carefully put together so that they can blind less experienced internet users into parting with their cash.

It’s been happening for years now and I can’t see it changing anytime soon!

Timothy Darwin seems to be nothing more than a vulture with no business morals – I know for a fact this is NOT the first data entry platform he has set up!

I have no idea how this crap-fest has been going since 2002 ( so he deserves some sort of credit for that! ).

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9 comments on “Is My Data Team a Scam?

  1. Hi chris,

    pretty sad that these sort of sites exist and the sub bags behind them are absolute vermin, deserve to …well I wont continue down that line.

    what gets me most is that no need for scams like taht, making money online is easy, almost effortless! (I asaid almost!) when you know how.

  2. I really doubt that one can make $30.000 per month through this program. Like you, I have been making money online for a few years now but I’ve never been able to achieve this level. I know several successful online marketers that are making over $10.000 per month. And this became possible after 3 years of hard work. When it comes to my data team, I really doubt they can deliver on their promises.

  3. You know, I’ve never heard of data entry jobs, well not on line anyway. If I had seen this ‘my data team’ I may have been sucked into it, if the initial outlay was reasonable. The fact that you say it had no fees, which was proved to be untrue would have put me off because like you, I do look at the fine print. Even so, this has probably put a lot of prospective victims off, me included, so I won’t bother to even go to the site.
    Your recommendation for the best site to earn money on line is spot on. I am now with WA and I don’t regret a single second of being with this amazing community. I hope people who want to earn a living online take your advice and go with your No. 1 recommendation! Ches

  4. Hi, Chris.

    As you mentioned, there are so many red flags about this data entry job. $1000 a day is complete BS for someone who’s just starting out.

    Even for someone who’s been working online for years, it’s hard to reach, doable but still hard.
    But people will still fall for this kind of scams and I guess this is what it takes to become immune to those virtual black holes.

    Do you know of any data entry jobs that are legit and can be managed to create some additional income?
    Always a pleasure reading your reviews.


    1. No I don’t I’m afraid Imad – just about all of the options I have come across involving data entry are scam related. Clixsense is the closest bet I think – check out our review on it here

  5. It is such a shame these scams manage to exist for a long time. I think they’ll always be someone desperate and greedy enough to want thousands of dollars a day, so they’ll continually fall for these scams.

    People need to realize that achieving anything big in life takes a lot of work.

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