Is Mobile Monopoly 2 Scam?

Is Mobile Monopoly 2 Scam?

A while back a good mate of mine stumbled across a reasonably well known marketing training product named Clickbank University on a torrent site.

Yeah that’s right – even though we’re successful we still don’t like paying for things…just like you! 🙂

Anyway, we’d managed to read a few affiliate based reviews on Clickbank University and we’d actually fallen for them.

Affiliate reviews are reviews created so that the webmaster can sell the product – they will basically tell you the product is from the heaven’s even if it’s utter sh#t!

Well, the product was utter sh#t – but we were introduced to the creator Adam Horwitz.

So where is this all going? Why am I rambling on about this Clickbank University crap?

Well Adam Horwitz is also the creator of the product I will be reviewing here today – Mobile Monopoly 2.

So, is Mobile Monopoly 2 scam or has good old Adam finally got his shoes on the correct feet?

Lets take a closer look…

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The Mobile Monopoly 2 Review

It’s best to start this Mobile Monopoly 2 review off by stating that this is NOT a free product – some adverts may well claim it is!

The bounce off page system on his sales page can bring the initial price down to $37 but please don’t let that fool you.

The Mobile Monopoly 2 Review

This Horwitz dude seems to be completely addicted to the idea of upsells…and he will hit you with PLENTY!

So what’s it all about?

What is Mobile Monopoly 2?????

What is Mobile Monopoly 2

Well in a nutshell, it’s a product that will teach you how to invade the mobile marketing world with various internet marketing techniques.

Sounds pretty cool really doesn’t it?

Well don’t get ahead of yourself…it’s not!

You are basically driving unsuspecting newbies to a mobile responsive landing page where you will harvest their email address and mobile phone numbers (I’m pretty sure this is called phishing?)

Once you have these addresses/numbers you are then taught how to flog affiliate or CPA offers through mobile messages,

Okay…where to start really?

At various times in my online marketing career I have been ‘slightly’ involved in black hat tactics.

This seems to go well above these tactics and moves straight into the spam territory.

YES these people did sign up willingly with their mobile number and YES landing pages are completely legal…but did you ever mention you were going to bombard them with CPA offers?

I don’t know, but this seems a little close to the bone for me – it feels ‘uninvited’ if you get my drift?

Mobile Monopoly 2 Download

Okay, okay…I suppose I better slow down a bit there! I’m getting on my high horse way too soon in the review.

Let’s proceed in a dignified manner….

What is inside the box?

Okay, you will get over 80 videos in the training area of the product and you will also have the chance to download a few PDF based lessons as well.

Mobile Monopoly 2 Download

Here is the list of the training subjects that Adam covers in the Mobile Monopoly 2 Download…

  • Quick Start
  • Free Traffic
  • CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • Paid Search
  • Email Profits
  • Pay Per Call
  • Go Local
  • Create Apps
  • Software

The training seems okay-ish if I’m honest with you but Adam doesn’t half try his best to convince you that CPA marketing is as easy as rolling over!

CPA marketing is based on visitors performing an action – getting them to perform this action is not as easy as it sounds.

Unfortunately Adam has opted to include a truckload of false promises in his product layout and that is pretty much unforgivable really.

Mobile Monopoly 2 Scam?

Well I think you can already tell that I’m not a fan of this system but Adam does everything in his power to keep it away from the scam door…just.

A simple search online brought me to A LOT of similar reviewers who are less than impressed by his new Mobile Monopoly offering…

“With everything in the product (or lack thereof) I should really give Adam an F, but I just couldn’t.

I can see a use for this. But I still wouldn’t purchase Mobile Monopoly – it’s not worth what Adam Horwitz is asking.

The concept is great. Getting people to watch a webinar that’s been pre-recorded so you don’t have to be there with a link to a product. I can think of many uses for this, but not in the way Adam uses it. The quality of the webinars are awful.”

That was from a guy named Ian at Below is a round-up excerpt from Eddy at

“Final glance at Mobile Monopoly 2

False promises about making tons of money through mobile marketing

No quality support

Not for beginners

Many complaints

Website is no longer working and sends you to Adam’s another “great” product called Clickbank University

Too many upsells

Requires budget for paid traffic

Proven campaigns advertised by Adam don’t work

Verdict: Not recommended”

This leaves me very little room to maneuver I’m afraid – this product should be avoided and your money should stay in your pocket!

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8 comments on “Is Mobile Monopoly 2 Scam?

  1. Oh dear Chris, the same creator as Clickbank University.. say no more!
    That is all I need to know personally. I am so tired of these scammers just bringing out more rubbish and trying to sell it to unsuspecting newbies in the industry.
    I hope people take the time to search for reviews and more information before purchasing this rubbish.

    1. Yeah he’s a pretty smooth operator but his products have more than a few holes in them I’m afraid – he LOVES his upsells as well!!!!

  2. LOL! “I’m getting on my high horse way too soon in the review.”

    I’m sorry I just found that line so funny. Is it really getting on your high horse when the basic messageis “Don’t be a jerk trying to scam people”. The guy clearly knows what he’s doing, and that can be dangerous to….well, everyone no matter how experienced you are. But in this case, especially dough-eyed millenials looking to work from their phone.

    You said be just ‘barely’ stays away from scam territory, but I’ve worked as a telemarketer and personally, I think it’s just spam. Do you know what cold calling is? This strikes me as just being an electronic version of that. Am I pretty much on the mark?

    1. Yeah I think ‘cold calling’ fits the bill quite well there for this product – it’s certainly intrusive at best! Thanks for sharing your opinion with us.

  3. The idea behind this Mobile Monopoly doesn’t seem very great. If the goal is just to get people’s numbers and emails it doesn’t sound very impressive business model.

    80 videos in the training area sounds quite a lot because many of these online scams provide only little training. But after reading your review I am not very interested in buying this product. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely better one 🙂

  4. Hi Chris,

    This is the first time I hear about Mobile Monopoly 2; and I’m glad I found your review. I will definitely make sure to stay away.

    I’ve heard of Clickbank University and I also decided it wasn’t for me.

    It seems to like Mobile Monopoly 2 is about bugging people on their phones for money. That’s no way to make a living if you ask me. I prefer to help people and they come to me.

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. I think that ‘bugging people on their phones’ is the best way to describe this Diana – nice one! 🙂

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