Is Millionaire Bizpro a Scam?

Is Millionaire Bizpro a Scam?

I’m kinda getting used to people putting timescales on earning possibilities online – sometimes it feels as though even the legit options are taking on this marketing ploy.

Millionaire Bizpro opts to feed you a line that fits into a 30 day period.

That’s right – you can earn thousands of dollars in just thirty days…sounds pretty awesome right?

But more often than not…well about 99% of the time actually…there is a catch.

So, is Millionaire Bizpro a scam and does it harbor one of these nasty catches?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…

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The Millionaire Bizpro Review

The system is the brainchild of a geezer named Derek Maxwell – he claims it’s a magical formula that can make you money on autopilot…

How many times have I heard that one before?

From the rather overpowering sales page I could see that Derek was zooming in on the affiliate marketing zone.

And why not? This is a pretty lucrative corner of the online market!

He claims that his system is set up to:

“Give you the ability to manipulate and flow all the online traffic to your gateway”


This traffic produces transactions that you make money from”

So there you have it – basic internet marketing really!

You Are SOOO Lucky!

Millionaire Bizpro PriceBut hold on a minute here – what’s this?

Derek has reliably informed me that I’m one of 45 lucky people who will be testing this baby out in beta – everyone else is going to have to pay $5000 to use it!

F##k me this MUST be my lucky day…

Derek says that he is currently testing Millionaire BizPro with 45 different individuals from 45 different cities.

But I don’t live in a city?

Oh well – guess I’m just super-lucky today right?

Apparently only me and 44 other lucky souls have manged to watch the video on his sales page (let’s pretend I don’t know about the exact same video posted in front of millions of viewers on YouTube!).

What The Lucky Ones Get…

Okay, so I’m lucky, we’re all lucky, whatever!!!

What’s inside the box – how are we gonna make all this cash on a month to month basis?

Here’s the main weapons they provide you with:

  • A made-for-you website that offers customization options
  • A website traffic tool/generator
  • A selection of educational training videos
  • A GVO email autoresponder

Anything above that sounds automated to you? Struggling to find the easy way out with this one?

Yeah, I was too!

This is basically an affiliate marketing kit – there are already hundreds of thousands of these marketing products floating about out there already.

What makes this one any different?

Well, nothing really!

Alerts – Is The Millionaire Bizpro a Scam?

There are always a few alerts I have listed in my head when it comes to reviewing products like this (a little bit on the dodgy side!).

First on the list are the good old testimonials…that always seem to come from gormless pricks on

And once again – that’s what we have here!

The two ladies used in the sales video I watched are top rated sellers on Fiverr.

This means that they provide fake testimonials for the worldly sum of $5….

Kinda makes you think long and hard about Derek’s product doesn’t it?

The Millionaire Bizpro Review

Next we have the typical upsells linked to a product this cheap ($17 for beta testers apparently!).

Once you enter the Millionaire BizPro area, you encounter a host of upsells. These products are apparently necessary for getting your affiliate websites off the ground.

Most people are going to get stuck at some point in their training – this generally happens when individuals are learning something new.

This is where you need the help and support from the experts – the guys (and gals) who own the product.

Unfortunately the Millionaire BizPro support system is completely sh#t at best.

They have no Facebook group, user forum, blog, or any other such support network – you’re in this by yourself mate!

Is Millionaire BizPro Legit?

Well I can’t really call this system a scam as they do offer you your money back if you are not entirely satisfied with their product (which is nice!).

Well I wasn’t satisfied with it – far from it actually!

The products you end up promoting on your little website are really sketchy work at home opportunities that are probably full-blown scams.

To use this system as advertised, you’ll need to invest much more money and time. The system’s creators offer little to no member support.

It’s basically an affiliate marketing training module that doesn’t supply all the information needed to succeed…

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10 comments on “Is Millionaire Bizpro a Scam?

  1. I just spent over an hour watching videos for Cash Printer and even did a little researching online,, Everything looks legit bit I would like to know if it is. First training is only $1.00 but I also noticed membership is $37.00, so I would like to know if it is a scam or not? Sounds good but I do not want to be taken AGAIN. Please respond, I am dying to know!!!!

    1. Hi Diana, I’m afraid we haven’t covered Cash Printer yet so I can’t really give a legit opinion on it. I don’t like the title LOL but that doesn’t mean it’s a scam. I’ll be looking into it this week to test and then review. Thanks for bringing it to our attention 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot for this article Chris. It is true that even the legitimate options out there turn to some overused marketing ploy. Maybe it is because it works and they are desperate for some Bottomline(or just more profits). The point is that the effect of this makes it hard for us to filter out legitimate opportunities anymore because they all look the same(good and bad). This article puts it straightforward like it is. This millionaire bizpro was crafted to get sales, not to help anyone.

    1. Nope, no help for anyone here Jerry! I agree that it’s extremely hard these days to filter out the good and the bad…which is why so many end up getting scammed I suppose!

  3. Hi Chris,

    I love this review, cut straight through the BS. It also made me laugh. I loved your line referring to the fake testimonials provided by ‘gormless prick on ffiver.’

    You point out so many things that pop up on my own red flag radar. –
    –The exclusive offer,
    — limited time remaining,
    –claims of how much you can make in a fixed amount of time,
    — upsells
    — done for you

    I’ll definitely be giving this one a wide berth and sticking with Wealthy Affiliate.
    Thanks for the heads up.

    1. Yep – way too many red flags on this opportunity Jenny, not worth anyone’s time at the end of the day! Glad the review pointed you in the right direction (i.e. away from this offer!).

  4. I’ve just landed here after reading few a few Millionaire Bizpro reviews and I have to say Chris, one of the most annoying things about the programme is the fact that they use fake testimonials.

    Might not seem like a big deal to some, but it’s a real pet-peeve of mine.

    I’m not quite sure who makes me mad the most, the companies that use them, or the people that try to make a living in this way.

    I see you say that the programme isn’t a scam, but for me, the fact that the have to use fake testimonials is a huge turn-off and I definitely won’t be laying down my hard earned cash for this one.

    Thanks for the review.

    1. Yeah I’m with you there Lee – I feel that the people who charge for the fake testimonials are the worst out of the lot! If you think about it – they probably do quite well out of it (I notice the same one’s off Fiverr time and time again!)

  5. Hi Chris,
    Millionaire Bizpro: A magical formula that can make you money on autopilot – Another one.

    Yes this sounds as dodgy as they come. I went to watch their video for a laugh. It has the same sales pitch as all the other scammy lot out there and you’re right, it’s all down to upsells again.

    I wonder how many people get involved in these types of scams. The way they promote them cries out as a scam yet so many fall for them.

    I do agree on you#1 recommendation – They are genuine. There are a few around!


    1. Glad you agree with our recommendation Simon – it’s a great place to learn your trade online and build an internet business (way better choice than Bizpro anyway!!!!!)

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