Is Market America a Pyramid Scheme?

Is Market America a Pyramid Scheme?

I’ve never really been able to get my head around MLM schemes and I don’t think I ever will – what type of idiot would want to get into this sort of thing?

I suppose it’s all down to the marketing carried out by other reps at the end of the day – they lure you in with the promises of riches and suddenly your garage is full of sh#t you can’t sell.

There are much simple and legit ways to earn online that don’t cost you anything to take part in (Clixsense, Wealthy Affiliate).

So how do these pyramid, sorry, MLM schemes stay afloat and continue to suck the money out of internet newbies?

Today we will be looking at yet another MLM scheme that will cost you no less than $399 to get started in…

So is Market America a pyramid scheme or is it actually a worthwhile marketing venture?

Let’s take a closer look…

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What is Market America?

Okay, it’s basically a business founded in 1992 by JR Ridinger – a former master marketing salesman (not the type of guy I’d hang around with then!).

So he started up this new business way back when and from what I gather it’s done pretty well since…

…the business, I’m not saying anything about the employees!

They distribute a range of products based in cosmetics, finance and health – quite a mix but that’s the way most MLM’s roll.

What is Market America?

Market America Jobs

So how do you make money through Market America? Is it easy to get started?

Well yes, it’s easy to get started, as long as you fork out $399 for a distributor starter pack.

That’s the simple part. However like most MLM companies – they have a convoluted compensation plan.

From what I can gather you can earn cash through either of the following options:

  • Become a Unfranchise Distributor
  • Become a recruiter

Absolutely nothing new there then at all!

An ‘Unfranchise Distributor’ basically runs a small niche website (or portal as it’s called here) and receives commissions off sh#t they sell from that site/portal.

The recruiter basically ropes other people into the MLM system and gets them to fork out $399 (earning a commission as they go!).

Is Market America Scam?

I thought I’d hit the ‘big question’ early in this review so that I don’t waste too much of your valuable time – is Market America scam?

Well, calling something an outright scam is a pretty big move online so I’d thought I’d cover a few complaints – let you make your own mind up!

First off is the sheer avalanche of complaints directed at the prospective earnings of each member – below minimum wage from what I gather!

Unfortunately the MLM world frequently fails to mention that only about 10% of their ‘top’ members earn big bucks – the rest of you are basically ‘bottom feeders’.

Is Market America Scam?

On top of this there are numerous reports of various upsells hitting your mailbox with freakish regularity.

There are a lot of phony promises that you will succeed if you buy all the additional expensive training items and travel to seminars.

Now think about this for a second – you’ve already forked out $399 for the honor of becoming a distributor…why the f#ck didn’t they include all of these upsells in the original pack?

If these ‘extras’ are so important surely they should of been included in the original starter price?

The most worrying complaint I came across involved the actual customers of the Market America products.

Many of them have ventured online to vent their frustrations at not receiving bought items and the high prices they have to pay.

To be honest with you, ALL Multi Leveling Marketing products are overpriced and in most cases…not that good either!

Market America Scam or Legit???

Hmm that’s the million dollar question really isn’t it? I’ve supplied you with the facts so what do you think?

The problem I have is that I don’t trust ANY MLM schemes…so where does that leave me as a reviewer?

I think the best thing you can do is weigh up the entry price against all the complaints AND your own marketing skills…

Do you feel you can sell or recruit enough to get back that $399?

I don’t, but that’s just my opinion! 🙂

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4 comments on “Is Market America a Pyramid Scheme?

  1. Hi Chris,

    I have no problems at all with calling a scam just that – a scam. This company, I’m sorry to admit originating from the very state that I live in North Carolina smells, acts, looks, feels like a certified, 100% scam.

    I too have reviewed companies that inexplicably still are in business for over 20 years, yet somehow have not gotten shut down because they were so fraudulent.

    The $399 that you mentioned one was fork over is quite high – although foolishly I got involved with what also turned out to be a bogus, pyramid-modeled company at slightly under $1,000.

    As you stated only those individuals at the top of the pyramid scheme with Market America rake in a healthy percentage of the company’s revenues. And I’d bet that the bottom dwellers are the people working their butts off trying to earn money in this venture. Sadly many don’t earn a nickle!

    Does this company offer any type of real training at all since it has to do with promoting a product online? IN order to build a successful business a person needs to know how to market online. Does this company even bother to do this? It does not sound like it to me, that or else their training is weak at most.

    Cosmetics, finance and health as their 3 main products? Now that’s quite a conglomerate that, just from the grouping of those three together appears to be quite dubious.

    You’re 100% correct, Chris. Any pyramid-modeled online business venture, which is illegal in this country as well as dozens upon dozens of others around the world, cannot be one that a person should pursue. That is unless he/she likes throwing away good money.

    Great review, Chris!


    1. Hi there Jeff – thanks for your in-depth response to our post. I only hold off the scam button because I try to give MLM opportunities the benefit of the doubt…but 99.9% of the time they certainly don’t deserve it!

      Great to have you here and I love your response! 🙂

  2. Chris,

    In my personal experience, there is nothing wrong with most MLM ‘products’ from most MLM companies. However the issue I do have with most MLM companies is that only a few people will make serious money.

    With Market America do you need to purchase a certain amount of products each month to stay ‘active’ for earnings received?

    Thank you for your review on Market America. I agree totally that trust is a huge factor if you are looking at a MLM company to make money. Choosing a company that offers products you use everyday is really important.

    1. I believe so Keldyn yes, in fact, most MLM companies have a cap needed to be reached every month. I’m glad you feel that their products are decent but I’m afraid I really don’t agree – most of them are complete overpriced pieces of crap (sorry!) 🙂

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