Is iWriter Legit – Does iWriter Work?

Is iWriter Legit - Does iWriter Work?

Regulars to this site will know that I run several websites for a living – and I love it!

I get up every morning with a spring in my step and I choose when to start work, and more importantly, when to stop working!

But all this comes at a price – I have to keep producing content.

This site is fine – I can write about marketing and working online all day long without breaking into a sweat!

But what about profitable niche subjects that I’m not that clued up on?

Well it becomes pretty hard to write about those subjects.

Cue the online content freelancers – you’ve gotta love ’em!

Today we will be taking a look at iWriter – one of the best value content creation sites for webmasters (in my opinion!)

So is iWriter legit? Does iWriter work? Is iWriter scam?

Let’s take a closer look…

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What is iWriter?

This is a content platform to purchase articles other people have written or write articles for other people to buy.

So there are two options here…

  1. Publishers can use the site to find content for their websites
  2. Writers can write content for publishers to post to their websites

Before we go any further I have to admit that I have NEVER written an article for this iWriter…and I never will!

I don’t write for other people – everything I type ends up on one of my own websites and that fact will never change.

But, I have used iWriter for over 310 articles (at the time of writing this) and I know how EVERY aspect of this site works.

iWriter is a subsidiary of Bryxen Software, Inc and is owned by a rather successful internet marketer named Brad Callen.

How Does iWriter Work?

As I touched on above – you can be two different types of iWriter member…

  • A publisher
  • A writer

I would say that the site is DEFINITELY geared more towards the publisher as it tends to treat them the best – which is the way I like it!

How Does iWriter Work?

Publishers can request articles and specify the length required, general category, and what they would like to pay.

If a publisher likes a particular writer’s work he/she can add them to a Favorite Writers list and send them more specialized requests.

A publisher will never pay for an article they do not like.

On the other end of the scale, a writer has the pick of article requests that have not been assigned to a specific member yet.

iWriter writers

There is a rating system in place so that publishers can see the type of writers who have taken on their assignments.

To me, this rating system is the most important function on the platform.

All of the payments on iWriter are thankfully made through PayPal exclusively.

Is iWriter a Scam?

Well there are an absolute mountain of complaints online about this site but I would wager that at least 99% of them are from writers.

FACT – iWriter looks after it’s publishers first, and it’s writers second!

Personally I don’t have any sort of problem with this…because I only use the site as a publisher.

I have received articles on there that are so poor I was left wondering if the guy who wrote them could even speak English!

Is iWriter a Scam?

Anyone is allowed to sign up as a writer there which is great…but this leads to a quality problem.

At first I felt a little bad when I rejected an article but these days I do it in my sleep. If the article is not what I’d consider five star quality I’ll reject it – period.

At times I often reject over ten articles before I find the one I like.

I know, I know – I sound like a pretty heartless bastard but I’m in this game to win!

If I want my websites to be successful I need the best quality content I can find – that means I need to be ruthless!

Does iWriter Work?

Yes of course it does – but you’re much better off being a publisher rather than a writer.

What these writers need to realize is that (most) webmasters will not pay for content that they could do a better job of themselves!

I don’t want to be mean but non-native English writers are on this site because $5 is worth a lot more to them than it is to most of us.

But their work stinks – grammar is everything and they just don’t have a decent grasp on sentence structure.

If you are not a GOOD native English writer then you are going to be rejected 9 times out of 10.

Think about it – I can’t speak Bulgarian very well…why would I try writing an article in it?

This platform is completely legit and it always has been. It uses Copyscape to make sure all the writers are producing unique content and they have excellent support.

You need to be a good writer to get anywhere on this site and you need to be able to turnover 4 to 5 articles a day to see decent money.

You have been warned!

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4 comments on “Is iWriter Legit – Does iWriter Work?

  1. Hey Chris,
    Good article on iWriter. I too have to produce content and have never thought of buying articles. I may approach a site such as this and look at writing for others. I can imagine that there’s a bunch of crap out there as you suggest. Thanks for the information and keep up the good review on these options.

    1. Well it certainly helps out when you are running more than one website Bill – have a look around and see if it’s something you might take on! 🙂

  2. Hello! Thank you for this very interesting insight into this service. I have to admit that I have never purchased written material or written anything for money. However I did once read an article about people that wrote content for websites at very cheap rates. What you are saying is quite right about some of the people not being able to speak good English. According to the article that I was reading, some of the writers can’t actually speak English at all, they simply use online translation sites to convert their writing into English. No wonder a lot of the contend doesn’t quite make sense!

    I like the sound of being able to make money as a writer but I wonder how many articles a good English writer would need to produce in order to earn the higher levels of income?

    1. Well you can move up the rankings pretty quickly on iWriter Andrew, as long as you keep producing decent content with decent grammar!

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