Is Internet Jetset Scam?

Is Internet Jetset Scam?

There are numerous internet marketing ‘gurus’ online these days, but unfortunately, not all of them are up to standard (most are nowhere near!).

So, when I get introduced to a successful marketer who has featured on Forbes and Business Insider – I get interested in the product(s) they are pushing.

That’s what we’ve got here today – a product from a successful internet marketer that has (so far) caused quite a stir online.


Is Internet Jestset scam or is it legit?

Let’s take a closer look…

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Review of Internet Jetset

So who is this dude that’s captured the attention of Forbes and Business Insider?

Well, his name is John Crestani and his internet marketing setup on offer is called Internet Jetset.

So what is Internet Jestset?

Well, Internet Jetset IS

  • A diverse internet marketing education package that provides numerous techniques to help you become successful online
  • A decent enough starting point to those looking to get into internet marketing
  • A legit way to learn how to make money online (or build a business)

Internet Jetset is NOT

  • A get rich quick scheme
  • Something that is simple to master
  • A push button system that will provides you with thousands of dollars at a click of the button

The John Crestani Internet Jetset Course

Review of Internet Jetset

The main part of this education is put together through 12 different learning modules. Let’s take a look at each one…


A simple enough introduction to the internet marketing world. It explains about affiliate marketing and driving traffic to websites, finding decent products to recommend to people and how to automate everything.


This part of the module kinda insists that you can make some money within the first 2 hours of implementing it…which smells of bullshit to me!

Anyway, the module also spends a lot of time explaining to the learner WHY most people fail at this type of marketing, giving you tips on what to avoid.

It’s put together in a way that trains your mindset – gets you ready for the ‘big push’!


Never understand these sections of most marketing tutorials – there’s no need for them!

Why do I say this?

Well, EVERY niche out there is profitable – it’s just that some take more work to crack than others.

If you’re looking for a surefire way to find killer niches and their keywords – I would suggest signing up for the FREE account at Jaaxy (kill two birds with one stone!)


This module also contains a lot of material covering John’s story and how he used specific niches to succeed.


Typical marketing training covering the free traffic that Google offers – in a nutshell – SEO (duh!)


A whole section of learning that is dedicated to teaching you how to get free traffic from YouTube – a very powerful marketing tool…if used correctly!


I found this 45 minute video quite interesting actually – I learned a few new tips from it (Facebook has never really been on my radar when it comes to website traffic etc.).


This part of the course is put together by one of John’s close associates – Ashley (he must be the website tech guy then?).

It lasts for a few hours and it’s a step-by-step lesson on how to set up a WordPress website. This is a pretty impressive lesson – Ashley manages to cover just about everything you will ever need to know!


This part of the education is provided by yet another associate of John’s – Ronnie Sandlin. He is apparently a copywriting genius who earns thousands of dollars a month!

Well I’ve never heard of him before – but the lesson is solid enough.


This was yet another new one on me…but it sounded really interesting all the same. It’s a course put together by a dude named Pyong Kim – the guy who ‘invented’ Launch Jacking.

It’s a new (and quite impressive) way of internet marketing but I won’t go into details about it here – all you need to know is that it’s pretty inventive and impressive.


This module will teach you how to become an overall authority in any niche you pick – generating passive residual income along the way!


Yet ANOTHER associate of John’s – Carlos Cruz (does John actually do any work himself?).

It’s a course that covers using Facebook ads effectively but it also includes a lot of sh#t about how successful Cruz is and how he lives in Venice Beach

Who gives a shit right?

Okay, Sounds Interesting…The Cost?

The John Crestani Internet Jetset Course

What we just covered above is provided for a rather decent price of $47 – very reasonable in my book.

BUT…unfortunately John has fallen for the upsell demon and tries his hardest to squeeze a few more pennies out of you…

  1. Jetset LIVE Webinars
  2. Affiliate Interviews
  3. Super Affiliate System

Now, if these upsells really are as good as John says they are – why weren’t they included in the original package?

Apparently John wants us all to succeed at internet marketing – so why is he holding back on this stuff?

Simple – he wants extra money out of you!

Is Internet Jetset Scam?

No, it’s certainly not a scam, and it does have a decent amount of information in it. What worries me a little are the holes left in certain parts of the education – I’m not 100% sure this is a good option for absolute beginners to the subject.

There are a few idiots online that are direct affiliates for John’s product (Lenny – you know who you are!) and they are giving this a five star rating…

Not for me, I’ll stick to about 4 stars if it’s alright with you!

It’s worth pointing out that you are in no danger of losing any money here – there is a 60 day money back guarantee linked to the training.

If you are a complete newbie, and you are looking for FREE training in the internet marketing world – you are much better off taking a look at the Bootcamp Training at the Wealthy Affiliate.

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