Is InboxPays a Scam?

Is InboxPays a Scam?

It’s no secret that when I first started out online I was pretty desperate for money ( and when I say desperate I mean DESPERATE! ).

I had just lost my job in the security sector and I needed cash quick – my son was about 5 years old at the time and I was a single parent.

Before I knew anything about internet marketing I was pretty much a blind man at sea – I had no idea which way to go and I believed EVERYTHING that was put in front of me!

Anyway, this led to the obvious scam – I fell for a handful of them and learned the hard way. In the end the only work online methods I could find that were safe and ‘my level’ were GPT sites.

Today I am sort of stepping back in time to cover a a GPT site I only discovered recently. So, is InboxPays a scam or is it a worthwhile earning platform…

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InboxPays Review

Before I jump headlong into this InboxPays review I should probably explain what GPT means – Get Paid To!

It’s actually as simple as it sounds – you sign up with a site and get paid to complete rather dour and uninteresting tasks.

InboxPays Review

InboxPays is owned by a group named A&A Marketing Inc. and they are based in Houston ( Texas ).

Once you have signed up ( for free ) with the website you are able to take part in the following mini-tasks to earn some money online:

  • Receive and read up to three emails a day
  • Play games
  • Take part in cash offers ( by pimping out your credit card or Paypal info )
  • Refer other members through affiliate marketing

There is also a coupon section to the site but you can’t really make any money through these ( no idea why it’s included really! ).

They just offer you coupons for deals on various products – much like a newspaper does in the US.

Your InboxPays Account

Within 5 minutes of signing up with this site I was left wondering if an InboxPays account was worth the time and effort.

When I first started out online I was lucky enough to stumble upon a review of the mighty Clixsense. I signed up with them and got to work – there was a mountain of money to be made there and I was kept very busy.

But InboxPays seems to be a very under-nourished version of Clixsense – the workload on offer seems very, very weak at best.

I was also worried about the variety on offer – I NEVER use the cash offers function on any GPT site. This means I would be struggling big time to make any sort of money on InboxPays.

These cash offers provide you with the opportunity to sign up for various product trials and for a small fee then you will receive a slightly higher cash reward from InboxPays.

InboxPays Account

But for this to work you need to cancel your subscription to your offer in time – what happens if there’s a problem and you don’t get paid?

Will you wait a little longer and end up paying for an extra month’s subscription when InboxPays sorts out the mess?

It’s all a little bit ‘hit and miss’ for my liking – it’s not the way I like to make money online ( there are basically no guarantees! ).


Like most GPT sites out there, InboxPays will pay you through Paypal. For some reason the site will only pay you in blocks of $50.

For example:

You make $58 one month so you will be sent $50 the next month. The remaining $8 will stay in your account until you earn $42 more ( which would take it to $50! ).

Cashouts are made on the 1st and 15th of each month ( providing you have hit the $50 mark ).

Below is a video review of InboxPays I found on YouTube where you can actually see the site in action: 

InboxPays Scam?

So, is InboxPays scam or is it a worthwhile work online avenue? Well first let’s take a look at some of the complaints I’ve encountered from members online.

The first complaint seems to go hand in hand with 99% of GPT sites out there – failed completion credits.

To be fair this is usually down to the offer provider NOT the GPT site but it still screws up your daily earnings.

You take the time to go through the offer system doing exactly what they say then it fails to register at the end – what happens if this is a paid offer? What happens to the money you have invested?

A little worrying really isn’t it?

The next complaint is even more worrying and it’s a big factor in my final judgement of this website – they don’t pay out the earnings!

InboxPays seems to hold back on paying it’s members for as long as possible and when it does pay it’s only a fraction of what it’s members have earned.

Why is this?

Well there’s only one reason I’m afraid…

They are not making a enough money to stay legit so they are cutting corners with payments whenever possible.

A typical move from a struggling website in the earn online sector ( next Paypal will cancel it’s link with them! ).

Is InboxPays legit?

So…is InboxPays legit and worth signing up with???

I’m afraid they are showing all the signs of a poorly run GPT site at the moment. The admin obviously has no respect for the members and is happy to screw them over whenever he/she has had a bad month.

Forget about the lack of offers and the strange coupon section – money is the main reason these sites exist!

When earn online websites start holding back payments and coming out with excuses it’s time to abandon ship pronto!

I’m afraid I cannot recommend this platform to anyone looking to make a buck or two online!

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7 comments on “Is InboxPays a Scam?

  1. Hey Chris , I was looking for that opportunity.

    Too bad to find out that this is not working so properly as it should.What is this crazy admin doing over there?…He should be rewarding his members instead.

    As you said , these offers that had to be cancelled on time is a stupid method , why should I bother with such messy deals?

    Additionally the threshold of $50 is way too high.And the money kept in the account (Plus 50) is an awful payment system.

    Not for me , thanks for saving my time on signing and checking them out.I would have lost one day or two.Cheers

  2. I am really not a fan of these Get Paid To opportunities online. Think most people expect more income from these models than they can actually generate with them. And like you show in this example, most of these offers are fraudulent – much time invested with no money to expect.

    It’s much better to invest your time in something with the potential to become a real, scalable business. Affiliate marketing is a great model for online business starters, for example. Of course you need some hard work and patience to see first results in profits. But the chances to grow it into a full time income or more are much bigger.

    1. I have to agree with you Vera – building an online business is definitely the way to go if you want to work full time online! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  3. Hi Chris,

    Just to let you know I replied to your comment on my site (not sure if you got a notification).

    Sweet review, by the way, I will definitely give these chumps a miss!


    1. Cheers Dan,

      What is your WA username – I am thinking about taking on this opportunity to see what it is all about! Would like to chat on what is needed to proceed first

      1. Hi Chris,

        My WA profile name is dcart87.

        I am happy to discuss this this via PM or on my site – I have a 1 years experience with the product so I can give you the ins and outs and show you exactly what to do.


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