Is Fusion Cash Scam? Is Fusion Cash Legit?

Is Fusion Cash Scam? Is Fusion Cash Legit?

I’ve held off writing a Fusion Cash review for quite some time now because I was always confused by the conflicting views it created online – is Fusion Cash scam? Is Fusion Cash legit? Are Fusion Cash policies fair to all? Do they ban members for no reason?

The list of questions goes on and on…

Well, this company has been plying it’s trade online now for nearly a decade – I feel that this is the main reason behind all the different arguments bouncing back and forth on forums etc, most companies that have survived online for this length of time have…enemies?

Anyway, it’s about time we covered them here.

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Fusion Cash Review

What is Fusion Cash About?

So, what is Fusion Cash and why is it so popular among the work online community? Well, Fusion Cash is yet another simple Get Paid To (or GPT for short!) website.

These GPT sites work on the basis of advertisers paying them to get people to sign up with their offers/products/etc. The site then shares (a very small percentage of) this money with the people who sign up to the offers (the members).

It’s not rocket science at the end of the day – it’s pretty much a win/win situation for both advertisers and website members (the people looking to earn through the site!).

Instead of spending millions of dollars on commercials or other forms of advertising, these product or service owners can tap straight into a market looking to try out their products…because they get paid to do so!

What Are These Offers All About?

Glad you asked! Let’s take a look at the offer systems that make up the earning platform on Fusion Cash…

1) The Free Offers (or ‘Freebies’)

These are probably the most popular out of all the offers available on the platform. They are basically looking for your email address and/or your address etc (in some cases they may even be after your phone number!).

When I first came online to earn a bit of extra green I took on a lot of these sorts of offers…but I was cheating to earn more money…

I’m afraid that is near enough impossible these days!

If you are sneaky, like me, you’ve probably already thought that you can load up a ton of these offers with a false email account or address and claim the cash rewards. Well, that’s what I USED to do!

The Free Offers (or 'Freebies')

Fusion Cash will only get paid it’s reward IF the information sent on to the advertisers is valid – they have a 30 days waiting period in place for cash-outs that eliminate this cheat option.

The advertisers will contact the Fusion Cash admin as soon as they receive shitty information and you won’t get paid…you might even get the boot from the platform!

I found that most of these freebie offers were made up of a short survey sheet or client sheet for information – they don’t take that long to fill out. This means that it is pretty easy to rack up some simple cash over a 24 hour period (they pay anywhere from $0.05 to $5.00).

Remember, at the end of the day you are pimping out your email address for money…so expect to be added to numerous business email lists (i.e. expect to get spammed!).

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2) Trial Offers (Apparently Risk Free!)

You’ve probably come across these offers on film streaming sites (the legal ones) or new software releases. They allow you to try out the product or service for about 30 days for free…but you must enter your credit card details.

Well Fusion Cash pays you to take on these offers, and pays you pretty well at the end of the day!

But, don’t forget that you have entered your credit card details, and when the trial is up it is down to you to cancel the trail offer…otherwise you are gonna pay!

I know that letting go of your credit card details online is a bit of a worrying action, but keep in mind that Fusion Cash pay out anywhere from $5 to $500 for these risk free offers! that’s quite a decent return of green at the end of the day.

But the ball is well and truly in your court when it comes to canceling these offers once the trial run has ended – this means that you must be VERY organized and keep records of what you’ve signed up for.

If you have a good head on your shoulders – you can try out numerous cool products and services and make good money for doing it.

But, if you’re a bit scatty, like me, you could end up taking a hammering on your credit card!

Reading the terms and conditions at the bottom of the advertisers pages and sticking with legitimate companies is vital to your success with these sorts of offers.

3) Surveys

If these offers seem a little bit worrying to you – there’s always the option of making money through completing surveys (but man is it a boring way to earn online!).

Every GPT site has this option but it’s one heck of a tedious slog, especially when you get screened out of a survey after completing 5 minutes worth of answers!

What is Fusion Cash About?

The Payment Structure of Fusion Cash

Fusion Cash currently offers payments through: PayPal (US & CA), Direct Deposit (US Only), and Check (US Only). There are no fees to pay on the money you have earned.

The payment threshold you need to hit before your payout is set at $25. Unfortunately, at least $15 of this money earned need to be made from the offers platform.

The payout date is the 20th of each month and digital payments take about 5 days to clear, check payments can take up to 10 days to arrive.

Is Fusion Cash Scam?

Most GPT sites are not really based on a scam system, but you’ll always get the dickheads that broke the rules and got booted, venting their anger on forums etc.

Fusion Cash is NOT a scam…but it’s not the choice of earning money online that I would take up I’m afraid.

You have to be VERY careful with what you are signing up for here – it is so easy to lose track and end up paying a month’s fees for something you have no interest in…and something you probably can’t afford!

Fusion Cash does work and does pay, but there are risks involved with earning through these types of offers.

There are better ways to earn online….

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