Is Fancy Hands Scam?

Is Fancy Hands Scam?

If you’ve landed up on this article through a Google search – there’s probably a high chance that you are interested in making money through a virtual assistance service…and that’s exactly what Fancy Hands offers you!

But is Fancy Hands scam or is it legit? Is it really worth your time and effort?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Fancy Hands Review

What is Fancy Hands?

Fancy Hands is a virtual assistance service that employs people to complete simple internet-based tasks for other people online.

It was started up in 2010 by a guy named Ted Roden, and from what I gather, it is based in New York City (headquarters etc).

When people want simple tasks done, like booking a flight or making a few telephone calls, they get hold of a virtual assistant to complete them.

The Fancy Hands Review

Fancy Hands employs you to become one of these virtual assistants – you complete the tasks, report back to them, the client reports back to them as well…and you get paid!

The jobs just about cover any sort of bookings or appointments that can be carried out online – hotel reservations, booking flights, managing a social account, renting a car, Google research work, shopping…the list goes on and on!


Fancy Hands Login – How to Join

Fancy Hands will only accept you as a worker if you sign up with a Google account – they favor Gmail (for some reason!).

Once you have got your foot through the door, you will be taken through a few tests which include grammar skills, verbal communication skills and online skills (using search engines effectively).

When you have completed the tests, you will have to wait up to a week for acceptance into their system.

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Fancy Hands Work – The Money

The tasks don’t normally take more than 20 minutes to complete, and the pay ranges from $3 to $7, and you can complete as many of these tasks as you can get your hands on. From what I gather, the average earnings of a Fancy Hands assistant is $10+ an hour…on a good day!!!

What is Fancy Hands?

Unfortunately the ONLY option they offer for payment, at the time of writing this, is Dwolla.

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Fancy Hands Complaints

Even the great companies fail from time to time – so let’s take a look at a few complaints floating about the web regarding Fancy Hands…

The first complaint I encountered was about the pay grade versus the amount of time needed to complete most tasks. Apparently a lot of these tasks take longer than twenty minutes to complete (in some cases over an hour!).

When you consider a $3 pay rate for an hour, it’s really not that great, is it?

Another complaint I noticed was about their lack of payment processors, and I tend to agree!

Most legit and effective online companies will pay you through Paypal – it’s like a gold badge of approval. For some reason Fancy Hands only pays using Dwolla now (it used to offer Paypal as well!).

I’ll level with you here – I’ve never heard of Dwolla before it came to researching for this review…

My own personal gripe with this bunch is the fact that they ONLY accept US citizens to work for them, at the time of writing this review. Surely they are missing out on a HUGE market by not covering Europe as well?

The final complaint, and it’s a biggie, centers around the fact that the whole system depends upon the subjective opinion of the clients involved with the task – they can reject for ANY reason they see fit.


Is Fancy Hands Legit?

Yep, it certainly is, BUT, like most companies – it has it’s downsides.

If you have half decent grammar skills and communicate well over the phone/internet, you could make a half decent wage out of this bunch (providing you are based in the US, of course!).

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2 comments on “Is Fancy Hands Scam?

  1. What an interesting concept. I was doing a search for some easy additional income, and this popped up. So basically, I just do some simple tasks and I get paid. It’s that simple. Curious. I did check out Clixsense, and that honestly seems a bit easier. Making an extra $10 a hour can be pretty nice periodically. Even if it’s between tasks of the other items. I guess that’s where Clixsense would be better, the tasks seems faster. Thanks for the review, this is food for thought.

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