Is Facebook Bonanza a Scam?

Is Facebook Bonanza a Scam?

Most people love to spend their time scrolling through their news feed on Facebook – I’m NOT one of those people!

I can’t really stand the lack of humanity involved in the platform…to me it stands in the way of simple human interaction and social gathering in general.

I mean, those people who profess their love for their partner on their timeline…COME ON!

They’re typing away telling the whole (Facebook) world their feelings for their loved one…when this loved one is probably sitting right next to them!

Just put down the phone and tell them…face to face!

Anyway, that’s just me, there’s no getting away from the fact that it’s the most popular social network in the world…

So, what if Facebook was actually hiring?

How many of you would jump at the chance to work on the network you love so much?

A fair few right?

Apparently a company known as Facebook Bonanza are claiming that they can make this possible.

So, is Facebook Bonanza legit or is Facebook Bonanza a scam?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Facebook Bonanza Review

So, What is Facebook Bonanza?

Well it’s a system that actually has f##k all to do with Facebook. Yep, it’s located at and it’s been floating around the internet for about two and a half years now.

If you delve behind the flashy sales pages and promises you’ll find…very little?

That’s right – I found it near enough impossible to locate any sort of human entity that could be deemed an owner. Not a good sign really.

The Facebook Bonanza Review

With Facebook Bonanza, testimonials state that members are able to make $397 a day and up to $14,000 a month. Big numbers really – how do they back these claims up?

Well they don’t!!!

They only say that you need to work about 5 hours a day to reach these giddy heights…which is probably nowhere near the truth.

Facebook Bonanza Work From Home

Unfortunately this is not a free option to work online – which came as no surprise to me! You must purchase a Facebook Cash Kit before you can take on this brave new social business world.

This would usually cost you $197 but as luck would have it – it’s been offered at a discount rate of $47 (hooray!).

Don’t get your hopes up – this discount is always in place. Actually, if you try and leave the page you’ll end up with a tidy price of $27 for entry!

So, from $197 down to $27…that sounds legit right?

But that low price is hardly going to stay in place right? What scam artist would be happy with $27? None of them really!

Facebook Bonanza Work From Home

So along come the tidal wave of upsells and extra monthly charges – you don’t really see them coming and they sort of take your breath away when they arrive!

There is a great deal of fine print involved with this ‘opportunity’ so please be sure you locate and read it ALL before taking the plunge – this bunch ain’t about to end up in court so they have their asses covered!

The Dark Side of Facebook Bonanza

Where to start really? Okay, let’s take a look at the testimonials first – completely doctored and fake (not even that well put together if I’m honest with you. They’re nothing more than stock photos taken off other past online scam sales pages.

Next we come to the actual earning opportunity – how exactly do you make money from Facebook Bonanza?

This company claims that you’ll earn bags of cash by working 5 hours a day. But they do not give any real details as to how that’s possible?

The Dark Side of Facebook Bonanza

All they put out there is that you will be working from home, online…go figure!

On top of all of this, their mass of fine print brought another little beauty to my attention – the right to sell on your details to whoever they please!

Well, they say they will be selling on the details to other businesses they feel you may be interested in…which is total bullshit really. Expect a sudden surge in spam throughout your mailbox!

So, is Facebook Bonanza a Scam?

Well this is one of the easiest conclusions I’ve ever had to write for this site really – yes this is a blatant scam!

They are using the title of a well known company to gain some credibility and they are being extremely shady about what they offer in their package.

You are going to end up paying an entry fee, a couple of upsells and a monthly charge for information that is completely out of date and worthless.

The fake testimonials, the fine print, the lack of anything resembling honesty – it all boils down to one thing I’m afraid…

Avoid like the plague.

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8 comments on “Is Facebook Bonanza a Scam?

  1. Wow, I am surprised that they are even allowed to operate online using the Facebook name. Sounds very scammy after reading your review. And yes, anything that says its $197, marked down to $47 and then to $27 is totally not good. If it is actually that good, not a scam and people are making that big of money, then they could charge $297 for that matter.

    1. Yeah that’s the ticket Matt’s Mom – they are only after a quick payday off a lot of people. A few $27’s here and there soon adds up and they end up making a lot of money…bastards!!!! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for exposing these companies, there are so so many it makes you sick to the gut. They are preying on new people looking to go into business who are naive to these scams, the upsells and downsells annoy me so so much, i have been caught by many of these haha But thank you for reviewing this and i am sure you will prevent a lot of people going to it.

  3. It is unbelievable that a scam such as this isn’t shut down the minute it starts. Even more so using the Facebook name. You say it has been floating around for over 2 and a half years? Wow. They really must have their butts covered. It’s a shame that people fall for these type of scams that promise everything but never deliver. Thanks for your article. A very enjoyable read.

    1. Yeah I know what you mean Andrew – the Facebook name really gives this piece of crap credibility when it really shouldn’t. I dread to think how many people have fallen for this…

  4. Scams like this, continue to proliferate online and I am saddened that government authorities are not taking proactive approach in curbing them.

    The good news is, people like you, like me who are into writing scam reviews, are always on the go warning others. This review of Facebook Bonanza will surely help in preventing people from becoming scam victims.

    1. Ahhhh so you own a blog yourself Gomer – very sneaky!

      Here to check out the competition are we – good on you! Well good luck catching us 🙂

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