Is Elite Marketing Pro Scam?

Is Elite Marketing Pro Scam?


I was lucky enough to stumble across the right kind of internet marketing training when I first came online to work, nearly a decade ago now…but not everyone is as lucky as me (unfortunately!).

Now, I’m all for people learning the ropes with internet marketing and making a full time living out of it, but over the last few years I have noticed a drop in the quality of some of these ‘courses’.

Today we will be covering yet another shiny new internet marketing education – Elite Marketing Pro.

Is Elite Marketing Pro scam or is it legit?

What is Elite Marketing Pro?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Elite Marketing Pro Review

What Is Elite Marketing Pro?


The Elite Marketing Pro Review


Well, Elite Marketing Pro is a setup that teaches internet marketing to it’s members and also provides services to already qualified online marketers. It is owned by Tim Erway and it started off life back in 2013, in Florida.

How Does Elite Marketing Pro Work?

The education is based mainly around a system called the Elite Marketing Pro Insider – this is the standard module that all newbies get to work through when they first join and contains the following:

  • Sales commissions of Elite Marketing Pro products
  • Access to the Attraction Marketing Formula training
  • Capture Page Creator Pro software (along with hosting, analytics, and conversion boosters)
  • Authority Blogging System Pro, a software system that easy allows you to run a blog
  • EMP Insider, a members-only weekly training and monthly webinar training site
  • Access to the online Private Mastermind Group to share tips and resources with other marketers
  • Access to the Ignition Coaching Program (essentially a one-on-one coaching system)

All this is pretty cool, and pretty straightforward…but there is a catch…

This is the basic entry level package…they REALLY want you to sign up for the VIP Membership. Now, this sort of thing happens more and more these days, and there’s always a large premium involved with the top tier of learning!

This ‘advanced membership’ gives you increased commission rates, VIP teachings, tickets to a live annual event, and so on, and so on…

This membership is essentially an upsell on the $597.00 per year Elite Marketing Pro Insider basic membership…so things are already getting a little bit pricey around here!

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What Is Elite Marketing Pro?


The Commission Setup

Okay, regulars to this site will know how crap I am at trying to explain these commission setups – so I’m going to try and keep this as simple as possible!

The bog standard membership allows you to take 20% commission off your sales, whilst the top tier VIP Membership allows you to take a commission rate of 70% on sales of all standard products, monthly & annual memberships and 40% on sales of VIP memberships.

There are two other memberships placed in between these two named Annual Members (40%) and Monthly Members (again, 40% for some unknown reason?).

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The Good & The Bad…

Okay, as always, we are going to start with the positives about this setup…

The guys at the Better Business Bureau have currently given this education a B+ rating, which isn’t great…but it is rather good. It means that the education is solid enough and they are not scamming people!

I’m very experienced in internet marketing training (I’ve seen a lot!) and I have to say that the training on offer here is actually quite good…but it does cost a lot when compared to other options. I was also impressed by the high commission levels on offer, but you do have to upgrade memberships to see these.


Better Business Bureau


Now onto ‘the dark side’ of the product…

Unfortunately this product is extremely overpriced for what it is – but a lot of these newer training platforms are charging these types of rates these days. To be honest, a lot of the services that Elite Marketing Pro are offering can be found for a fraction of the price online.

I’ve also come across a few past members who are less than satisfied with the refund policy of the operation. You can request a refund for most products and services within 30 days, but all VIP program sales are final.

I should also point out that this system is definitely NOT for newcomers to the subject of internet marketing. If anything, you need to be an advanced internet marketer to make any sort of money with it!

Is Elite Marketing Pro Scam?

No, this is definitely NOT a scam…but I’m not going to recommend it here as I don’t agree with the prices they charge, and it’s not at all suitable for newbies!

It does offer pretty extensive training and it does offer some really awesome services…but you are paying a premium at the end of the day, and there are options online to earn for FREE

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