Is DoTerra Essential Oils Scam?

Is DoTerra Essential Oils Scam?

In this article we will be taking a look at an MLM setup strangely named DoTerra – what does this name mean?

Well, apparently it means ‘The Gift of the Earth’, sounded a bit ‘hippy’ to me…until I realized they were selling therapeutic-grade essential oil (that ah-ha moment!).

Anyway, is DoTerra essential oils scam or is it legit?

Is this MLM system yet another dead opportunity or is there room to make money from it?

Let’s take a closer look…

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DoTerra Essential Oils Guide

What is DoTerra Essential Oils About?

DoTerra was set up back in 2008 by David Stirling and a few of his close business associates – at the time of their launch they were one of the first MLM companies to take on essential oil products.

Recruitment seems to be top of the list with DoTerra’s business setup – it relies heavily on it’s recruits referring new members AND selling their products (a typical MLM structure really).

DoTerra’s headquarters are based within Pleasant Grove, Utah, where they employ almost 1300 employees. At the time of writing this they claim to have over 3 million referred workers working for them (members).

DoTerra Products Guide

DoTerra Products Guide

Okay, so it’s yet another (successful) MLM business setup – but what about the products?

Are the products quality and are you going to be able to sell them?

Well. every product they offer uses essential oils as an ingredient, but there is a quite impressive range of options to choose out of…

  • Single oil options
  • Proprietary blends
  • DoTerra OnGuard
  • DoTerra Breathe
  • Deep Blue
  • Digest Zen
  • Personal care options
  • Various Supplements
  • Weight Management options
  • Kits and accessories

All of these products fall under a sort of quality control that DoTerra offers, but this certification doesn’t really hold much weight in my book…because DoTerra invented it themselves!

DoTerra Product Price List

Okay, time to get to the important stuff – how much is all this DoTerra jive going to cost you to get started?

It’s actually quite reasonable when compared to other MLM setups – $35 to get your foot through the door and an annual fee of $25.

Once you become one of their distributors, you will get a 25% reduction on their products, leaving you room to make some money.

There is no minimum product threshold in place BUT you’ll need a $100 personal volume of products a month before you can receive any of your commissions (there’s always some sort of catch with MLM companies!).

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DoTerra Online Training

I’ve covered quite a few MLM setups over the years and most of them have the same problem that hinders newbie’s success – their training.

Most of the time newcomers are roped in and sold the products, then left out to dry!

DoTerra Online Training

DoTerra actually takes the time to teach it’s new members a little bit about marketing – at the end of the day it is in their interest to have effective sales members after all.

It’s a six week course that provides you with all the knowledge you will need on the products, and tips and tricks of the trade.

They also provide a handy little section of tests so that you can make sure you have digested all the correct information!

DoTerra Essential Oils Complaints

As always, I spent a few hours trawling the internet to find out what negatives had been posted by past members of this MLM.

The main gripe people seem to have with the opportunity is that their products are expensive. Apparently the average Joe will struggle to pay for items this marked up.

Now, this could be a big downer really – will people actually want to buy these highly priced items off you?

I also encountered a lot of complaints about the fees for being a member. I thought they were pretty reasonable but past members think it’s a bit of a swizz…

Why should you pay two fees – one to join and one annually?

Apparently they feel that the annual fee is enough.

The final complaint is a common complaint with MLM setups – they have centered most of their attention on recruitment (without it you are stuffed!).

It seems to be a bit of a shame really – why center on recruitment when your products are (apparently) this good?

Is DoTerra Essential Oils Scam?

No it’s certainly not a scam opportunity…but it is a MLM system at the end of the day.

So where does that leave us?

Well, essentially it’s a pyramid scheme that relies on new members signing up – without recruitment it wouldn’t work as a company (which is a shame).

I’ll never hide the fact that I am not a fan of anything MLM – I believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to build their own business for free.

Remember – a high percentage of MLM members end up coming out the other end with a decent sized loss.

If you are thinking about signing up for DoTerra make sure you have some sort of experience or knowledge in MLM first.

Personally, I prefer the FREE options of self employment…

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