Is Data Dollars Pro a Scam?

Is Data Dollars Pro a Scam?

For most people, the promise of an extra couple of grand a month would be too good to ignore – and that’s exactly what Data Dollars Pro is relying on!

They advertise the fact that you don’t need any tech skills to reach their giddy heights of payment…basically it doesn’t matter how much of an idiot you are…you can earn with them!


So how much is this gonna cost to get into – surely there are some initial outlays before you start earning the green?

Apparently not.

So, is Data Dollars Pro a scam or is Data Dollars Pro legit?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Data Dollars Pro Review      

The program, if you can call it that, is owned by a girl called Jenny Lewis. Personally, I don’t think Miss Jenny Lewis exists – I think it’s a cover name (to keep the real owners out of court!).

I’m not going to pull any punches here – nothing to do with this product seems transparent…

What is Data Dollars Pro?

Well it’s obviously some super internet marketing technique that the world has never heard of before – how else can you earn this much with little work?

It’s not a super-product of any kind…

It’s an eBook.

Yep, it’s a shoddy eBook that totals about a hundred pages…of absolute gash!

Their advertising campaign promises well-paying data entry opportunities…but instead you end up with a flimsy book on and Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

The Data Dollars Pro Review      
DO NOT Add To Cart!!!

So what’s wrong with Fiverr and Amazon’s Mechanical Turk?

Well nothing, nothing at all…but I don’t need to pay to read about them…I already know the opportunities they offer!

I was also a bit ‘pissed’ with the fact that Data Dollars Pro insists on providing you with information on sites that help with your typing skills – what are they trying to tell me?

Do I suck at typing or something? (nope!)

The product insists on it’s sales page that it can provide well-paying data entry opportunities…but all it provides is a half-baked eBook with very little value.

The numbers suggest that this business opportunity isn’t a great one (understatement!) and you may be better off with a simple and FREE Recommendation instead.

The Warning Signs

I’ve covered A LOT of work from home products in my time, and during this process I’ve compiled a sort of ‘Watch List’ which contains little red flags…

Data Dollars Pro did a quite wonderful job of setting off the alerts on this mental watch list!

First off the bat we have the trial period, or the refund setup – failed.

Then we have information on how the product works – maybe a demonstration on the sales page or something similar…failed.

Okay, maybe a few solid testimonials that are backed up…

Well you probably know where this is going – completely fake testimonials put together with images that have probably been stolen off Facebook…

What is Data Dollars Pro?

Who Owns This Crap?

Good question!

Now we get back to good old Jenny Lewis…heard of her?

No, neither have I.

Well there’s no real way we would have heard of her before…because she’s completely made up…a ‘pen name’ if you like!

Truth of the matter is that Jenny is probably some fat guy sitting in his mum’s attic in Florida – sweating away through a scabby qwerty keyboard.

There is a lovely photo of Jenny on the sales page, sitting there with her two picture-perfect kids…

Which has been taken straight off Shutterstock.

The owner of this product couldn’t even be bothered to cover his tracks with the image he used.

I dug a bit deeper into the other ‘testimonial’ images used on the sales page and guess what…they were also purchased for about a $1 each on Shutterstock.

Is Data Dollars Pro a Scam?

I shouldn’t really be wasting my breath at this point of the review – you should already know the answer to this one!

This is the type of product I have seen a million times before – the name changes…but the setup stays the same.

It does not deliver as advertised and it offers little, if any, value.

The owner/creator is a made up personality, the testimonials are fake and the promises are out of this world.

Apparently, some of their users are earning up to $5500 per month or even $275 daily while only working 2-3 hours using their system.

Do you smell bullshit?

You are offered a product that promises to provide you an avenue to earn a full-time income from home by typing…but instead you end up with a eBook that is near enough worthless.

Yeah this is a scam – and not a very well put together scam either!

On top of being a shoddy product – the maker also attempts to hit you up with a few upsells along the way…

It’s as if scamming you once is not enough.

Avoid like the plague.

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