Is Crazy Cash Club a Scam?

Is Crazy Cash Club a Scam?

​I don’t know about you but when I end up on a sales page that promises $16,000.00 or more on your first day of work I get a little suspicious!

Now I’ve worked online full time for several years now and one factor seems to stand the test of time – there are no shortcuts when working online! 

But people will always look for a shortcut – it’s human nature I’m afraid ( I was one of these people once upon a time! ).

So what is this amazing new product all about? Is Crazy Cash Club a scam or can you really make this much money in a 24 hour period?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Crazy Cash Club Site

So what is the Crazy Cash Club? Well after fumbling your way through their rather heavily sales-laden landing page you’ll be forgiven for having no idea…

…because they don’t let you know!

Yep, all these promises of wealth are not backed up by anything really!

I wouldn’t have minded if they tried it on with Binary Options products or dodgy copy and paste programs – but they didn’t showcase ANYTHING!

The Crazy Cash Club Site

That’s right – we have no real idea how we are going to earn this money…until we pay for the product!

The whole…system?…is owned and run by Martin & Roger. Apparently their parents neglected to give them surnames like the rest of us!

Well Martin and Roger go to great lengths to convince us that this is not just another MLM option or dodgy pyramid scheme…which is exactly what it turns out to be!

What is Crazy Cash Club?

To be honest with you, I have so little time for this product/system I’m really struggling to get through this review.

The Crazy Cash Club is a 6 x 3 Forced Matrix – a dodgy pyramid scheme in plain English!

You sign up for free and ‘position yourself’; now you have to wait a couple of weeks for the system to really kick in.

Well the system certainly kicks in…and makes a desperate grasp for your wallet.

So they’ve let you in for free but suddenly you are confronted with a ton of products to choose from – why must you choose one of these products?

So Martin and Roger make money of course! 

So already you’ve hit a bit of a brick wall – pay for a product or go back to flipping burgers ( it’s your choice! ).

Of course, many newbies will still have the thought of $16,000.00 a day in their head so they are going to want to go a step further…

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The Pyramid of Pain

This type of sh#t works one way and one way only – there are no exceptions.

A pyramid scheme is designed to work against gravity – money flows upwards and pain flows downward.

Those members that joined UNDER you will have to pay YOU, and you, on the other hand, have to pay the members ABOVE you.

What is Crazy Cash Club?

I’d say that about 5% of the members of these types of systems see good money – and they are probably part of the programming team to begin with!

Simply put – if you are at the top you will see the money…if you are any lower, you will see sharp edge of MLM marketing ( and it hurts! ).

Within a fortnight you will end up with a ton of crap products that YOU NEED to get rid of desperately.

It will get to the point where you are pleading with family members to help you out…and they won’t forgive you for the crap you land on their doorstep!

Surely The Products Can’t be That Bad?

Well first things first – you have to find the products! That’s right – they are hidden well away within the website…

Doesn’t really fill you with confidence does it?

When you finally find the products you realize that your family and friends are not going to be that interested in them after all.


…because they are aimed at idiot webmasters!!!!

That’s right – we’re talking about Laser Targeted Website Visitors here!

What sounds dodgy about that?

I really don’t know where to go from here – I’m pretty much lost for words on the the whole system.

You are a newcomer to online earning, you purchase a product to sell…that is aimed at website owners…

You don’t really stand a chance do you?

Crazy Cash Club Scam

This product really is a bag of gas at best – it’s designed to help you fail and take your money.

After a bit of searching around I discovered that ‘Martin and Roger’ are actually Martin Morse and Roger McEntyre.

Neither of them have any online accolades behind them and neither of them are rich ( but they are probably a lot better off since launching this turd of a product! ).

The most worrying thing about all this is that you are supposed to be making money before the ‘master plan’ is officially launched.

So you are basically recruiting new victims and selling dud products to get on the ladder BEFORE the whole thing officially kicks off…

You will have to wait until January 26, 2015, to find out what the real damage is!

Nothing about this opportunity sounds legit to me folks – I would avoid it like the plague.

The owners seem like a pair of clueless insurance salesmen, there is no office or headquarters that I can locate and the system is based on false promises ( and lies ).

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7 comments on “Is Crazy Cash Club a Scam?

  1. Hi Chris,

    I haven’t heard of Crazy Cash Club until now… wow! You’ve got to love all of their BS claims and hype about how easy everything is going to be. Only to find out after you’ve spent several hundred (or worse) that you have absolutely no idea what you are doing!

    Even some of the guys with accolades are no better, like Ewen Chia for example. He’s spoken at conferences, made millions and has achieved success. Take a look at his products though, they are total rubbish! I think how much success these guys have had means less and less the more I learn.

    The best thing to do is to educate yourself thoroughly before making ANY purchases. Your recommendation is free to try so that is exactly what I am talking about, try before you buy.

    Thanks for sharing this and warning people about yet another MMO scam program. Cheers!

  2. Hi Chris,

    Whenever I see such wild claim’s of outlandish instant success I just think wow – really where do I sign up! (sarcasm obviously!).

    I do get seriously annoyed when I see scammy claims like that, often I think “change the tune dude..1,000 other guys’ sites claiming that!

    The annoying part is that it is so easy to make money online you don’t have to make a scammy product or get involved with one (just like everyone else I am as guilty as charged on that last count!)

    Best part is, you can get paid for your passions and all that latent knowledge built up in your mind by doing content marketing (also known as blogging).

    I’d love to know why people make such scammy products – other than outright greed and a huge desire to be, well dishonest.

    I wonder if they grew up saying “I want to be a con man when I am bigger!”

  3. This was a good review and you’re definitely telling it like it is. Once I saw the name of the site and all the hyped up claims, it gave me the willies. Anytime an opportunity needs to explain their compensation plan with terms like a matrix or legs then I know it’s not for me. So you’ve hit it on the head!

  4. Wow, I have never even heard of Crazy Cash Club before. Sounds like crap from what you’ve explained. My website is all about making money and catching scams as well if you want to take a look. This might be one I’ll have to review and add to my book as well. It’s so hard to go out and find every single scam and tell people about it. Thanks for the look out!

    1. Yeah I’ll take a look Shawn – just mail me the URL through the contact form on this site and I’ll give it a once over.

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