Is ClickFunnels a Scam?

Is ClickFunnels a Scam?

Clickfunnels 2.0 is the new internet marketing fad. Its creator, Russell Brunson has come up with several money making systems that have been received differently in the IM world.

We are yet to see what’s so special about this new system that Russell claims will kick autoresponders, shopping carts and websites… yes, websites to the curb!

The funny part is…ClickFunnel’s update to 2.0 introduced two more features; an affiliate marketing program that Russell calls “Backpack” and …get this…wait for it…an autoresponder!

All who know about his previous efforts (the DotcomSecrets projects) also know that many people spoke out and called them scams which casts a very dark shadow on ClickFunnels.

So, the question is…is ClickFunnels a scam? Let’s check it out…

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ClickFunnels: What is it…Really?

The entire system revolves around a software that allows you to create sales funnels. You can either use the 6 predefined templates or do everything from scratch.

The in-built funnels include:

* The Network Marketing Bridge Funnel – looking for an easy way to pitch to your tribe of email subscribers? This is the funnel to get you going.

* The Perfect Webinar Funnel – A webinar funnel where your viewers can follow pre-recorded and live webinar sessions by registering.

* The Fishbowl Funnel – this basically helps off-line companies pull in more online traffic to their physical business.

* Seller Book Funnel – book sellers can use this funnel to launch best-sellers.

* “Real Stuff” Funnel – this funnels helps you have an online yard sale. Anything special? mmh…

* Product Launch Funnel – in case a bolt of an idea hits you, then you can use this funnel to launch your new product. Wonder if Russell is using this funnel right now…?

The Science Behind ClickFunnels

There’s nothing fancy here…really. All the software does is shorten the marketing campaign set up process that would take you anywhere from weeks to months (depending on your IM skills…) to accomplish and have you pushing out sales pages, opt-in pages, and emails in mere seconds!

Now this is really something for experts who understand the amount of time you stand to save with this software and what it takes to keep the dollars trickling in.

The Science Behind ClickFunnels

This system is not only easy to use (drag and drop), but it makes setting up your marketing campaigns super easy and fun!

You can edit the templates by adding and re-sizing videos or images as well as keep tabs on conversions, impressions, do split testing and even go deeper and track clicks.

Who Can Use ClickFunnels?

Everyone and anyone. This is however not entirely true in my opinion.

See, its simply not about churning out thousands of annoying sales emails, down sell and up sell pages and every other sales gimmicks used to make money online, you need to know where to target everything…!

Otherwise you’re just swimming circles in the middle of the Pacific!

Therefore, if you ask me…the system would definitely work better with the seasoned folk.

What ClickFunnels Costs

Well, this is a bit of a doozy…and far from an impulse buy.

In addition to the eBook that claims to reveal all 9 funnel training secrets, which costs you $47, you have to pay a monthly fee for 3 plans which include:

  • Personal – $37,
  • Startup – $97, and
  • Enterprise – $297.

The difference in price determines what resources (especially the number of funnel templates…) are accessible to you during that month.

This basically means you cannot afford to waste a minute of your month’s subscription right?

ClickFunnels Training: What Do You Get?

The training comes in 2 sessions; in the member’s area and through email (links to downloads).

ClickFunnels Training: What Do You Get?

There are pre-recorded Question & Answer videos as well as other training videos, and a bunch of detailed instructional guides to all funnel creation techniques.

Again, as mentioned earlier… only people with some bit of expertise can really benefit from this system because it allows you to use limitless HTML.

Do They Have Customer Support?

They have a ticketing system where they respond to emails but the member forum platform is your best bet to finding any quick help.

Enterprise members have immediate direct phone assistance. I mean…for $297/ month I wouldn’t expect any less!

Advantages and Disadvantages

The Pros

1. Quick funnel editing. Since all pages in a funnel are visible which makes editing related (linking) pages even more simpler!

2. Third party system integration. You can choose to work with your preferred shopping cart or even switch the autoresponder.

3. You can track different metrics in each of your funnels and find out which ones work and those that don’t.

4. Funnel duplication is another feature that allows you to clone funnels that make big sales. You can also add some slight changes if you so wish…

5. Most of the tasks can be accomplished using a simple drag and drop. Very easy system to use.

The Cons

1. Limited design options compared to similar systems such as Getresponse or LeadPages.

2. Quite an expensive investment with just too many restrictions.

Any Negative Clickfunnels Reviews So Far?

Surprise, surprise…all our research (very thorough and deep research…) only uncovered a total of 1 negative review.

One guy complained on not receiving a working system at all!

I mean the split testing didn’t work, he talked of bugs that went unfixed for around 5 or 6 months, and virtually no response from support!

It’s however important to add here that as at the time of writing of this ClickFunnels review, all bugs are currently fixed…so says Russell.

My Final Take On ClickFunnels

Do I think its a scam…? Probably not. This is just another way for internet marketers to advance their output through shortening the marketing funnel creation process.

However, it compares poorly to its competition like Leadpages who have a better pricing plan too.

So, is ClickFunnels a scam?

The answer is a resounding NO!

Should you buy? My advice is…don’t jump on the ClickFunnels wagon if you don’t have your IM (internet marketing) ABC’s sharpened out first…you’ll just be frustrated.

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10 comments on “Is ClickFunnels a Scam?

  1. Thank you for this obviously unbiased and honest review. It is refreshing to read a review that doesn’t just immediately try to sell you on something but really takes the time to offer both the pros and cons in an honest way. Your presentation of the material shows that you are an honest reviewer and not just someone trying to get you to buy the product through your site for a commission. I think in the long term this will create a much more loyal subscriber base ready and willing to take your suggestions.

  2. Good writing!
    I was expecting to read that all that is a scam. but you turnout that is not ! I can still not believe that it is true that someone can earn money only by clicking, or marketing . It’s look like “to good to be true”, although there are many people already working, and living from that. On another hand, they all collect monthly payments,it still might be a trap for the members just because there is no live person to talked to. Any way you did a great job with this presentation !

  3. An objective and informative review that takes a look at all sides of the product. I wish I could find more of these on the internet. I think I’m going to pass on this one. I’ve been running my website for about 4 months now and I’m not exactly what one would call and “expert” so I don’t think this is for me. Still anything that can help me earn money faster and get more traffic is a plus so I’ll keep looking.

    1. Okay John…

      Sounds like you’ve had a bad experience – would you care to elaborate on it a bit so other readers can find out the truth behind the program?

  4. While it might not be a scam, I think having quite a bit of experience in internet marketing is essential if you want to succeed with this opportunity. And it’s very pricey so you can’t afford to make mistakes, because of no experience. I would rather build my own website and work on it, than invest into something that I could fail at and lose a lot of money.

    1. Yep, in this day and age, just about anything that involves making money online needs some sort of experience behind it…for it to succeed.

      Building your own piece of internet real estate is definitely the way to go Rich – thanks for leaving your opinion with us! 

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