Is Click Intensity Legit?

Is Click Intensity Legit?

Sometimes I come across a new online earning opportunity and something smells wrong straight away – I don’t know what’s behind this six sense, but it seems to be correct 99% of the time!

Scams often get pretty tired and the people that create them lack vision and originality – but on the flip side of the coin there are some quite impressive scammers out there that continually come up with effective cons.

Today we will be looking at Click Intensity – a system that tweaked my six sense almost immediately.

So was I right? Is Click Intensity a scam? Is Click Intensity legit?

Lets take a closer look…

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The Click Intensity Review

Click Intensity ( is an advert-targeted company that seems to use multi-level marketing to create it’s income.

It began life online in March of 2016 by owner Nick Johnson (so it’s a near enough a newborn baby in this business!).

You can make money with this site through a number of methods, listed below:

#1 The Good Old Tasks!

Every site seems to offer these sorts of penny tasks these days – they seem to be incredibly popular but I really have no idea why?

These tasks range from sharing ads, watching videos, playing games…I’m sure you’ve come across this type of thing before!

Anyway, it’s pretty basic stuff that’s not exactly ground-breaking. On top of that it didn’t seem to have any payment structure that I could see.

#2 Buying Those Dodgy Ad Packs

Never understood this – and never understood why so many people fall for it?

Click Intensity members have the option to purchase ad packs to increase their profits. One ad pack costs $25.

Now the site claims that you will receive $5 profit on these packs every thirty days – so that’s a return of $30 overall (I think?)

The Click Intensity Review

This type of Ad Pack sh#t has been flavor of the month for the last couple of years among companies that go bust pretty quickly – with such a low success rate WHY do new businesses attempt to make it work?

I tried to look further into the ad packs that CI offer but unfortunately they neglect to mention what adverts these are…or anything about them really!

Apparently, all we need to know is that we make $5 a month off each Ad Pack.

#3 Start Recruiting

And there we have it – we all knew it was coming right?

The recruiting aspect of the business – the real ‘meat and potatoes’. In this case the recruiting is actually woven together with the ad packs.

The more people you rope in combined with the number of ad packs you purchase will determine which level you are within the recruiting system. Each level earns a different percentage of the sales of ad packs.

• Level 1: 10%
• Level 2: 1%
• Level 3-6: .5%
• Level 7: 2%

I have to be honest – all this setup is pretty confusing as you have to purchase ad packs to sell to new recruits. So you are basically buying and selling ad packs to rise up the level system – a completely unrealistic system if you ask me!

Is Click Intensity a Scam?

I found this company to be completely shady in what they offered and what they were doing – there seemed to be nothing transparent with their business at all.

The ad packs might as well be featured on an Episode of The Twilight Zone – nobody seems to know what they do or what they contain that is worthwhile?

So where does this $5 a month come from? How are you making this profit?

No Idea I’m afraid!!!

All I am sure about is that this company would not survive without a constant stream of new members joining. That means that it could go out of business at any point in time in the near future.

Is Click Intensity a Scam?

I also noticed that I was unable to add funds to my account through Paypal. This was a big red flag so I checked to see what the cashout options were – no Paypal there either!

I always feel that online earning options that use the lesser known payment processors have something to hide – they have obviously applied to Paypal and have been rejected.


Well I think that’s rather obvious!

Paypal wants nothing to do with new businesses that look like they are on the con.

Does Click Intensity Work?

No, I can’t see this opportunity working for anyone and a simple search online will bring up a landslide of payment complaints.

Nothing seems sustainable here – everything seems vague and borderline illegal.

The ad packs are the only way this company can pay existing members so it’s a vicious circle that cannot possibly be profitable overall.

So who makes money?

Well I doubt it ends up in the pockets of the members!

I cannot see this company lasting more than 12 months. It will skim as much money off the top as possible then disappear leaving at least 80% of the members screaming ‘scam’ on the work online forums.

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8 comments on “Is Click Intensity Legit?

  1. The introduction to your post is very intriguing. You have a way with words,, questions and answers that leaves someone wanting to read the next sentence. It is sad that people still join the scams all over especially where there is no tangible product on offer. And you have very ably explained there is no way this company can survive selling ad packs. This kind of behavior gives online business a bad name.

    People are encouraged to do due diligence on a company, an offer before committing to avoid getting conned.

    Thank you

    1. Thank you Violet – glad to hear you enjoyed the intro so much! Thanks for taking the time to leave these positive vibes on our review 🙂

  2. As I am in high school I found this website very interesting. I know from personal experience that nearly every teen wants to make money without doing too much work. You have a lot of really good ideas and I’d have to say my favorite would be Clixsence. I really think more teens should look at these things because they teach you nothing about having a business in high school.

    1. Hi Ian, great to have the teenage view on things here – how you doing? 🙂

      Clixsense is a great choice for newbies – it’s the site where I had the most success when I was first starting out! If you need any personal help don’t forget to contact me through the contact form on this site (I’ll get back to you with a few suggestions!)

  3. Chris,

    I’ve got to hand it to you sir. Your 6th sense as you called it was telling you something right away about this scam click intensity opportunity even before you then performed research on it by way of preparing you for writing up your review.

    Well bingo your 6th sense was absolutely correct. Just in reading this fraud company’s methods in which you make, (I wanted to put the cent’s symbol but I don’t have that on my keyboard) in recruiting other people is an absolute pyramid scheme – illegal in this country and many others as well. Making money off of the efforts of an individual placed 7 below you in a downstream?

    Geez, I’m so sick of these fraud opportunities still giving legit programs, (such as Wealthy Affiliate) a bad name. Yet the problem is that naive individuals will see something like CI, don’t perform any type of research and still, stupidly get involved with it – wasting time that they’ll never get back at any point in their lives.

    The fact that Paypal does not endorse them – you stated that it was impossible to set up a money-receiving system involving CI speaks volumes of the absolute scam that it is.

    Something that you stated sir; you can’t understand why bogus online opportunities such as CI keep popping up like weeds on the Internet. The answer really is simple. The world consists of gullible people who would grab at any bogus opportunity that they come across believing that it is their answer in making money easily. People still drink of the poisonous Kool-Aid!

    Click Intensity is something that any right-minded, clear thinking individual would want to avoid. Chance to make real money? About one one-hundredth of one percent!

    Thank you for letting your readers know about this garbage opportunity, Chris!

    1. Hi there Jeff!

      Yeah you’re totally right with your views above – I was actually one of those naive individuals (once upon a time) so I know how it feels to fall for the new ‘bright shiny object’.

      Great to have you here and thanks for the in depth response to our article! 🙂

  4. Hi there Chris! 🙂

    This was a very informative read! I’ve never heard of Click Intensity before, but after reading your post here… YIKES. I’m with you on this… it seems CRAZY sketch. This ad packs with this weird affiliate payment thing with the levels… yeesh. Lol.

    Like I said, I never stumbled upon them before… and I have to say if I do happen to see it, I know not to give it a look. 😉

    Thank you for all the info! 🙂

    Artistically yours,

    1. Yep, totally sketchy in my book Pascal – way too many rules and parameters. I don’t imagine this platform lasting that long to be honest with you!

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