Is BrainFuse a Scam?

Is BrainFuse a Scam?

When I was studying for my school finals I had a real problem with maths – it was a problem that had followed me around all through my school life!

I couldn’t ‘get it’, no matter how hard I tried.

In a last ditch attempt to get me over the line, my parents enlisted the help of a maths tutor to see if she could aid in any way…and she certainly did!

I’m not saying I’m an expert at maths now, I’ve actually forgotten most of what I learned…but I passed, and it was all down to a tutor named Mrs. Turner.

These days it’s a lot easier to get help off a tutor – all you have to do is come online and you’ll find millions of (reasonably priced) tutoring services.

Enter BrainFuse – an e-learning and tutoring company that helps school students…and also pays people to fulfill their tutoring services.

So, is BrainFuse a scam or is it legit?

Can you really earn money online by tutoring confused kids?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The BrainFuse Review

What is BrainFuse?

The company offers a service to clever members who want to tutor 3rd to 12th grade students online, they also provide a handful of higher education and career services to older teens.

BrainFuse as a business started up back in 1999 and was set up by a guy named Alex Sztuden. It’s now based in New York City.


The BrainFuse Homework Help System

The BrainFuse Homework Help System


Okay, if you’re interested in becoming a BrainFuse tutor, you are first going to need to send your resume to They will look over what you’ve sent and come to a conclusion on whether or not you’re a good fit – or if they actually need your subject service.

If they decide that you are a good fit – they’ll get back in contact with you and hand over details on how to start your training and eventually tutoring.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article, they only offer their service in the States.

Bear in mind that they won’t just take any old Tom, Dick and Harry on board – you need to have a 4 year college degree behind you or some sort of teaching qualification. They may also require you to provide documents to verify whatever you have in your resume.


The BrainFuse Review


You are working with young people, so, you will also have to go through a background and references check (for obvious reasons!).

If everything checks out okay – you can start working on their platform.

As a tutor, you are paid $10 for each tutoring session you complete. These sessions usually last about an hour but they can stretch on a little longer. If the student does not turn up for the session, you will still be paid $7 by the platform as a sweetner (which is pretty cool really!).

Payouts take place once a fortnight, and they are made through a mailed check or a direct bank transfer.

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The Pros of BrainFuse Employment

I really like the fact that this form of online work let’s you set your own hours – it is near enough completely flexible!

YOU and only YOU decide when you want to work.

I also really like the fact that you always get some form of payment, even if the student does not turn up!

We were all young once – we remember how lacking in responsibility we all were, and how many appointments we missed. If a student messes up with your appointment here – you still get a $7 payment! 🙂


What is BrainFuse?


BrainFuse Tutor Complaints

Okay, as always – I spent a bit of time searching around online to find out the (negative) opinions of certain ex members of BrainFuse. Here’s what I found…

Many past tutors have voiced their concerns regarding the reasons behind their termination. One tutor was apparently released due to two minor spelling mistakes, whilst another was shown the door because they spent “an unreasonable amount of time” teaching a student.

Now, I don’t know how legit these two complaints were – but they’re online, all the same!

On a number of forums, I also came across a costly glitch that seems to be happening on the BrainFuse platform. Apparently, tutors are frequently put into the wrong classrooms…but they have no other option but to teach the subject.

Why is this?

Well, if you enter a classroom, and refuse to teach it…you are penalized for it!

A bit of a sticky situation really!

I also encountered a few complaints regarding the attitude of the moderators and administrators – apparently…they’re not that nice!

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Is BrainFuse a Scam?

No, BrainFuse is definitely not a scam…but I wouldn’t recommend it to people who think they’d be a DECENT tutor…

I’d only recommend it to people who KNOW they are a GOOD tutor.

There seem to be a few glitches, and you could well end up in the wrong classroom – so make sure your teaching skills are well above average before jumping in!

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3 comments on “Is BrainFuse a Scam?

  1. Hi and thanks for the review of Brainfuse. I think it’s great that there are online tutoring services available, but yes they can vary in quality so it’s nice to have n in depth review of this one. I think you have been very fair in your analysis. Hopefully this article helps others decide on whether or not Brainfuse is right for them. Thanks, kenny

  2. Greate review.

    I found the past tutors experience with being put in the wrong class room interesting as I have had the same experience with a different company. As a representative of both the company and myself I went ahead with the lesson and all was ok. After all the goal here is to help the student and that is what I get out of it.

    I would be interested to hear testimonials from the students, in your research did you come across any? Or perhaps the customers that employ/use BrainFuse for their students and what their experience was like? I would hope that while the moderators may not be the nicest to work with, they share a common goal with the tutor in trying to get the best for the students.


    1. Funnily enough I didn’t come across any really when I was researching the company, although I bet there are a few out there Tim. I agree – it would be nice to hear from past students who have used the service.

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