Is Bestmark Mystery Shopper Scam?

Is Bestmark Mystery Shopper Scam?

I’ve always kinda liked the idea of being a mystery shopper – there’s something a little James Bond about the whole setup!

If it works, and it works well, it’s probably a dream job for most of you out there (who wouldn’t enjoy shopping all day long?).

Over the last month or so, I’ve encountered numerous Bestmark Mystery Shopper reviews – seems like this is the ‘new kind on the block’ when it comes to secret agent shopping!

So, is Bestmark Mystery Shopper scam or is Bestmark Mystery Shopping legit?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…

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The Bestmark Mystery Shopper Review

What is Bestmark?

The mystery shopping gig is controlled, and owned by the Bestmark company – a market research setup that was started way back in 1986.

Their headquarters can be found in Detroit, Michigan (at the address 615 Grisworld Street).

Bestmark Secret Shopper – How Does it Work?

Bestmark Secret Shopper - How Does it Work?

Large companies use setups like Bestmark to find out true opinions from customers that have used their products or shopped at any one of their stores.

Bestmark hires regular guys and gals – like you and I, to turn up as a mystery shopper and use the company’s facilities and products.

Once the ‘secret gig’ has been completed, the mystery shopper will then fill out a questionnaire covering their experiences with the store.

This opinion is completely untainted, which means the company are getting valuable and truthful information about the way they go about things.

Every mystery shopper is offered a reward for their undercover work.

Big companies LOVE this type of information because it is so truthful – mystery shoppers have no reason to lie and they work undercover. This means that products and services can be improved upon almost instantly, in line with the shopper’s results.

Bestmark Mystery Shopper Jobs

So how do you go about signing up with this bunch and taking on a mystery shopper job?

Bestmark offers an online application form that people can sign up with. It’s an application process that’s put in place to see how thorough you are with certain details.

You must have your own transport, be over the age of 19, have good grammar and communication skills and an internet connection.

Bestmark Mystery Shopper Jobs

You submit your application form and then wait for a reply – once (if) you have been accepted, you can use their site to find out what mystery shopper gigs are available in your local vicinity.

Each gig holds varying terms and conditions that you must agree to before taking on the job.

Once the job is complete you can submit your work online.

The application process can at times, be a little bit of a pain in the ass – you are not guaranteed to be accepted for each and every job.

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Bestmark Mystery Shopper Pay

Every mystery shopper gig is different, therefore the pay levels vary with each one.

In a lot of cases, your pay will reflect the amount of experience you have with the company and how often you have met your previous deadlines.

The website claims that most members earn anywhere from $7 to $20 an hour, but there are sometimes special tasks that pay a lot more (not sure how regularly these tasks turn up!).

They have different pay options available at the moment but unfortunately no Paypal.

Bestmark Secret Shopping Complaints

Bestmark Secret Shopping Complaints

A lot of past Bestmark workers have quit due to the fact that you need money to make money.

What do I mean by this?

Well, whenever you take on a mystery shopper gig, you are going to have to use your own cash to purchase specific items. You do eventually get the money back – but not everyone can afford to take part in this type of payback scheme!

I also encountered numerous forum posts that complained about the pay rate and the chances of making over $7 an hour – apparently this doesn’t happen too often.

You need to be able to build up your skill level AND your experience before you can earn the decent pay rewards.

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One report from a previous Bestmark member really stood out – apparently once they have you in the store they start throwing new tasks at you…you are then effectively working for free!

This sounds like a typical market research move to me – so watch out for it!

Is Bestmark Mystery Shopper Scam?

No, it’s definitely not a scam, but there are a few sticky patches that you shouldn’t really ignore.

First of all is your location – do you live in a city or are you more rural based?

Apparently the work is sparse enough as a mystery shopper – if you don’t live in a city then I’m not sure you’re going to find the gigs you need to make money.

You also have to make sure that you have enough money in the bank to cover each shop/job before being reimbursed.

This is definitely a legit opportunity but it may not be everyone’s cup of tea…

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