Is Barefoot Writer Club Scam?

Is Barefoot Writer Club Scam?

When I first started up this site, I needed a little help with content – I had a bit…but I needed a LOT more in a short space of time. I ended up hiring a handful of trustworthy freelance writers to help get the blog past the ’50 article’ mark…and it worked out pretty well!

Although it was a decent experience – it was also an expensive one, and it got me thinking about how much you could earn as a freelance writer online….

Well websites like Barefoot Writer claim to be able to train people to become accomplished freelance writers for internet work – in my opinion, a lucrative job…if you have the skills!

So, is Barefoot Writer Club scam or is it legit?

Can they really turn you into a content producing machine?

Lets take a closer look…

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The Barefoot Writers Club Review

What is Barefoot Writer Club?

As we touched on above, it’s a site that claims to be able to turn you into a writer of content that’s worthy of hiring. It’s setup works through a subscription-based training website and digital magazine.

It’s actually been in business for seventeen years now, and it’s owned by a geezer named Paul Hollingshead.

When you sign up with them, you will be provided with courses, training and resourceful material to teach you the skills needed to succeed as a writer. You will also be automatically subscribed to their Barefoot Writer Club digital magazine.


Inside The Box

Okay, the first step you need to take is to go through their 9 Ways To Make A Very Good Living As A Writer guide – this, they claim, will provide you with numerous options for making a packet as a writer in the freelance industry.

After this you are invited to try out various online courses, reading material and interviews that will further bolster your skill set as a writer.

What is Barefoot Writer Club?

The site system also offers a dedicated team of editors that are put in place to help you with your writing journey. These editors are so good, they are supposed to be able to guide you to a six figure income with writing!

It currently costs $49 a month or $108 a year to join in with the Barefoot system.

As soon as you sign up, you are let into the ‘portal’ with all the training and eBooks etc, and you are also given a current issue of their monthly digital magazine. They also give you the option of grabbing 50 past issues!

The Barefoot Writer Club also gives it’s members a chance to earn some extra cash through the competitions they hold every month. You can submit your best writing works, and the editors will had out monetary prizes to the best submissions.

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Barefoot Writer Club – The Pros

The information on offer, especially their eBook teachings, is excellent for beginners to the freelance writing world. I was also impressed by the activity they had on their Facebook page (which also contained numerous positive testimonials from members!).

The Barefoot Writer Club also has a decent rating at the BBB (Better Business Bureau) – an A+ score at the time of writing this review!


Barefoot Writer Club Complaints

As with EVERY online business these days – there are a few complaints linked to the company (it’s easy enough to find them online!).

A lot of past members, who have gone through all the training, insist that the income claims are a little bit over-hyped. You can make a lot of money with freelance writing…but you have to be an extremely talented writer to do so…

A handful of unhappy purchasers have also voiced their opinion on the lessons/information Barefoot makes available – apparently not all of it is that effective (some even suggest that the content is made up of ‘fluff’ or ‘filler’).

Barefoot Writer Club Complaints

I’ve also heard rumors that the initial membership price is not all you will have to pay. Apparently there are a few hidden upsells which you will NEED to purchase before you can complete the courses properly.


Is Barefoot Writer Club Legit?

Yeah I do think they are legit…but I’m not 100% sure that the information they are offering is worth as much as they are charging…if anything!

I firmly believe that most of the same information can be found online, with a decent search, for free.

There is money to be made in freelance writing, but I’m not sure paying $108 a year is going to get you there any quicker?

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4 comments on “Is Barefoot Writer Club Scam?

  1. this is perfect for me as I love writing, so learn new tips and tricks is what I look for! I want to be able to write the best content possible on my sites and for my book. I would love nothing more than to be paid to do writing jobs online, I am so happy I found this site thank you so much! So excited now. 

    1. Hi Jayde, 

      Well that’s great to hear – so pleased that we could introduce you to a product that is the right fit for you! 

      Good luck with it! 🙂

  2. This seems like an interesting opportunity. I am no sure about the severity of the upsells, some can be crazy high but others can be quite reasonable. I think learning how to write freelance could be a very valuable skill in this day and age.

    I checked out your other link and that opportunity seems to be a lot more interesting (no offence). I like the idea of helping other people and making money at the same time.

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