Is Alliance in Motion Global a Scam?

Is Alliance in Motion Global a Scam?

Those of you that are regulars to this site will know my general feelings about the health and wellness network marketing world…or MLM in general.

I (censored) hate it!

But that’s just me – I come from a marketing background that believes everyone should have FREE access to internet earning opportunities…but unfortunately…that’s seldom the case.

So today we’ve got another MLM setup from the health sector – Aim Global (or Alliance in Motion Global).

So, is Alliance in Motion Global a scam or is Alliance in Motion Global legit?

Let’s take a closer look…

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Alliance in Motion Global Review

What is Alliance in Motion?

Well, it claims to be the ‘No. 1 MLM company in the world’, but that clearly isn’t the case. It’s a bog standard MLM company that sells pretty well-hyped health products globally.

What is Alliance in Motion?

Here is a bio on them I borrowed (or stole) from Bloomberg

“Alliance In Motion Global, Inc. provides marketing services to distributors. The company also offers multi-level marketing services. It provides marketing services for nutritional support, nutritional cosmeceutical, functional beverages, and naturacential products. Alliance In Motion Global, Inc. was founded in 2006 and is based in Pasig City, the Philippines.”

Alliance in Motion Product Presentation

The products available to you from AIM differ depending on what part of the world you are from. The initial choice is the Philippines when you land on the website – so I went with this to check out what was on offer in their neck of the woods.

Well the presentation was shocking – but maybe I’m just used to higher quality items from the Western world?

Here in the UK, we get these (quite popular) stores called The Pound Shop or Poundland – they sell fairly basic items for cheap…well for a pound!

Alliance in Motion Product Presentation

The health items at AIM looked a lot like the health items you can pick up at these cheaper shops – shoddy (and maybe even a little dangerous?).

Appearance is not everything, of course, but it is still relevant when you are selling products.

There are four categories for the products available…

  1. Drinks
  2. NaturaCeuticals
  3. Nutritional Support
  4. CosmeCeuticals

Now, there is a ton of information on each of these four categories, but I don’t believe half of it, and I really can’t be bothered going through all of it again!

So, here’s a (drastically) scaled down version…

Functional Drinks: Mostly made up of rather strange coffees that have health benefits (phytonutrients).

NaturaCeuticals: Basically soap, toothpaste and similar cosmetic choices – apparently they are high in nutrients and health benefits.

Nutritional Support: Supplements – once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all!

CosmeCeuticals: The weirdest products out of the lot…and probably not aimed at the Western world! These are (rather creepy) skin whitening products that a lot of Asian women like (apparently this makes them more desirable to men).

You can’t really center on one product to buy because they come in packages – a bit of a mixed bag.

I was also a bit pissed off with the secrecy of it all – you have to search high and low to find the price of each one – but they are happy to tell you what the package as a whole is worth!

This is a strange technique that a lot of MLM companies use – they hide this individual pricing and then hide the fact that some of the package products are not popular at all.

You really don’t know if you are buying a ton of crap that you’ll never manage to sell.

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Is Alliance in Motion Global a Scam?

Is Alliance in Motion Global a Scam?

You’ve probably already guessed that this company, and it’s products, are not really targeting American or European (including the UK) markets at all.

When I initially arrived at the site I picked the Philippines because it was the first option out of a list of nine countries (including Nigeria, Taiwan, Ghana etc etc).

Now, they claim to be the best MLM setup in the world but I’ve never really heard of them before. This could be down to the fact that they concentrate on countries on the other side of the world…but I doubt it.

At the end of the day Alliance in Motion Global is no different to any other health based MLM company – their main money is in recruitment NOT their products.

This means that you are probably going to struggle when it comes to shifting some of these health options.

So what does that leave you with?

Well, you are going to have to end up roping other individuals into the system and build yourself a downline.

I could find no information to back up the claims the site was making about it’s products anywhere – make of this what you will.

I’m not saying this company opportunity is a scam – but I’m certainly NOT saying that I recommend it.

Can you make money with it – maybe?

Will you make make with it – I doubt it!

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