Is Affilorama a Scam?

Is Affilorama a Scam?

“Make money from home! Work online! Be your own boss!” If any of these claims have ever allured you to look into Affilorama, the online instructional program for affiliate marketing – you’re not alone!

But before you quit your day job and decide to become a full-time affiliate marketer, do a little more research on your instructor: Affilorama.

In this article, we’ll examine the basics of affiliate marketing, some background on the company, membership benefits (including an Affilorama Premium review) and most importantly… is Affilorama a scam?

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Before we get into dissecting the company praises and Affilorama complaints, let’s take a closer look at affiliate marketing. After all, this is what Affilorama claims to teach you – so it’s important to have good grasp on what exactly you’ll be doing. Other than being your own boss and making money from home, of course.

A variety of performance-based sales, affiliate marketing describes the process in which a business rewards its affiliates for the visits or customers brought in by their marketing efforts.

Typically, affiliate marketing is done online through e-commerce sites.

For example, Amazon – the internet’s largest internet retailer – has one of the most widely recognized and most popular affiliate programs. In order to become an Amazon affiliate, you have to pick a category or product line that is sold on Amazon.

Fortunately, Amazon is huge so you have your choice of just about anything – but let’s say that you wanted to be an affiliate for vacuum cleaners sold on the site. After you make that decision, you would then create a website and fill it with relevant content.

In this case, your vacuum cleaner site could feature product comparisons, price guides and more with affiliate links back to the Amazon products you mention.

In return, Amazon would pay you for the traffic or any purchased made based on your referrals. Of course, there’s a little more to affiliate marketing than that… but that’s where Affilorama comes in.

About Affilorama

Affilorama is an online marketing course which teaches step-by-step affiliate marketing via instructional training lessons and written materials. It was founded in 2005 by Mark Ling, owner of other online instructional curriculum including “Rocket Piano” and “Jamorama.”

Affilorama offers many different products or “tiers” of membership. The basic level is free – but the most expensive Affilorama membership can cost you up to $497.

About Affilorama

Below, we’ve broken down a couple of the most popular options so that you can see the benefits of each – and why one might potentially be considered a scam.

Affilorama Free Membership Review:

Affiliate marketing isn’t quite as simple as stuffing a site with affiliate links. You first have to strategize how to get people on your site, and then convince them to convert.

With the free Affilorama membership, you’ll get introductory tips on how to build a site, write content, build a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign and improve your rankings with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Affilorama provides all this education with approximately 20 hours of video content, written resources and even interviewers with other successful online advertisers.

But there is a bit of a catch. Some of the video tutorials and other resources will make sales pitches for the Affilorama Premium Membership – which you have to pay for.

It can rub some people the wrong way… but keep in mind that Affilorama is a business and they have to make money somehow. Paid memberships just happen to be the way they choose to do so.

Affilorama Premium Review: Is it Worth The Price?

Affilorama Premium costs around $67/month, which is quite a leap from the free version. So what do you get for your money?

While the free variation of Affilorama taught you introductory and “101” type of stuff, the Premium Membership courses go much further in-depth.

Affilorama Premium Review

This is definitely useful if you already have a site set up, but really want to drive up your traffic and start raking in more affiliate money. As a bonus, you’ll also get free hosting for up to 15 more domain names and 30 quality PLR articles for your sites.

Once again, you’ll encounter occasional sales pitches to upgrade to the next Affilorama membership level. It can be annoying – but it’s nothing to discontinue use of the site over.

Customer Feedback: Affilorama Complaints

Want more perspective on Affilorama? Here are some of the common complaints made by actual customers…

1) Limitations of Free Version

The free version of Affilorama is an awesome resource for beginners – but that’s about it! Those who have more affiliate marketing experience won’t get much benefit from these free courses.

2) Continuous Upgrade Offers and Up-Selling

We talked about this in our review of the free and premium versions of Affilorama – and it’s a qualm that many other customers have as well. From the free version onward, there sales pitches snuck into all kinds of resources.

At times, it can even seem like you won’t be able to grow your affiliate marketing business if you don’t upgrade to the next level of membership. You really have to take what they say with a grain of salt sometimes.

3) Pricey Program Costs

Affilorama Premium ends up costing about $804 annually. That’s quite a bit of cash – especially if you’re just trying to establish your affiliate marketing business.

But it gets worse… the most expensive level costs a staggering $997 for the Affilio Jetpack Membership. And while there are pros and cons of the Affilorama Free and even Premium memberships, most customers agree that the levels beyond those are not worth the money.

Summary: Is Affilorama a Scam?

All in all, Affilorama is not a scam. It is full of annoying upsells and some overpriced products. However, it’s a great resource for affiliate marketing beginners. Affilorama provides all kinds of useful knowledge for building a site, curating content, optimizing it for search and even building PPC campaigns.

Our advice? Use the free version of Affilorama to get a base for your affiliate marketing business. Once you’ve absorbed all of that knowledge, upgrade to Affilorama Premium for one month only.

You can actually try out the premium version for $1 for a whole 30 days. This is a great opportunity to see the product for yourself and see if it’s a worthy investment.

Just watch out for those upsells – learn from Affilorama, but don’t let them talk you into buying more products and services you don’t need.

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6 comments on “Is Affilorama a Scam?

  1. Finaly a lagitimate earn money programme no pyramid no ponzie and no having to tie friends and family of if they want to get involved they can for free, I took the free option then upgraded within 2 days great community and learn to build website good value for money

    1. Ahhh a satisfied Affilorama customer then Steve! Thanks for stopping by and letting us know your thoughts on the program 🙂

  2. Hi

    Great review, I have been looking into making money online for quite some time but wasn’t sure how to go about it.

    A plan like this is probably the sort of thing I need, not sure on the price and the constant upsells though so maybe I’ll shop around a bit before I invest.

    1. Yeah just try out the free teachings first and see how you feel after that (it’s what most newcomers do!). Good luck! 🙂

  3. Uh-oh! More upsells?
    This is a big pet peeve of mine.
    If you spend $67 a month for training – it can be rather distracting to be constantly pitched bigger and progressively more expensive sales packages.
    And, wow, $997 is alot money to someone who may only be starting their journey into affiliate marketing.
    Affilorama may have some excellent training (Take as much of the free training you can!), but as you mentioned, there are better programs out there for the beginner.
    Thank you.

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