Internet Marketing Forums For Beginners

Internet Marketing Forums For Beginners

The last decade has seen a massive rise in the amount of people coming online to earn legitimate money from home. The flashy banners, over-the-top sales videos and false promises seem to hit home every time!

Most people quickly come to the realization that you cannot become rich overnight online – making money takes time and hard work, you need to build an online business.

So the majority of online work searchers end up at the doors of internet marketing – and why not?

It’s legitimate, it promises great returns IF you put in the elbow grease and it seems like great fun!

In this article we will be taking a look at a handful of internet marketing forums for beginners. Starting out online ain’t easy – we need all the help we can get!

If you are not lucky enough to be able to afford some marketing training you are going to have to learn the ropes yourself. Internet marketing forums are a great place to start self-training!

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#1 The Warrior Forum

When I started up my very first free Blogger website I took most of my direction from The Warrior Forum. Warrior forum is the number one forum where millions of marketers are exchanging information and generally helping one another.

The forum apparently gets well over a million hits a day and over over 32 million visits on a monthly basis.

The forum is free to join but there is also a paid version/membership which must give you some sort of benefits ( why anyone would want to upgrade on a free online forum is beyond me so I don’t really know that much about the ‘higher membership! ).

The Warrior Forum

All in all, thereโ€™s about 30 different sections to the forum but a lot of them cover marketing sectors you’ll never really need. I think you’ll find you only use about 5 to 10 of the chatrooms/threads.

A lot of the information the Warrior Forum offers is backed up by quite excellent online marketers but unfortunately it suffers from the same fate most other forums do – misinformation!

I don’t know what it is about the work online genre but it certainly seems to attract the ‘guru wannabes’ without even trying.

These wannabes basically have no life – they troll the marketing forums making out that they are experts when in reality they are struggling to afford toilet paper.

Why do people feel the need to do this?

I’m afraid I’ll never know!

So, The Warrior Forum is full of excellent information but please be aware of wannabes who will happily feed you shite in the hope it will eventually make them look better!

#2 Wealthy Affiliate

I should really have put Wealthy Affiliate in first position but it doesn’t really fit the overall ‘forum’ category. It’s a free forum, learning platform and chatroom all rolled into one!

When I realized I had gone as far as I could dodging the misinformation on The Warrior Forum, I decided to broaden my learning horizons. I eventually ended up at the doorstep of the Wealthy Affiliate University!

Unfortunately, when I first discovered this marketing community it was still a subscription only platform. Luckily for you – it’s now completely FREE!

Wealthy Affiliate

Out of all the internet marketing forums for beginners I am covering here today PLEASE TRY OUT WEALTHY AFFILIATE FIRST!

They are set up to help newcomers to internet marketing and offer the following tools and tutorials free of charge:

  • Free affiliate marketing tutorials
  • Live internet marketing chatroom/forum/general support 24/7
  • Two FREE websites with FREE hosting
  • Free internet marketing tools
  • And much, much more…

I owe everything my business has online to this internet marketing community, there is so much on offer there it is impossible to cover it all in this post.

You can find our full dedicated review on the Wealthy Affiliate training HERE

Alternatively, you can sign up for free HERE

Note: I seriously suggest you pay these guys a visit if you are a newcomer to the internet marketing world!

#3 Digital Point

Digital Point is clearly one of the most popular business forums online with an extremely active community of users.

Shawn D. Hogan is the founder and CEO of the forum which is apparently based in San Diego. In 2014 Digital Point was ranked in the top 1000 websites worldwide.

The forum setup is a little different than The Warrior Forum as it covers ALL the possible ways to make money online ( The Warrior Forum is centered more on the internet marketing niche only! ).

Digital Point

The forum is full of search engine optimization strategies, tips for selling affiliate products, web designing information and everything related to creating businesses and creating income.

Digital Point is completely FREE to use and is great for networking with other business and success minded individuals. You can even buy and sell marketing products there!

The main downside to this forum is the level of spammers that seem to slip through the net. There are numerous moderators in place but still these pesky scammers manage to get through!

It’s not the most attractive forum in the world and it often gets a bit cluttered but there is a huge amount of useful information there. If you don’t mind the spammers…it could be just what you are looking for!!!

#4 Wicked Fire

The coolest thing about the Wicked Fire forum is that nobody is there trying to sell you anything. Both Digital Point and The Warrior Forum are infested with members looking to make a quick buck!

I find the Wicked Fire community a lot more patient when compared to other internet marketing forums. If you place your question in a section that is dedicated to newbies you will find you get several quick, pleasant and helpful replies ( as long as you’re not asking a stupid question like ‘how can I get rich online?’ ).

Wicked Fire

As with most forums, you are going to need to build up some ‘street cred’ before joining in with the more advanced conversations. When I first started up there I noticed that my comments were near enough invisible until I had racked up at least 10 posts!

Out of the three – Wicked Fire, Digital Point and The Warrior Forum, I would definitely say that Wicked Fire holds the most intelligent members.

If you are patient and work well with your words you could create some awesomely powerful marketing contacts. If you are foolish with your posts you will be quickly overlooked ( and banished back to The Warrior Forum! ).

Top Internet Marketing Forums For Beginners

So there you have it – four of the best choices currently out there! If you have a favorite marketing forum I have not mentioned above why don’t you tell us about it in the comment section below?

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14 comments on “Internet Marketing Forums For Beginners

  1. As excellent as Warrior Forum is, I agree that Wealthy Affiliate should have been at the top. These are all great resources for those getting started in affiliate marketing. A combination of all of these sources will give any marketing new comer all the information they could possibly need.

    Very well done on this list, very useful.


  2. Chris-
    This was a very interesting and well written article. You covered four completely different yet similar networks that provide similar platforms. Your point of view was well received as it came from a stand point of experience which is always helpful! You did a great job in explaining all the forums in detail so if someone were interested they would have a great idea on where to begin. Thanks for all the information.

    1. Don’t be a dickhead Mac – leaving comments with spam links in them is piss-poor marketing. If you want to earn money online this is not the way to go about it!

  3. It is possible to make extra money instead of just sitting around moping about not having money to pay the bills or buy something special through Earn Honey ..

  4. Thanks for the post . I strongly recommended you Bulmen. It is a unique paid site where you can earn from home without any investment ..

    1. Never heard of Bulmen Ankit but I’ll look into it further…as long as it’s not your site and this is a pathetic attempt at spam…..
      (I’m watching you LOL).

  5. Informative post Chris, thanks! I myself have learned a lot from the Wealthy Affiliate program and I think it definitely offers a host of benefits and support that is invaluable. Isnรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt it surprising how many websites and platforms there are for internet marketing these days? After going through your post (and the unfortunate spammers in the comments section!), I cannot stress how important it is for serious internet entrepreneurs to do their research properly and choose the correct forum to be a part of!

    1. Hiya Andrea,

      Sorry about the spammers – we handle them in our own special way! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Great choice of platform by the way – the WA is the best marketing option out there by a country mile!

  6. Nice assessment of the top ones out there, Chris. As usual, you hit the nail on the head with your mention of Wealthy Affiliate. All the rest just seem to either be full of spammers or misinformation.

    I think the more I read on WA, the more I find a group of people with one thing on their mind: help people succeed. And the owners do a great job of keeping spammers and unwanted’s at bay.

    I’m actually a newbie member there at the moment so I still consider myself sort of ‘learning the ropes’. Do you have any advice for a newcomer to the community like me? How long did it take you to see success through the WA’s education modules?

    Your article is a good read!!!


    1. Hi there Steve!

      It’s amazing the amount of WA members I get landing on these pages – it’s really great to know that what I’ve learned there over the years is attracting new visitors to this site! ๐Ÿ™‚

      The owners, Kyle and Carson are pretty clever guys – they know every trick in the book so the community will always stay safe from the ‘unwanted’s’ (as you put it!).

      My advice would be to slow down….

      Seriously – that’s not what you expected to hear right?

      But it’s good advice. Go back over everything and digest everything they’ve said to you so far. Make sure you understand everything and don’t look for the dollar too soon.

      Success will come there but you need to be patient and build up your website the right way.

      I’ll keep an eye out for you in the community!

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