Internet Marketers Are Idiots!


Internet Marketers Are Idiots

I’ll start this article by throwing a little disclaimer out there…

The whole thing is going to be written in a relaxed manner – kinda like I’m having a conversation at the local bar…after about five beers (minimum!).

Now, this means that I’m not going to worry too much about my language – if I want to get a point across, I ain’t gonna be worrying about how many people I’m offending.

So if you’re expecting a squeaky clean Neil Patel article off Quick Sprout…you just walked into the WRONG establishment.

Internet marketers are idiots…and I should know…because I’ve been one now for nearly a decade!!!


Let’s Get Going…

Okay, a lot of you reading this may feel that the statement above is a bit strong…but that’s were 99.9% of the problems start…

You see, YOU believe you are good at what you do – and most (truly successful) people will disagree with you.

You’re not that good – you scrape by, but your marketing persona needs to be fed, and needs to build you up as a guru (so you can make more sales).

On top of that – 99.9% of SEO’s and internet marketers have NO FUCKING IDEA WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT.

Seriously, just visit the Warrior Forum or the Black Hat World forum – full to the brim with pretentious, unfriendly assholes who have one thing in common – they all NEED to feel as if people respect their opinions.

They all NEED to feel like they know what they are talking about.

Marketing Guru




I’ve got no fucking idea – I was brought up very differently to this, and I don’t recognize this sort of mindset (it’s foreign to me!).

The mad thing is that it happens everywhere – take the internet marketing community that I learned my trade with –  Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ve been a member there since 2012 now, and their tools and education are the foundation of my success…but I couldn’t spend more than 60 seconds in a conversation with at least 80% of my fellow members there…because they are full of shit!!!

Don’t get me wrong, the contacts I’ve made there (the 20% I get on with!) are worth their weight in gold…but as soon as people get into internet marketing…they need to be seen as an authority…

This means that they spread misinformation, time after time, in an attempt to look like the dog’s bollocks.

When you think about it – they are spreading a virus, that works it’s way across platforms and destroys newbie dreams.

I LOVE the Wealthy Affiliate community and the education they provide – it’s by far the best place to learn internet marketing for free. BUT even a community as elite as this…can’t escape the marketing wannabes!


You're Not Making Any Money

No you’re not – but you are damned if you’re gonna let anyone else know this fact…so you’re going to regurgitate obvious and outdated ‘guru’ tips in an attempt to look like an authority…

Shame on you.

The sad thing about this fact is that IF these idiots put their effort into learning the trade, instead of building a persona, they’d probably be raking it in by now!

So why are they doing it?

Why are they appearing like an authority in an industry where they make NO MONEY?

Simple – it’s their last gasp at seeing success.

Think about it – how good do you feel when you have to admit defeat to yourself? Have to admit you have finally failed?


97% Of People Fail At Internet Marketing? Why?

97% Of People Fail At Internet Marketing? Why?

I don’t think it’s a confidence thing – far from it. I think it’s more a lack of focus through Pigheadedness (is that even a word?).

This particular type of lack of focus leads to marketers jumping around from one method to another, looking for a magic bullet. I also think that a lack of perseverance comes into play…


Well, a large number of newcomers tend to give up when they discover how hard it is. Instead of trying to first make $5 a day for a month, then $10 a day for a month, then $50 a day etc. – they believe they are going to hit the jackpot within the first month!

If you want to succeed in the internet marketing world you only need ONE thing – the right information.

As I touched on above, I am a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community, and I have been for a number of years now (since 2012). If you are looking for FREE internet marketing tools & training I STRONGLY suggest checking them out. Their education was the ‘magic bullet’ I needed to succeed online.

I believe it will save you time and help you avoid some wrong turns compared to venturing out on your own. It’ll also stop you from turning into one of ‘those’ misinformation marketers (thank god!!!) 🙂

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