Instantly Increase Your Online Sales

Instantly Increase Your Online Sales

Are you overlooking the simple tricks that will help your internet marketing campaign shine? This article will cover a few ideas that will instantly increase your online sales and change the direction of your business…

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1. Keeps Things Simple

If you manage to keep your marketing message simple you will not lose your audience halfway through a post. If I had a penny for every time I came across an overcooked product review or article I’d be sipping cocktails with Bill Gates right now!

I know how tempting it is to try and fit as much info into an article as possible – after all Google LOVES long posts right?

Make sure that your online marketing content is clean, uncluttered with concise word choices. Leave plenty of ‘white space’ between short and sweet paragraphs.

2. Cut Down The Offers on Your Homepage

I know this sounds a little confusing – we are trying to instantly increase your online sales here right?

Cut down the offers on your homepageWell this type of change in direction really can help your online marketing efforts. I’ve found that providing fewer products in one place with more copy describing those products usually translates into higher sales.

When you try to please everyone who visits your site you are leaving yourself open for scatty work. If you have fewer products hanging about you can really drill down into the specs and pros of each one.

When you receive questions about these fewer items you will have the time to answer them fully for once. If a customer has a doubt about a product you will now have the time to respond to their doubt and help them make an honest decision.

3. Call to Action

It surprises me how many people get this part of the process wrong as it’s probably the most important function of your sale. People NEED to know they are able to get hold of a product from your site.

I wouldn’t recommend filling your page up with affiliate links as Google tends to think of it as a spammy marketing trick ( which it probably is if we’re being honest here! ).

I was taught a rule of thumb with affiliate links – one link per 500 words!

Now I’m not saying this is set in stone – it’s just an approximation to keep your page informative and not looking like a sales page.

I usually try a couple of anchor text links in the content of my article then a call to action at the end of it. I want people to notice this call to action so I usually use red text to create it.

banner 2

4. Images

The more customers can see of a product the more likely they are to buy it. If you own the product you are reviewing ( or trying to sell ) then you are onto to a winner here. If not then you may have to ‘think outside the box’ a little bit here.

There’s only really one piece of advice I can offer on images – try your best not to pinch them!

I’m not saying I’m an angel – I’ve used Google images before and completely ignored the copyright thing! The risk you are taking is that a very small percentage of people will get collared for it and have to go through the worry and hassle of taking the images down quickly. If you remove the images pronto no further action get’s taken ( usually! ).

Anyways – I don’t recommend you doing this unless you really, really have to. If you are promoting an Amazon product use their images – after all YOU are the one making THEM money!

5. Pros & Cons

The best way to get a sale online or in any walk of life is to appear as honest as possible. There’s no point creating a sales page that builds up a product to the point where it is out of this world – most people will walk away!

The best way to be honest AND to highlight a few advantages of the product is to include a Pros & Cons section. Use the Pros as a way of subtly highlighting the products cool features and then use the Cons as a way of appearing honest.

You don’t have to list all the Cons you can think of – this would be a ridiculous marketing move! Simply pick a couple of lesser disadvantages of the product and highlight them – it will give you credibility with your potential customers.

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14 comments on “Instantly Increase Your Online Sales

  1. What a handy post! I’m currently going through my site making sure it all looks clean to increase my chances of making a sale as much as I can. So reading this is very timely. I think the call to action is the point that resonated most with me. It’s no good talking about how great a product is if you don’t make it obvious where people can buy it from? I need to check all my reviews have a clear call to action.

    1. Yep, calls to action are obviously important but you don’t have to go over the top with them ( i.e. don’t fill up half the page with BUY THIS ) 🙂

  2. Hi Chris, you have offered great advise about instantly increasing your online sales. Who doesn’t need this?

    I totally agree with keeping it simple. How great it would be to be sipping a cocktail with Bill Gates but what a waste of time for both poster and reader. Who wants to spend time writing a post that no one is going to fully read which usually leads to no sales. I know myself, I have left posts or websites because I get bored with too much information in one place.

    I do have a few questions for you.
    1. Offers on Home Page, I am not quiet sure what you mean by this. What do you mean by fewer products with more copy describing the products?Can you clarify that for me?
    2. What is an anchor text link? Are you referring to a banner ad for that product?

    Thanks for the information you have provided. I will be looking forward to hearing your response to my questions.

    1. Hi Suzette I’ll try and explain the best I can ( please keep in mind I’m currently sitting here ill with a virus I caught off my son!!! ).
      Right, offers on your home page means offers on the main page of your site – some websites don’t have a home page and opt for a blog instead – others have a stationary page ( home page! ).
      Anchor text is basically a bold piece of text that is a hyperlink – it could be any text really ( click here, visit this or a product name/reference etc etc ). Anchor text is not a banner ad.
      Hope this clears a bit up for you, sorry if there’s any grammar mistakes – I’m feeling pretty dizzy LOL 🙂

  3. Hello , I visited your webpage and totally got lost in it . There is so much direst information and education if you will . I liked several things and it was so well said that I think even a newbie such as I am will be able to understand and get the job completed. I will also remember your rule of the thumb about the 500 words = one image . that was very important for me . Well done on your site and the lay out is terrific !.

  4. Hi Chris,
    I have enjoyed your site and also the information as well . I am a newbie and i find this very helpful. I am glad that you clarified what an anchor text is. I never heard of it . I will certainly remember the 500 words equals one link . thanks

  5. Hi Chris,
    I have learnt a few tricks here regarding website design – thank you!.
    I have tended to get far too many offers/links on a page that it does tend to look a bit spammy.
    Also I am not using enough pictures of the products I am affiliated with and you are right – more visual content will help me out.
    I do tend to use a few headings in-among a page to break the information down into smaller chunks. I think that helps.
    Problem is, people do not have long attention spans these days so you have to be very clever with your design.
    This free training you mention here, can I learn to help drive traffic to my website?

    1. Headings are fine Simon, as you mentioned – you need to break the content up a bit. As far as free traffic is concerned – write! Just keep posting unique content and the traffic will come – there is no magic formula to this! 🙂

  6. Hi Chris, great information on how to instantly increase your online sales. I think that this information is great and everyone can use this to their advantage. I like the idea of one link per 500 words. Because you are right, more is spammy as Google suggests. I am a visual person myself, and I have to agree on having good images. I probably would not buy something without some sort of visual of the item.

    1. Being visual is a good, good move Matt’s Mom – images split up the content brilliantly and allow the reader’s eyes some relief before reading on. They help keep their attention on the topic and allow them to finish the article (instead of giving up half way through!).

      Nice to chat with you! 🙂

  7. I like the points and they totally make sense. However, there are a few services which promise that they would SEO optimize the site so that it get ranked on Page 1 in no matter of time. Are they Legit? How do they do it?
    I always wanted to have a site which would have some conversions but looking at they way things are going now, it might take some time for sales 🙁

    1. No I’m afraid these types of services are mostly incredibly damaging to your website Shrey – especially if they are charging a low price. Real SEO companies cost A LOT for a very good reason – it’s hard work to rank a website!

      Stick to it girl – only hard work will see your site rank, so just keep on adding worthwhile content! 🙂

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