Initial Stages – Internet Marketing Newbie Guide

Internet Marketing Newbie Guide

I’m sure you’re all aware that this is NOT my first internet marketing newbie guide. That’s not to say that all the ‘newbie guides’ I released before this one are crap – because they are not! 

I write A LOT every day and from time to time I get stuck in that ‘Oh…did I forget to mention that?’ mindset.

I constantly remember things I should maybe of included and I get a little hot under the collar when this feeling hits me.

So this particular internet marketing newbie guide will be centered on a few topics already covered but from slightly different angles. This way I can sort of highlight the points I may of overlooked the first time around 🙂

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Jim’s a Nice Guy!

For the sake of this article lets take a purely fictional guy named Jim. He’s a pretty nice guy ( as you can see from the heading ) and he’s interested in starting up a business within internet marketing ( and why not! ).

So let’s take a look at the initial mistakes Jim is ( probably ) going to make:

  1. ​Jim is going to purchase a armory of marketing tools he believes to be the best out there.
  2. He is going to sit down and prepare numerous layouts for his articles and spend about a month doing this.
  3. He will spend weeks trawling through the internet studying like-minded bloggers and taking tips from the way they do things.

​I bet all that sounds really fair to you right? Well here are the reasons these three steps may not be the most efficient ones to initially take…

  1. The best tools on the market are HIGHLY UNLIKELY to help you during the first few months of starting out. A couple of tools like a decent keyword tool and a content platform will help you but the rest are just shiny objects at best!​
  2. Jim is wasting valuable learning time by going through this much preparation for writing. The only way to get comfortable with creating content is to get out there and write – learn from your mistakes the hard way!
  3. Trawling through competitor’s blogs is fine as long as it is in moderation. If you spend to long doing this you are going to invite information overload into your work-life and that my friend…is a disaster!

​Let’s face it – Jim doesn’t know any better, none of us do when first starting out. The following are a few steps Jim should seriously consider before going any further with this project…

1) Combating Information Overload

Information OverloadWhen the whole internet marketing learning process gets on top of you ( and it will! ) the last thing you want to do is attempt to cram more information in.

A confusion is only held in place as long as all things are in motion. Once you begin making things still, one at a time, the confusion starts to disappear.

You need to take control over what you deem important learning – at first all things will seem equally important to learn.

Take in a little bit each day and make sure you understand what that info means before moving on. The more comfortable you get the more you can choose to digest each day.

2) Learn What You Need to WHEN You Need to!

This is a simple step that will allow you to learn as and when you need to. For example, if you have no immediate thoughts to start a PPC campaign then don’t learn about this subject yet.

Instead maybe concentrate on content creation as this will be something you will being doing a lot of initially.

It’s a simple case of ‘first things first’. Don’t jump into subjects that won’t help your current level as they will only add to the clutter inside your already swollen head!

3) Take in OR Give Out!

Our brains have the power to consume OR produce – they struggle to do both at the same time.

When you are producing work you need to switch of the consuming mechanism and concentrate firmly on your outflow.

Take in or give out

If at all possible only have the tabs necessary to work open – no Facebook, no checking emails, no YouTube and no distractions.

The only time you should leave one of these distractions into your workflow is when you need a little advice. Maybe you need to check a blog for back up on info or learn something from a video on YouTube – this is fine!

If Jim Can do it You Can to!

When you have a clear path in front of you the learning process becomes a heck of a lot easier. The biggest problem for any newbie coming into the world of online business, is the lack of a clear plan of action.

If you have any questions regarding the internet marketing newbie guide I’ve covered here today please leave them in the comment section below.

10 comments on “Initial Stages – Internet Marketing Newbie Guide

  1. Hi Chris,
    Great way to start a business; sounds simple and easy, I’m sure it should be if you have as you say simple action plan that will not stop at steps unimportant, but also have a good support and the right tools. Thank you very much for guiding me that way.

  2. How excellent and helpful this site is and I refer to it often. I just started out about 2 months ago and have already made some of these newbie mistakes, however I didn’t allow myself to dwell on them and when I have gotten frustrated on particular tasks, I leave that task if it is too much or if it is clear that I am not absorbing it and move on to something else to give myself some time to diffuse. It is then that I go back to it Refreshed and find that it is much easier to come back too once I cool off.

    1. That’s good to hear Natalie – you are bound to make a few mistakes when starting out so don’t waste time dwelling on them ( get back on the horse and ride! ).

  3. Hello Chris I totally agree that you don’t need to start out with all the tools you think you will need. You are much better off getting them as you need them as you go along. Congratulations on a such a unique approach as ‘getting started’ is topic that has been covered a 101 ways before. However you seem to have answered most question your readers may ask although I’m sure there are always some that some people will still have and I like how you invite them to ask questions if they still have some.
    I especially liked how you used “JIm” as an example to paint a picture that your readers could follow. Good work on this well written review. 🙂

  4. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoyed your article “Initial Stages Internet Marketing Newbie Guide.” It was simple, clear and fun to read.

    I particularly appreciate your #1 recommendation. The free trial makes it a no-brainer and it’s wonderful place to learn how money is really made online.

  5. Hey Chris, in searching around for an article explaining what issues can haunt a wanna-be author who wants everything to be … perfect … your article answers exactly these types of issues. For this I say, Thank YOU, I shall pass this URL onto the friend I’ve been trying to teach how to start their own blog. For me, I had a well-established personal blog long before it started bringing in money … and only then, by accident, as that was NOT my original purpose of my personal blog. I used it to share my thoughts with friends and family. Thankfully, much more has developed since then.

    1. Actually I was the same Trish – I had no idea about what to do with my first website so I just loaded up the content and drove as many visitors there are possible. I also actually started making money by accident!

      Please feel free to share this article with whoever you want – we all gotta start somewhere right?

      Nice speaking with ya Trish! 🙂

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