Increasing The Usability of Your Website


Increasing The Usability of Your Website

​In this video tutorial we will be looking at the factors involved in increasing the usability of your website.

Over the past several years internet users have got used to a certain level of website usability. Gone are the bland and rigid blogs that leave you suffocated by a sea of text.

These days a website needs to be dynamic and welcoming with clear pathways through navigation. Usability allows your website to sit on a user-centered design that meets the requirements of ALL your visitors.

Website Usability Checklist

Before we go any further it’s probably best you take a look at the video tutorial first. It’s only 5.45 minutes long so take a quick look and get familiar with the basics…

Website Usability Studies

So, the main points covered in the tutorial above are centered around:

  • ​Basic Website Usability Guidelines
  • The Correct Content Length Required
  • Internal Website Design
  • The Website Navigation Structure
  • Tackling Slow Website Speed
  • Correct Positioning of Website Content

​Always remember that the core of usability is clarity. The last thing you want to do is distract visitors and take their attention away from the reason they arrived.

When this happens visitors will eventually leave your site with a negative vibe which means they are VERY unlikely to return.

Every visitor arrives at your site with a certain goal in mind. Once they are there it is your job to make sure these goals are met.

I feel it is also important to point out that visitors need to feel credibility when traveling around your site. When they arrive there will want to know that they are dealing with humans behind all the HTML.

You need to appear like a real company or business with a real structure behind it. I would always recommend creating an About Me or About us page to showcase your human element.

Try and make sure this ‘About’ page is located where the visitors will easily spot it. The main navigation bar is always a good choice! If you have a physical address for your business include that on this page ( you could alternatively publish a Contact Page that sits next to the About Page ).

Website Usability Research

So take your time and make a short checklist on the things you have picked up here today. It may seem a little long-winded but remember – you only have to do these things once.

Google Analytics will never lie to you – if people are bouncing straight back off your site then something is wrong, something needs to be addressed.

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