Increase Organic Search Engine Traffic


Increase Organic Search Engine Traffic

Hi there once again and welcome to yet another video tutorial from Passive Residual Income Ideas ( dot com of course! ). This tutorial will be covering tips and tricks to increase organic search engine traffic to your website or blog. 

A lot of people seem to be under the impression that success online will come once a website is up and running – it’s never that easy I’m afraid.

A horrible basic fact – if you are a new website Google will look down it’s nose at you!

That’s a horrible thought really isn’t it?

But history has taught us that this is the only way for Google ( and the other big search engine players ) to filter out the fly-by-night cowboys. It’s firm but it’s very fair.

Let’s take a look at the tutorial…

Get More Website Traffic Free

So as you can see the first thing you’ve got to get right is the meta data of each article:

  • The Meta Title
  • The Meta Description
  • The Meta Keywords

Never ignore your meta data – even this short article surrounding the video tutorial has been heavily laced with optimized meta data!

Next we get onto the subject of internal linking – something a lot of newbies seem to ignore!

Internal links entice your visitors to navigate through your content offerings and stay on your website for longer. Search engines take note of the bounce rate of every site – a poor bounce rate indicates people are NOT impressed by your site and want to leave quickly!

Now the subject of content quality – this is a bit of a fickle one at the best of times!

I find the best results come when you are relaxed and writing for yourself – not when you are writing for Google!

Get your keywords in place and your meta data sorted out and just relax – don’t get all ‘hot under the collar’ about density and trying to fit phrases in everywhere. If the article reads well with just one keyword used once then so be it – keep it that way!

As you may have noticed we highlight the importance of keeping things legit in this tutorial. There are millions of offers out there promising you quick and easy rankings but they are NEVER the way to go.

Google is an ever evolving beast that gets smarter by the day – use dodgy tactics now and they will find out at some point in the future. Stick to doing things the right way and trust in the system…

…it works!

Thanks for stopping by and taking part in this video tutorial. If you have any questions on the topics we’ve covered in it, please leave them in the comment section below.

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