Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review

When I buy into a program like this I always have my heart in my mouth – I am skeptical by nature online, and I’ve had to test out some pretty sh#tty products in my time.

So I was nervous…and I didn’t want to waste money (even if it was for the benefit of this review)…

I took the safe path and asked a few of my colleagues at the Wealthy Affiliate university about the program first (yeah, I’m a coward!).

My questions were met with a mixed response…

So, is Inbox Blueprint legit or is Inbox Blueprint a scam?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review

So I’m going to be brutally honest with you here – when I first dived into this Inbox Blueprint I didn’t have high hopes – some people said it was good…others said it was ‘luke warm’ at best.

After going through the whole Inbox Blueprint education in length, my perception of this program changed, though not drastically.

I’ve encountered these types of training before…and they often seem a little overpriced to me…

What is Inbox Blueprint 2.0

The Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review

This program is an internet marketing setup that teaches you how to build an online business and make it successful.

But this is no ordinary marketing education – it centers on the subject of email marketing.

It concentrates on teaching you how to build up a successful and active email list using the techniques it covers.

The ‘tag line’ they use in this program compares each email address to $1 earned. For example…

You manage to build up an email list consisting of 1,000 subscribers – this means you have effectively made yourself $1000!!!

What is Inbox Blueprint 2.0

The whole ‘package’ was put together by a guy named Anik Singal. Now, I’d never really heard of this guy before so I initially thought he was yet another ‘fly-by-night’ internet marketer, out to grab as much money as he could…

I was wrong.

Turns out, good old Anik was named in the top 3 young entrepreneurs by Businessweek and twice by Inc 500 – not a bad CV at all really!

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What’s Inside The Box?

Okay, lets get down to the training itself, so you can see if it’s the type of thing you might be interested in…


This first step concentrates on the technique Anik provides you with to look for profitable niches – what are masses looking for online?

If I’m honest with you – this all seemed like hot air to me!

I’m a member of Jaaxy so finding obscure and profitable niches online, along with their keywords, is a walk in the park for me!

Aink sort of makes it sound like ‘Mission Impossible’ but it’s not – if you are interested in locating profitable niches I suggest skipping this step and signing straight up with a free Jaaxy account.


The section of the course that handles the opt-in pages – a very important element of email marketing.

It basically covers the layout and the style of the content you should be putting on the opt-in page – the best setup for achieving maximum results (email addresses!).


TYP stands for ‘Thank You Page’ – this was actually a new concept to me so I found the module quite interesting.

As the title suggests – it’s all about setting up a decent page to say thank you for signing up (more specifically – thank you for your email address!).


This section of the course covers the autoresponders you will be using – a vital component in ANY successful email marketing campaign.

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 recommends either iContact and Aweber – I don’t have a problem with either of these as I’ve used them both before.

Please remember that these autoresponders require a monthly subscription – factor that into your cashflow before you decide on purchasing Inbox Blueprint 2.0.


Once you have built up a decent list you are going to have to have a decent schedule in place to keep them interested, and build on the relationship with them.

This is the module where Anik teaches you how to build and sequence your first seven emails – very important as you DON’T want to piss your subscribers off with pointless spam!


A module that covers basic affiliate marketing training – to be used within the mails you send out (i.e. try flogging them a few affiliate products!).


A module that covers the simple ways of getting traffic online – I see this module as a waste of everyone’s time!

If you don’t know about social networks and forum signatures by now – try taking up golf instead!


I think this was probably the most interesting section out of the lot – it seemed that way to me anyhow!

It covered what is needed to keep your campaigns in order and how to track their health using Google Analytics etc.

Whatever isn’t working needs to be given the boot quick-time – these stats will help you dig out the deadwood.

Is Inbox Blueprint a Scam?

Is Inbox Blueprint a Scam?

My first impressions on this education/package were very WRONG – I thought this was a dud and I thought that Anik Singal was just blowing smoke up our asses…

He’s not.

He seems to know what he’s doing and he seems to have put together a half decent internet marketing course here.

The main downside from my point of view is the price – three payments of $597 or $1,497 in one whack! 

That is a little steep in my book.

Did I learn anything new in his Inbox Blueprint 2.0 course?

Yes, a few things, but I’ve been playing this internet marketing game for many years now, and most of what he covered was old news.

If you don’t have any experience in internet marketing then this is not the product for you – you will quickly find yourself out of your depth.

Not a bad course at all, but VERY expensive and not for newbies.

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