I Want Free Traffic to my Website FAST!

I Want Free Traffic to my Website FAST!


Okay, this is one of the most common complaints I see from new bloggers – so common in fact, that it’s probably the root cause of approximately 90% of them quitting within their first year of being online…

Low website traffic.

Now, I’m not going to blow smoke up your ass and do the traditional ‘marketing guru’ trick of teasing you with a magic bullet SEO technique – I’m actually going to GIVE you the technique that I, and thousands of other bloggers are using to dominate the search engine results.


Good, ‘cos I’m getting straight into it…




This technique is based upon a keyword that we are going to label ‘Low Hanging Fruit’.

Now, what is Low Hanging Fruit?

“Essentially a low hanging fruit keyword is a low competition keyword. Like a fruit tree, it is the fruit that is typically smaller (it gets less traffic), but there are many more of them and they have far less competition because most people naturally compete for the fruit at the top of the tree (the high traffic keywords).”

So, Low Hanging Fruit keywords are keywords which are complete gold dust to new websites – because new websites will ALWAYS struggle to get traffic through more competitive keyword terms.

If you have a new blog/website you NEED to be targeting low competition keywords – it really is that simple!




Okay, as promised – I’m not going to bang on about the more typical marketing guru crap – I’m just going to get into the technique.

Now, this technique is probably the simplest technique you’ll ever come across – and it’ll last FOREVER…but…you do need to sign up for a FREE account with Jaaxy to use it!

Calm down, Calm down – I don’t want your money (well, unless you’re planning on giving it all away to live on a desert island – I’d take it then!).

No seriously – this technique will work with the FREE membership to Jaaxy.

Signed up?

Good – now let’s proceed…



Now, once you’re signed into Jaaxy, your first step is to come up with a handful of keywords with a low QSR (competition).

Our goal is to look for keywords within under 100 QSR.

Need an Example?

Here we go…

When you do a search in Jaaxy, there is a column called QSR that you will use to find out the exact competition in Google. This is the total number of competing pages that you are up against in the ENTIRE world. Under 100 is really awesome for getting rankings, even with a new website.


The Jaaxy Tool


Pick a initial keyword for your article topic, plug it into Jaaxy and take note of all the results that come in under 100 QSR – this will give you at least several Low Hanging Fruit Keywords (In other words – this will give you several killer keywords to base several killer articles on!!!).



So at this point you’ve got a handful of keywords out of Jaaxy that have a QSR of under 100 – these babies are going to rock your Google ranking world! 🙂

Now, pick your favourite keyword from your results and create a post targeting that keyword. Remember, your goal is to create content that is visually appealing and that is engaging to your audience.

There is only ONE mistake you can make from this point onward – keyword stuffing!

Just because you’ve got an awesome keyword that the other bloggers don’t know about, doesn’t mean you’re gonna stuff it into your article 20 times!

No sir!

Target your keyword within the title of your article, then within the first couple paragraphs and then write your article in a natural way (with the focus on creating a quality experience for the visitor).

Seriously – relax and just be yourself with your writing (you’ve already used the keyword in your article twice – from here on in it’s easy street!).




SEO Research


Seriously – that’s about it!

I said it was simple didn’t I?

At the end of the day – a workman is only ever going to be as good as his tools.

If you are struggling to get traffic to your website you are going to need a better SEO tool…otherwise you’ll be going nowhere fast (believe me – I’ve been there!).

This technique is as simple as they come, but only a tiny percentage of bloggers even know about it – imagine having that sort of head start?

Fancy giving Jaaxy a quick spin to find out just how good it is?

Go for it…



If you have ANY problems at all putting this killer technique into action, please don’t hesitate in contacting me through this page HERE. I’ll be in touch and I’ll walk you through the process as simply as I can!



22 comments on “I Want Free Traffic to my Website FAST!

  1. This is inspiring and insightful. Thanks so much for this eye opener article. I have always thought SEO is the only way we can go about dominating, I don’t know there are other tips inclusive.

    I am just getting to know about jaaxy from your article and I will work on it in order to draw more traffic to my blog.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Okay Abioye, 

      Remember, contact me from the contact page on this site HERE if you have any problem with the technique I’ve covered in the article above. Signing up for the free Jaxxy account etc is simple enough, but some people get confused with the parameters at times! 

      I’m here to help! 🙂

  2. I have been attempting to write quality posts based on the concept of Low Hanging Fruit targeting but I find it difficult to judge if the results are there or if the website requires more time. Do you place the researched keyword in the SEO Keywords field in the WordPress back office or is this meant for your own keywords?

    I have found it puzzling that when using Jaxxy, sometimes there can be a QSR but it still highlights this as a green “great” keyword to target. Do you have any ideas as to why this is?


    1. Hi Richard, 

      First off the bat…

      Don’t use the keyword section of the SEO plugin for your WordPress website, as it’s like a big neon light to Google that you are only concentrating on your keywords, NOT the quality of your article. 

      You don’t want to be too obvious with Google. 

      Personally, I haven’t used that keywords field in the back office of WordPress for a number of years now, and my articles rank really well! 

      I don’t know what you mean by your last question. Are you saying a high QSR result gets the green light at times?

  3. Jaxy is superb in helping a beginner get a low competition keyword on search engine so that the website can rank very high on search engines but most especially google. I so much trust jaxy keyword search and I so much believe and convinced that it has been so helpful for so many bloggers. 

  4. That is an excellent point about SEO.  Looking for keywords that will have less competition will bring more traffic to my site, but I have a question:  How often does that particular keyword need to be searched to be considered?  

    Jaaxy certainly sounds like an excellent tool to use to find these low hanging fruits.  I am assuming that it has a free version that I can use as I am budget limited.

    Your comment about keyword stuffing is well noted.  I’ve been to sites where it is just the same keyword over and over and over again!  Very annoying to read.

    Thanks, Ellen

    1. Hi there, 

      I personally try and go for a traffic number of about 100, but that doesn’t always work out of course! 

      At the end of the day these are long tail keywords so not all of them are going to bring in huge amounts of traffic…you just need to write a lot more content with them! 🙂

  5. I have gotten this from many people that are just getting started. They will all say I want FREE traffic to my website and I want it fast! What is the secret? That is when I will tell them of SEO and all that, but this often is too much for them to take in and they will ask me to provide the one best tip to get the free traffic.

    That is when I lay this tip that you have expanded on so well in this post on them. They look surprised and ask me if that is all – if that is enough to get the traffic coming their way. I tell them yep and will show them a couple of cases I can cite on one of my websites, and they run off happy as a kid in a park.

    You have laid it out in this post much better than I could, and it is so simple yet effective. What I like is that over a short period of time, you can get a significant amount of traffic using this method as you start ranking for more and more of these low-hanging fruit keywords.

    Getting traffic fast can seem like a chore that is too hard to do. As your example and process shows, it really is not that hard to do, again and again. Research and planning will go a long ways towards grabbing traffic that is free out there. It is also cool when you see the posts start ranking for those terms you worked so hard to include. Great post, thanks!


    1. Yep the technique REALLY is that simple Dave, and it’s great to hear that you’ve picked up on it and you’ve been using it before you read this post! 

      Getting traffic really isn’t that hard…as long as you’re using the right kinda tools! 🙂

  6. I agree with you, Jaaxy is the best keyword tool on the internet. You type in the idea of words you have, Jaaxy will give you the results of that word and many other suggestion of words. You get to know the word’s QSR, the estimated traffic that word got recently. You will also know if there is a .com address available to buy. Thanks for this post. 

  7. Hi! Thank you very much for your honest approach to this very important point: traffic.

    I know that many bloggers wanting to earn a quick buck just tease us offering, as you have said, “a magic bullet SEO technique” that is hyped.

    Low hanging fruit technique makes perfect sense to me. And I have started trying to find keywords with the characteristics you have described.

    Using the window to Jaaxy you included in this post, I have performed a bunch of searches. I have come up with a keyword that has 80 monthly searches a 97 QSR. Would that keyword be ok? QSR is under 100. But QSR is higher than monthly searches. Here is my question: What’s the minimum of monthly searches you consider a keyword should have to be considered a good keyword (if it already has less than 100 QSR)?

    1. That sounds like a good keyword to me Henry! 

      Remember, long tail keywords often get lower traffic but you are near enough guaranteed that traffic. You just need to write more and more articles centred on each keyword you find! 🙂

  8. SEO traffic is not only free but also very targeted. There is lot of competition for getting rank on first page and  every body is trying to rank for high traffic keywords that are very difficult to rank top. So I always go for low hanging fruit keywords as it is easy to rank and get some traffic. jaxxy is very useful to find low competitive keywords.

    1. Hi there Sanjay!

      Great to hear that you are targeting those low hanging fruit options already. Good luck with your blogging (and your SEO).

  9. Hi Chris,

    Thank you for this helpful guide on how to get free traffic fast by applying the ’Low Hanging Fruit’ technique. However, even my post is listed on the first page on the search engine, it still doesn’t attract much traffic to my site. Is it that due to the low monthly traffic on such keyword even though the QSR is below 100?

    Further, is it important to optimize the on-page SEO in order to attract more traffic and how to do it?

    Best Regards 

    1. Hi Shui,

      Could you maybe tell me what niche you are in? Some niche areas just aren’t that popular, hence the lack of traffic…

  10. Hi Chris,

    After reading your article, I have learned some real strategy of free traffic generation. Jaaxy keyword research tool is perfect one for doing this strategy but I have a little bit concern about long trail keyword. Can I use this technique using multiple keyword or long trail keyword together and using mixed keywords which is under 100 QSR and above QSR? I am waiting for your reply and bookmarking your site for further reading. Thanks for writing this important article.

    1. Hi mate,

      I’m sorry but I’m a little bit confused about your question. You should only really target one keyword in each article these days, especially with long tailed options. 

      Is this what you were asking?

  11. It’s true about the frustration of not getting traffic to your site as a new blogger.  I think one of the things that gets them into quitting is the mindset that as soon as they start, they will get traffic and start earning. Which is not true.

    Another one is, using of low hanging fruits keywords. Most of the bloggers just use keywords that mostly searchable and they forget that they are new in the business. That thousands of people had written on the same keywords. This now increase the competition and takes forever for their site to rank or get traffic. 

    With the help of your site, people can know the difference and why they needs to go for low hanging fruits keywords. You might as well not see the results now but as google see your consistency, definitely you will see traffic 

    1. Hi Augusta!

      Unfortunately when I started my very first blog – I was one of those newbies that was set on using the most popular keywords for my SEO…and I struggled with the traffic results!

      The Alphabet Soup technique is awesome for this – works every time and never fails to drag in traffic. 

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