How to Write Blog Posts Faster – Simple 5-Point Checklist


How to Write Blog Posts Faster

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could produce content quickly without compromising on the quality of the piece? In this article we will look at how to write blog posts faster to maximize your content output.

The Rate

Not everyone will have the natural ability to smash out 5 – 10 blog posts a day. I’m sit sort of in the middle section of this range – some days I can write a post in 20 minutes whilst other days I struggle for at least an hour.

But for some people even an hour or two is not enough to get their writing complete. For these people time is the major bottleneck to their blogging success.

The Snail Versus The Machine

Some people do a cracking job of making you think they have been hard at it all day. You know the ones – they make their way through a task that lasts about 2 hours and then sit back puffing and wheezing like they’ve just discovered the meaning of life.

Then there’s the machine-type people – these are the people most likely to succeed in the online world!

They get up every day and they ATTACK what is put in front of them. In their mind there are not enough hours in the day and no matter what they produce it will never be enough!

The snail versus the machine

So ask yourself this – what do you want to be?

Do you want to be a snail that creates the illusion of hard work or do you want to be a machine that smashes through everything the internet puts in front of them?

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Tips on How to Write Blog Posts Faster

The following tips are a checklist I usually try to stick to as often as possible. They help keep me in line and keep my production levels at a peak I am satisfied with:

  1. Don’t Let Ideas Slip – Once you have an idea in your head you have about a four hour window to record it in. If I had a dollar for every idea I forgot I’d be driving a Ferrari by now! ​Use anything you can get your hands on and make sure it is small and mobile. I use a little notepad and a mini-pen I pinched from a local betting shop ( I don’t bet – I only went in there to nab a pen! ). Other bloggers I know like to use the voice recorder function on their smart phones to record their post ideas. Try your best not to have your ideas spread all over different places because that only adds to the disorder.
  2. Nice & Tidy – My girlfriend loves to live in chaos – maybe it’s a female thing! It drives me nuts and I’m sick of picking up health food wrappers from kitchen surfaces. I’m the opposite – I can’t work within a battlefield. The condition of a person’s environment is a direct reflection of how they handle their own thoughts. The area you use as an office area ( where you do 99% of your typing ) should always be clutter free with no distractions on the table.
  3. Make The Competition Friendly – There’s no point looking at a competitors article and thinking ‘Man…I wish I’d thought of this!’. Read the article thoroughly, steal the idea and then make the article better in your own words. Competitors are awesome allies without even knowing it – I get at least 10 ideas a day from rivals in my niche and I soon outrank them with my version of their starting block. There’s nothing wrong with this as long as you are not copying them. You want to be putting your own spin on what they are trying to get across and offer MORE than them.
  4. You Are Not Shakespeare – People don’t want to come online to read a thesis by Stephen Hawking. People want to come online and find info that’s provided in a conversational style post. This is what makes the internet world turn round and round – interaction with content! Let it flow when you are writing and don’t be afraid of how it’s going to turn out when you are halfway through. When you complete a piece you will KNOW if it’s crap or not – you won’t be able to kid yourself. Just sit back and write from the heart – don’t be afraid of what’s coming out of you!
  5. The Long-Winded Guy – Don’t be this sort of guy! It’s common for bloggers to think that they need at least a 1000 words on every post or article – not true! In many instances Google prefers to see posts that are all different lengths as it makes the site appear a lot more natural. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve read an article only to think ‘This could have been fitted into three paragraphs!’. People want an answer to the query they type into a search engine – they don’t want to be taken around the block to find that answer!

​These are the 5 points I stick to when I want to become that blogging MACHINE! Do you have any thoughts on how to write blog posts faster? Is there a certain method you use to turn into a blogging MACHINE? Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.


11 comments on “How to Write Blog Posts Faster – Simple 5-Point Checklist

  1. Hey thanks for the tips! Personally, my speed just depends on the content when I am writing. I think that anyone can benefit from your tips here though, and it is especially important to take to heart that not every post has to be 1000 words or more. Some topics just don’t need that long of a post! Keep up the good work!

  2. Here’s a new method I’ve been using lately. Rather than writing I just speak. I us the voice recognition on my phone to very quickly get the draft done.

    Then it takes 2 rounds of editing. One to break it up into paragraph and fix any major errors from the voice recognition. And then a second round for spelling and punctuation.

    1. That’s actually a pretty cool way to get article’s down fast Chris – I like it!
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing this technique with our readers ( it’s an excellent idea! ).

  3. Cheers Chris. There’s some really good ideas here. I think beginners just have to be careful with point number 3. I agree with you that getting ideas from others is ok. But it’s important to remember that blatant copying could actually affect your google ranking, so just be careful. Point one is great though….I’m like you…always forgetting my good ideas…

    1. Oh I’d never advise anyone to copy someone else’s work Todd – just leverage a few ideas from an article then make it BETTER! Duplicate content will NOT get you ranked!

  4. I like these points – and I’m going to start using some of your suggestions. I agree with your point about the length of the post – I’ve read many posts where they seem to just go on forever – because I think they wanted to hit that word count – usually less is more in that case. The idea thing is true also – I always try to make a note on my phone when I think of a new idea – so it’s not lost. Great article.

  5. Dear Chris,

    I really liked how you mentioned the following.

    Some people do a cracking job of making you think they have been hard at it all day. You know the ones they make their way through a task that lasts about 2 hours and then sit back puffing and wheezing like they’ve just discovered the meaning of life.

    In terms of how much time I invest to write a Blog Post per every couple of days now, I can say I move slower than a snail, sloth, and turtle combined. There is just tons of thing I want to research on, from references and put it in my own words and understanding too.

    I took the following to heart. I almost cried tears of joy really.
    Just sit back and write from the heart don’t be afraid of what’s coming out of you!

    I always love reading your Blog Posts, they have inspired me greatly and in a way got rid of Writer’s Block which I was suffering from since I was second guessing my own abilities of how exactly I should write. I was juggling between writing my Content in a way that appealed to Google while I started Blogging for the First Time. But, as I gradually got the hang of things, I realized that my own unique matters and I am sure my Audience would love to hear my perspective on things so that they in turn can expand on their own knowledge and think outside the box so to speak. 🙂

    Wishing you all the best with your online accomplishments above and beyond the horizon,


    1. Thanks Angel,
      It’s comments like these that make all the work put into this site worthwhile – really pleased that you are able to take so much from the information we post here! 🙂

  6. Hey Chris,
    These are very good tips on writing, I particularly like points 3 and 4. I used to be so scared to write because I thought blogging is like writing essays at school which was ridiculously hard and complicated but actually, the simpler the better.

    It took me a while to know that competitors also have great ideas that we can ‘borrow’ to write in our own words too. But just out of curiosity, is it actually safe if we do that? Won’t we be caught with plagiarism?

    1. Borrowing is more like leveraging Riaz – you take someone’s ‘idea’ and make it better – you don’t copy their work word for word! 🙂

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