How to Write an About Me Page For a Blog


How to Write an About Me Page For a Blog

In this article I thought we’d cover a few ground rules on how to write an About me page for a blog as it’s an essential element of ANY trustworthy online business…

What is an About me Page?

An About me page gives a website ( or blog ) owner the chance to craft a compelling bio and a perfect pitch.

It’s something that EVERY website needs in order to look trustworthy and ‘human’. In most cases an About me page can turn out to be the most visited page on a website.

About me Web Pages

I’m not going to sit here and try and sell the idea of ‘anything will do’ because that is never the case with website content.

Having ‘something’ in place is definitely better than having nothing there but the more effort you put into your About me page the more success you will see!

1) The Real You

I absolutely HATE it when I land up on an About me page stuffed with facts and figures – how friendly and inviting is this supposed to look?

You want your About me page to act as a window into the ‘real you’ – you don’t want a promotional landing page!

2) Your Image

A blank tide of black text on your bio is not exactly going to appear the warmest to visitors. Always include a shot/photo of yourself.

I know what it’s like – we’re not all Brad Pitt after all but people still need to see the person behind the scenes. Just get a picture ( any picture! ) and stick it on there!

3) A Benefit Driven Title

So, it goes without saying that an About page would usually have ‘About’ in the title right? This is fine – we want people to know what this page is without even thinking about it!

But why not include a main subheading that indicates to people what you and your site can do for them?

4) Testimonials

If you have ’em then you definitely should be using ’em!

Testimonials are are great way of letting new visitors know they are on the right site. I know it sounds a little cheesy but they really do work if you don’t overdo it – use quote sections of testimonials ( don’t use essay-sized reviews of why you are the bees knees! ).

If you don’t have any testimonials then ignore this suggestion – NEVER, EVER, EVER make these testimonials up ( leave that to the Binary Options scams! ).

5) Bond But Don’t Ramble

It’s fine to let people into your personal life on this sort of page – in fact I recommend you do this!

Talk a little about your wife ( if you have one! ), your kids ( again, if you have any! ) and so forth. The trick here is not to ramble on though.

People want to know the person that they are dealing with is human but they don’t want to know EVERYTHING!

6) Closing Things Down

Most webmasters will have some sort of closer at the end of each piece of content – it’s the done thing!

An About me page is a great place to start highlighting what products or services you offer ( at THE END of the content! ). I personally like to suggest subscribing to the blog or leaving some sort of comment on what they’ve read – engagement makes the content seem a little more human overall.

How to Write an About me Page

Your About page is one of the most important parts of your site because new visitors will go there first to see if you are a good fit or not.

Take your time and plan out how you want it to flow – talk about yourself but don’t go overboard on the family life, highlight your services and products there but NEVER go ‘on the sell’.

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7 comments on “How to Write an About Me Page For a Blog

  1. Great post Chris!

    Thanks for sharing this great information. An About Me page seems so simple, but I have been to many web sites that do not even bother with an About Me page. The About Me page is a great way to start building trust with your site visitor. If they don’t know anything about you then why would they want to buy from you. I agree with your statement about giving enough personal information to look approachable but oversharing is not a good recommendation. I don’t need to know every detail of every day. Thank you for sharing such an great article. I’ll be sure to pass this information along to a friend who is just starting to build a website.

    1. great stuff Val – wish your friend luck from me with their new website ( and tell them to head over here anytime they need help! )

  2. Well written Chris. I was always skeptical about how important an ‘About Me’ page actually is. But the points you make have swayed my mind. It makes absolute sense that when we go onto a website, we want to know who is behind it. Not because we want to keep them accountable, but just so there is a connection to someone.

    1. That’s right Todd, and it doesn’t have to be a full-on essay or anything – just a simple paragraph or two will do in most cases 🙂

  3. Hi Chris

    You have given some awesome tips on how to write the about me page. This is one of the most important pages that you will find on any website because this can give your site a lot of trust.

    I always try not to over complicate my “about me” page and I try my best to keep it real.

  4. Great tips! Especially the last point of closing things down to engage the readers. I think human touch is especially important when you want the reader to connect.

    Writing is kind of like a form of literature and you have to make the reader know what you are trying to connect, especially most readers do not have any idea who you are and why did you create the website for. It is about building trust and nothing says better than the About Me page.

    For my websites, I like to give some additional backdrop as in why did I created the webpage in my About Me page. It may be something I am deeply passionate about or it may be something widely discussed and it concerns each and everyone of us. I believe that will connect with readers even more as they can see what message you are trying to send across.

    1. Hi Leo,

      Glad to hear you agree with what we put up in the article. I always find a website without an About Me page a little cold – a little faceless if you like.

      By taking the time to include an About page you are opening yourself up to your visitors and making things a little more ‘homely’ in a way. I was taught to ALWAYS include a page like this so I always do (on every site I own).

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your opinion with us – we appreciate your input! 🙂

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