How to Write a Video Description


How to Write a Video Description

Marketing can become a whole lot easier if you conquer the media medium of video. I know some internet marketers who only concentrate on video marketing for their sales.

These guys don’t even have a proper website – a handful of .info landing pages and a YouTube account is all they need.

In this article we will be learning how to write a video description that will rank well in the search engines. After all – marketing without a website sounds rather fun doesn’t it?

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Effective YouTube Video Descriptions

Point 1 – There are many people out there that would have you believe that bigger is better when it comes to video description SEO. In my experience filling up the whole of the description box ( I believe the limit is 5000 characters ) doesn’t really help that much.

On the other hand if you manage to write a couple of concise and to-the-point paragraphs you will see much better video rankings.

Too many people try to explain what the video is about when it’s the video’s job to explain itself. People look at the description for a ‘quick fix’ on what the video content is about – they don’t want the whole story, the just want a snippet!

Concise work tends to be much more compelling work. Compelling work tends to make the reader want to find out more about the video.

Point 2 – SEO Will Always count in any sort of description or content you find online. Don’t forget that Google now owns YouTube and the search bar it provides!

Keywords will allow your video to become ‘searchable’ and in turn draw in a lot more visitors.

For example, if your video was about American Golf courses you would include ‘America’, ‘American’ and ‘Golf’ in the video description.

Video SEO

If you cleverly place these keywords prominently within your text you will multiply the chances of being indexed high.

I use the Jaaxy Keyword Tool to drill down into powerful, low competition keywords. You can sign up for a free trail ( 30 FREE searches ) here.

Point 3 – I make it a rule of thumb to ALWAYS include my personal name, company name ( a website usually! ) and location in my video descriptions.

More often than not word-of-mouth will lead people to search for you through more direct keywords. If you type your business name into the YouTube search bar and you do not show up on the first page of results you are definitely on the wrong path!

Point 4 – As an online marketer most ( if not all ) of your videos will be serving a funnel purpose. In some cases you will be aiming to:

  • ​Drive traffic back towards your website
  • Drive traffic towards a landing or squeeze page
  • Drive traffic directly to a product and it’s sales page

Thankfully YouTube has no problem in letting us leave as many no-follow links in the description as we see fit.

Video Links

​Unfortunately, only the first three lines of your description show up by default on each video – you need to click it to see the whole thing.

This means that important links that are too far below the fold will not be noticed in most instances.

Always leave your links at the top of each description so they are visible without having to click to enlarge the description. I tend to leave a big ‘LINK – ‘ before each one as a direct, in-your-face CTA ( call-to-action ).

Point 5 – YouTube puts A LOT of weight on user experience signals. If people enjoy watching your video, expect to ‘nail it’ in YouTube’s search results.

Views hold a bit of weight in it’s ranking algorithm but subscribing and liking are two of the most important user experience signals that YouTube uses.

I always try and use my video description to sort of ‘beg’ for interaction ( don’t worry – it’s not as sad as it sounds! ). Simply leave a statement in the descriptions asking them to either like or subscribe if they ( the watcher ) enjoyed the video experience.

If you don’t ask online – you don’t get! 

Point 6 – A lot of YouTube users seem to be unfamiliar with the time stamp element of the description. Until a couple of years back I was one of these users!

Video Time StampA good friend of mine pointed out that you can simply type a time code into the video description and it will act as a link to that particular point in your video.

For example, if I had an important bit of information dead on the second minute of the video I would simply type ’02:00′ into the video description. When you publish the description this time stamp will automatically turn into a direct link to that moment in the video.

This is a powerful way of adding extra navigation to your video making it much more dynamic – don’t ignore it!

How to Write a Video Description

If you are interested in learning more about video marketing we recommend checking out the FREE tutorials at the Wealthy Affiliate. Read our full review on their services HERE

15 comments on “How to Write a Video Description

  1. Hi Chris, thank you for all this information. I will be honest here I didn’t read the whole post, but bookmarked it for future.
    The difficulty I have is partly that I know nothing about creating videos and I have heard how important it is. I am also filled with fear about creating videos. So to solve the problem that needs to be addressed I avoid thinking about it!
    How would you recommend someone to start and do their first video? Any equipment you feel is needed? How do you edit a video?
    Sorry for all the questions that are not immediately related to your post but these are the things I want to know! Maybe you already have content on your website about these items and can give me some links to look at?

    1. Hi Lynne,
      Well video is a popular way of marketing online but it’s not for everyone! If you feel a little scared about the subject there are other avenues to explore first. If you do decide to take on video there are freeware versions of just about every video tool needed these days. A site called Animoto will let you create a thirty second video for free – it’s a great place to start 🙂

  2. hello Chris, Thank you for this article, it helped me a lot. I was not putting too much effort in making videos to market products on my websites. I ‘m gonna now start making some as I see that I can benefit from them and for long time if I get high rank from SEO.

  3. Hello again Chris!
    Great write-up as always, I really enjoy reading your posts! I find your writing style easy to read and they are always packed with information too. I’m not really good with YouTube videos yet but I know the vast potential of it being able to bring in traffic to our website. Maybe you could do a video tutorial in the near future? I would definitely be one of your subscribers!

    1. Hello again Riaz – welcome back!
      There is a video tutorial section on this site – if you look at the categories bar to the right you’ll find them in there 🙂

  4. Hello, I was just wondering the other day how to write a video description! Cool post, I will bookmark, very useful stuff for us affiliates! I saw your site before and it never dissapoints. Do you have any experience with fiverr video creators? I plan on trying one gig to see the quality…thanks for sharing that!

  5. Hi Chris, love your site man and some great review work on here! You really have provided awesome information to assist the understanding and workings of SEO, keyword research and importance and video marketing. All the best:)

  6. Hi Chris,

    This was a great article for me. I have heard so much about how people are using YouTube to promote their business but I have not tried it. I am not sure how to do and why I need to bother with it. This article definitely helped to give me ideas of why it is important and how I can go about starting to creating these videos for the purposes of my own advertising.

  7. Thank you for posting this article.

    It has proved to be really helpful to me as I was not exactly sure how to go about writing a video description! I have also bookmarked this post for future use I have been looking at supplement my income using Fiverr – can you offer any help with this – do you have first knowledge of using Fiverr in terms of creating and offering Videos as a service?

    1. Hi Victoria,

      I’ve hired many services off Fiverr in the past but I don’t usually offer my services there any longer ( for quite some time now! ).

  8. Hi Cris
    Thank you for sharing a useful post, I found out that there are many things to consider when writing a video description. Using Youtube, of course, is handy tools in marketing, Audiences nowadays find it is much easier for them to watch a video rather than reading about something or product, I am planning to post some videos on youtube and surely I will consider your tips in writing a proper description of them.
    Keep up the good work

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