How to Work From Home Successfully – Start by Washing!


How to Work From Home Successfully

In this article we will be looking atย how to work from home successfully without ending up in the loony bin…

The illusive dream of all newcomers to the internet trade is to be able to work from home as your own boss. And why not? Getting up and taking on the 9 am rush hour is a nightmare that should be reserved for horror films.

But I’ve been doing this gig for some time now and I gotta tell you folks – it ain’t all it’s cracked up to be!

You set out your new empire in a darkened corner of the house and get all your pencils sharpened and mouse mat scrubbed clean – surely there’s nothing that can stop you now?

Then reality kicks you right in the nuts and you realize what you’ve got yourself into!

Kids are crying and arguing downstairs, your girlfriend seems to think that she can barge in for a chat at any time of the day and the phone won’t stop bloody ringing!

Within a month you realize you can’t remember the last time you spoke to a friend or gone anywhere near a razor blade.

The only time you get to relax with a beer is at eleven at night when the only thing left on TV is a 1960’s horror staring Christopher Lee.

When was the last time you hit a bar?

Even the most introverted among us need to see people sometimes just to reset the inner batteries.

Let’s take a look at the steps you can take to ensure you don’t lose your s++t when working from home…

#1 Clothes Were Invented For a Reason

There seems to be more and more pressure to hit a certain level of fashion within an office environment these days. I don’t really know why this is as most people I know absolutely despise being cooped up in an office!

When you first start working from home you realize that the tie and suit can be ditched pronto – this is a good thing right?

Get dressed before working from homeYou giggle to yourself as you roll out of bed ten minutes after you used to be due in work and then crawl your way to the laptop.

But you are missing a vital workday ingredient by doing this and it will eventually effect your workflow.

The commute to work every morning is tedious but it provides you with thirty minutes or so to realign yourself and prepare for the workday.

You may spend this time playing Angry Birds on your phone or singing along to Spotify but it is doing you more good than you know.

Make sure you get up every morning and have a little routine of responsibility in place. Get up, go for a run, take a shower, get dressed and have a coffee.

Getting dressed is very important – I know the temptation to just sit about and work in your boxer shorts.

By following this morning routine you will end up feeling a lot more normal and a prepared. You want to attack the first work of the day as this is your most productive time ( in most cases! ).

#2 The Temptation to Break

The Temptation to BreakThe fiercest enemy I encounter when working from home is the feeling that ‘Oh…I need a break’.

When you are working in an office you are on a payroll so you don’t really give a crap if you are getting work done or not. Most of the time you are finding ANYTHING to do other than the work on your desk.

If you take this mindset into your work at home venture you are going to fail miserably – period!

Take a break whenever you feel you need one but don’t go overboard.

#3 Lunch Outdoors

As I touched on above – being stuck inside with no real human contact is not the best way to stay sane!

Whenever possible, try and take lunch outdoors where you get to speak to at least one person.ย Make it a habit to get out of the house and go run an errand when youโ€™d be getting lunch. Speak out loud to a human, even if it’s just the waiter at a cafe or the girl on the till at MacDonald’s.

#4 Define Your Work Hours

Define Your Work HoursMake sure you stick to near-human work hours when you are working from your own home. I find the best way to do this is to simply use the hours you used to use when you were stuck in your office job.

If you used to finish work at 5:30 then you should try to finish work at this time every day at home. Do whatever it is you need to signal to your brain that the workday is over and stick to it.

You need separation from your work otherwise you are going to end up burning up and fading out. You don’t want to end up feeling you live within your job – you want your home to be YOUR HOME.

How to Work From Home Successfully

At the end of the day it’s all about having aย work-life balance in place. You want to be efficient enough to get all the work done without ending up like a nutcase.

Shut up shop when you are off the clock and only open up the laptop if you have forgotten to do something important. Spend time with the family and leave the home office door shut until it needs to be opened the following day.

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22 comments on “How to Work From Home Successfully – Start by Washing!

  1. Those are awesome tips to be successful. I agree that it starts from work-life balance in place. I myself stay alone in other countries separate from my family. Being an independent person has taught me a lot of things. One of them is to be 100% responsible. No blaming when something goes wrong. Mistakes will only make us stronger isn’t it?

    1. Totally agree with you Edy – although I always try my best to blame my partner when something goes wrong and she’s in the vicinity ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This is funny! I use to work in an office and now I work from home. I love my life now! I go teach skating, come back work on a website, add some content, go for a walk, take my dad on an errand and come back and then relax. My life is better because of this!

    1. Sounds like you’ve got your online business sorted there girl! Great stuff!!!!
      Nice to hear you are seeing some sort of success online – keep it up ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi Chris It seems the path you have taken is the same I was on and I am sure thousands of others also. I like the way you lay out the way you should organize your day as a work at home person. I have made the mistakes in the past of getting so passionate about what ever the latest program I was in that I would find myself in front of my computer for hours without much more that coffee breaks. Eventually I just got burned out and gave up. Recently I decided to try once again when I cam accross Wealthy Affiliates. One thing I did learn from all the errors I made. You do need your own web site. And if you want to do it right you have to learn the basics.
    I decided to give it another try when I found Wealthy Affiliates and it is working beautiful. People need to know that working online is not an easy chore. But if you learn the basics and work hard you can succeed.
    Thank you for all the insight.

    1. That’s cool Joyce – the key to working online is learning from your mistakes ( and learning fast! ). Sounds like you are on the right path now ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Chris,
    Wow, this is a subject that most people don’t think about when they in vision working at home and they should. Lots of points for us all to stop and think about. There are times I get going and suddenly it is 1:30 in the morning. Then other times I just can’t seem to get going. I have to remember to treat it like a business, set my hours and be consistent. but leave time for a life.

    Great post,

  5. Hi Chris – Really great tips you have provided there. It is so easy to fall into the trap of not conforming. One big problem I have is not switching off.
    I’m still doing my 9 -5 job, I own my own business. I also own a Ju-Jitsu club where I teach 8 sessions a week as well as training for my 2nd Dan.
    On top of all that I’m building n online business with WA – great fun.
    One thing I have found is I need to have down time. Just get away from it all and veg out in front of the TV.
    That’s where I’ll be in the next half hour.
    Great tips

    1. Yes you have to have your downtime Mark – I often forget this myself and end up making mistakes through fatigue! TV, music, it doesn’t matter – as long as it’s not in front of the computer screen ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I love the ability to work from home. I do agree that everyone should have a morning routine. I feel that people shouldn’t lose their fashion sense just because they work from home.

    I love the idea of having lunch outdoors. I also like to occasionally meet with friends for lunch. This gives me the ability to catch up and be around people I enjoy.

    You gave some great tips especially defining your work hours. Sometimes I take way too many breaks and the result is not getting as much done as I’d like. One thing I must say though is that being your own boss is priceless. Thanks for your great info and tips.

  7. Great article, I like all the graphics you chose to go with it, that makes the article even more visually appealing. Great advice throughout, I especially like the first tip about having a morning ritual that includes bathing and getting dressed in order to get your day off to a good and productive start. I also liked the advice to define your work hours, I tend to work way more hours than I should.

  8. There’s 2 things that you’ve mentioned here that I feel are paramount and, quite honestly, have had problems with.

    The first is taking breaks. I smoke, so sometimes I find myself taking more break than need be. Also, if there’s a show on that I really like and usually watch, I find myself stepping out of the office to see what’s going on on the television. Don’t even get me started on football, especially with the fact that I just started playing FanDuel.

    The second one is finding a good balance for your work hours. My time on the computer seems to be all over the place. I work 12 hour shift then come home and work on my website for a little while prior to going to bed. Then there’s times that I don’t work on it at all. There’s days I work 30 mins here, 2 hours there. I need to see a schedule and stick to it. I feel I could be more productive that way.

    Great post Chris, keep up the good work.

    Grow Me Supplements

    1. Well juggling a job alongside building a business is hard work Josh – you deserve credit for trying to do so! Just remember that the key here is not giving up – whenever you find the time put a little work in!

  9. Some nice tips there Chris.

    One of the biggest problems I had when I first started working from home was not treating it like one long holiday.

    It is very important to keep your work head on and try to treat it as going to work every day.

    Setting myself a daily routine and making sure I stuck to it was what really made the difference to me and I’m sure was a big influence in my success.

    Alan ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Hey Chris,
    Very helpful article, number 2 relates to me the most. Working from home is definitely a great experience but the temptation to take a break is what’s going to cause us our success.

    Every time I take a break, I go overboard and take a whole day break, especially when I go out or when I start playing games with my friends. It is something very hard to get used to but after a while, it feels natural to work from home. Awesome article as always man, thanks for sharing this!

  11. Yep, you hit the nail on the head with this very entertaining article.

    You are right when you say that you have to stick to a routine when you work from home, otherwise things start to slip. You need to be a very disciplined person, and not let those distractions get in the way of your goals.

    I find the only way I can do this is to get up a five and work until seven. I find this way I am at my most productive and there are no interruptions.

  12. I must say I really liked that! Just because you work at home does not mean you don’t have things that can get in the way. Like you said, it is important to balance things out when working at home as well and I like the part where you said it is important to set a daily schedule such as a start time and an end time when working at home. Great stuff!

    1. Glad to be of help Brian! Schedules are great but at the end of the day you must try and stick to them when you are your own boss – unfortunately I’m guilty of failing at this more often than not! ๐Ÿ™‚

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