How to Turn a Weakness Into a Strength

How to Turn a Weakness Into a Strength


There are certain things in the work online landscape that I think I’m pretty awesome at. Although I don’t often ‘disappear up my own ass’ and broadcast these traits, I do believe that they rise to the surface themselves and shine through in the work I do (I hope they do…at least!).

One would think that I’d be pretty happy with these positive skills…but they don’t often sit for long within my mind. Unfortunately I tend to concentrate on the things I’m pretty shit at more often than not!

However, I don’t think this is a bad thing.


Well, improvement only comes when we concentrate on eliminating these poor showings from our arsenal – when we discover how to turn a weakness into a strength. That is how we, as internet marketers, bloggers and business owners, can continually improve and evolve.


How We Should Approach All Weaknesses…

How We Should Approach All Weaknesses...


let’s get one thing straight before we go any further – I’m not the type of guy that spends his time pointing out the pitfalls in other people’s makeup. I am however the type of guy that notices the pretty shitty parts of my own design, and I want to try my best to iron them out, and get better at them.

If I notice that I suck at a skill I need moving forward and one that is required in my business exploits, I down tools with just about everything and I only concentrate on improving that (lacking) skill.

When I first got into this blogging lark I absolutely sucked ass at writing content, so much so that I struggled and spent hours just coming out with a 400 word article (those types of articles actually used to rank pretty well back in the day!).

On top of that I absolutely sucked at building blogs and websites, and my lack of patience frequently saw me trying to promote rather amateur-looking domains and online businesses (they really were bad!).

But, I have over time, managed to turn these once weaknesses, into strengths…but it was hard work.

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Learning How to Turn a Weakness Into a Strength

It’s easy to turn on the TV, or skim over the internet and find people within business that appear as though they know absolutely everything about about the sector they are in. For instance…

To name but a few.

But, do you really think that Warren Buffet knows everything there is to know about the stock market, and new business ventures?

Read some of his articles, and you’ll find out that even after 70 years of being in the business, he is STILL learning something new, every day he gets out of bed and ends up in his office!

To back this up – just take a look at his company on the stock exchange, Berkshire Hathaway (a American multinational conglomerate holding company headquartered in Omaha…who I actually own shares in!). Do you think they constantly end each week in the green?

I can tell you from experience – this is not the case.

Self assessment is important and it keeps you humble. It’s also a really effective way of aiding you in finding a new and interesting skill set – something you never thought you’d ever understand…something that may even surprise you!


Learning How to Turn a Weakness Into a Strength


More often than not, it’s really hard to look at yourself and your business, and pick out flaws – nobody likes to realise that they are not particularly good at something, and nobody wants anybody else to highlight these flaws either.

Unfortunately I do find that some people are not critical enough of themselves though, these are the types of people that refuse to examine their own flaws, and more often than not prefer to blame others for their failure. If there is any sort of lag in their business – it couldn’t possibly be down to something they had done…it has to be down to something else.

When I was younger – I was very much like this.

Nothing was ever my fault, it had to be outside influences and I actually ended up feeling better when I got around to blaming someone else for my downfalls. Not the way to be, and not the way to succeed.

We all improve by being humble. The minute you realise that nothing you do will ever be spot on, is the same moment you are able to continually get better and improve upon your own skill set (regardless of what business that skill set falls into).


So, what are your opinions on the topic I have covered above?

1) What are the subjects you struggle with in your business exploits, what are your weaknesses?

2) What steps are you planning to take to improve these weaknesses, and when are you planning on starting to improve?

3) Is there anything I can help with my end? (If so simply contact me through the contact page located HERE).

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.


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