How to Start Your Own Website For Free


How to Start Your Own Website For Free

​Looking for an easy guide on how to start your own website for free? Wanting to get your own piece of internet real estate up and running without the technical jargon?

Cool…you’re on the right page 🙂

Develop Your Own Website Free

Your site will end up being the most important asset of your online business – if you want to ‘make it’ online you are going to need a base!

A website is the foundation of a digital age business – sales, payments, reviews, customer contact…it all takes place on your site. 

When I first started out online I was petrified about starting up a website and at the time I had good reason to be – it was VERY confusing stuff!

But now the game has changed – brilliant open source blogging platforms have emerged and starting up a website can happen within 30 seconds ( that’s right…I said 30 seconds! ).

The Tools in Your Toolbox

Now a workman is only ever going to be as good as his tools right?

Well this is the case with building a website – you need the right tools in place to have any chance of succeeding!

Enter the Wealthy Affiliate – the open education project that trained me in all aspects of internet marketing.

Internet ToolsThey provide simple and user-friendly tools to create and manage your own domain and website. On top of that they offer numerous FREE training tutorials and modules to make sure you are ‘clued up’ on how to make this website successful!

It’s not just a short term project – the Wealthy Affiliate want to make sure you know how to build an online business and keep it profitable ( they’re in it for the long run! ).

Remember me mentioning setting up a website in 30 seconds – well here’s the place to do it! 

They offer a unique WordPress site building tool that is aimed at complete newbies – it is awesome ( this site was built using it! ). with three clicks you can have a completely free website up and running and in front of the whole world!

How to Create a WordPress Website For Beginners

It’s important to note that just hitting ‘publish’ and having a 30 second website in front of the public isn’t really going to make you that wealthy – you need to get things looking professional! 

That’s where the beauty of WordPress enters the game – it allows you to construct professional looking websites without any prior knowledge of web design.


In practice, WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that has already prefixed all of the advanced coding and hard work for you. This is all wrapped up in a super-easy interface that even the greenest of newbies can get to grips with!

It’s such a simple process – buy a domain name, pick a professional looking theme and BANG – you’re up and running! 

There are hundreds of thousands of Worpress themes to choose out of with really dynamic and professional templates. There are also thousands of ( free ) website plugins to choose out of – it’s like building your very own online property!

How to Start Your Own Website For Free

Are you ready to build up your own piece of the internet pie? Do you want to learn how to make money online the legitimate and honest way?


Then simply follow these three steps below:

  1. ​Set up your FREE account with the Wealthy Affiliate University
  2. Claim your two FREE websites in the SiteRubix section of the University
  3. Build, learn and never look back!

​You don’t have to have your credit card handy – the starter membership, along with all the tools, tutorials and free websites are completely FREE. This starter membership can last forever if you want it to!

If you enjoy your time at the university and want to complete more advanced certification then you can always upgrade in the future. If not you can simply remain a free member!

It’s where I learned my trade and it’s where I still house my websites today – I’ll never leave 🙂

9 comments on “How to Start Your Own Website For Free

  1. Hi Chris!

    I have been a WA user for some weeks now, and I just wanted to say that all you descriptions on the post are totally accurate and quoted for truth!

    I had really no idea of how to build a website, and since I joined WA I have learned a lot, and obviously I have a website now up and running 🙂

    The good part? It was free!!! I mean, the training you get with just the free trial is just amazing and has let me learn a lot.

    Great and informative post!

    Best regards!


  2. Hi

    Yes, website builder at Wealthy Affiliate is great. I didn’t know before that you can build your blog so easily.

    I can’t say whether it is the best website builder, but most probably it’s the fastest one.

    As for the themes I always use WooThemes for my most important blogs.

    1. Hi Luke,
      WooThemes you say? I’ll have to look into them a bit further ( haven’t come across them before! )

  3. Hi Chris , for me when I started building my first website all these technical stuff seemed like a marathon.How can I build a website alone?…I was thinking.How can I get in contact with my visitors?

    But when I used the siterubix builder inside WA I could not believe in my eyes.Although the training was clearly stating that it would be an easy and super fast process I still had to do that on my own to get convinced.

    I had a brand new website in less than a minute , empty from content but ready and working , it was live on the net.I felt something exciting at that time.I knew I had a long way ahead but I had a mission to complete , too.

    Now as I am getting experienced , these technical stuff and details seem like a fairytale of the past.I think that even a kid could build a website these days.

    Very nice recommendations as always , I hope that people will try this builder , it is only an email away.

    1. Hi Tasos,
      Yeah the website builder the WA offer as part of their deal is quite immense. I often just start of website up for experiment purposes to see what works and what doesn’t – just delete it the next day!!!

  4. Totally agree with you here, WordPress and SiteRubix have been invaluable resources to me in my online business journey. Being able to get a website up and running fast is such an incredible tool to have, along with the multiple other benefits WA has to offer. I would encourage anyone looking to join the online business world to check out WA and SiteRubix just to get their feet wet and see what this industry is all about!

    1. Great to hear that you’ve seen some success through the choices we have covered Mark – good luck with your future online efforts 🙂

  5. i think you are totally right, you need a foundation before you have a real shot of success online. That’s why you gotta have a website, and looks like you gave a really good explaination how to do it, thank you! I’ll pass this along to a few friends! By the way, when starting the website, did you use wealthy affiliate initially, or start directly with wordpress.

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    1. Hi Matt,

      When I first started up I used Wealthy Affiliate from the word go! I didn’t really have any idea about WordPress or websites in general. I learned my entire trade with them! 🙂

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