How to Start Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

how to start affiliate marketing without a website

Affiliate marketing is selling other people’s products and services for commissions. This is not a get rich quick scheme therefore it requires time and proper planning. The idea is to generate huge amounts of traffic to a website and get a cut from whatever money they spend.

Many affiliate marketers have blogs or websites where they publish content to attract potential customers in their targeted niche. Forget what you’ve been told, becoming a successful affiliate marketer doesn’t necessarily require you to have a website or a blog.

Online marketers have become successful in affiliate marketing without blogs or websites through smart strategies and different free online platforms. The key thing is choosing products or services you like. This way, you will always have fresh information to offer your audience with minimal chances of getting bored and quitting.

Beginners can have a hard time landing even a single sale for months but once you get the basics it becomes doodling easy. You can learn how to start affiliate marketing without a website if you use the right tools. Remember, the idea is to have killer campaigns therefore your marketing strategy needs to be solid and well directed. Making the information you pass viral is an added advantage…

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The Way of the Mouth: Social Media

Maybe you under estimate the power of social media, be warned, it’s at your own peril. Social media is one tool that can literally take you to all corners of the world in just a few seconds. If there is technology you can be sure there is smart gadgets and where there is smart gadgets there’s definitely social media, and that is where you need to be.

Some of the top social media sites are now operating on a global scale so your reach is greatly expanded. You can use captivating social media status updates to lure potential customers to your products or services. The affiliate link can be customized using tools like Owly or Bitly and then posted with an interesting update (facts, jokes, stories or news related to your products and services).

This increases the click through rate. Social media also gives you the power to interact and interact deeply. This is on a personal level. I’m not talking about leaving messages that will be read later, I’m talking about real time chat.

The Way of the Mouth: Social Media

The capability to video chat through social media makes things even greater. What good content can do for you on a website or blog, you can do better when demonstrating your products or explaining the services you’re selling directly to your customers.

Websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp and Twitter have apps for smartphone users to chat through text, video or share images from anywhere in the world, anytime. In fact, all top social sites around the world do!

That is where you need to take your business; that is where everyone is! Social media can also allow you to share product photos, banner ads, e-flyers and studio produced videos with your customers.

The possibilities here are virtually endless!

You can create or join pages, groups and follow relevant entities in your target niche to always be ahead of the game. Get yourself well positioned in social media and you might just have a shot at affiliate marketing. You can use this channel to distribute your affiliate link without the need for a website. Meetup and pass a link!

Piggy Backing: The Blogging Business

You can do a lot of blogging without a blog. How? Guest posting, commenting on other relevant posts, buying ad spaces for banner ads and more.

There are countless top niche websites and blogs that want good content and they are looking for you. Become a good story teller and educate people in your niche about things they don’t know and they will listen to you.

Piggy Backing: The Blogging Business

Niche customers are a keen lot. They know what they are looking for and they are looking for the best thing out there. Your work is to package that into an insightful article and sell it to them. Everything you can do with blogging can be summarized as follows. The main idea here is to make your followers feel like they want to learn more from you…

  • Write captivating and informative guest posts related to your products and services for niche bloggers and websites. Most of them will allow you to include a link with your post therefore you can place your affiliate link there. The least they can do is give you credit by including your name and contacts. This is still good as it helps potential clients build trust in you. When you look like you know your business then people will want to buy from you.
  • Comment on other people’s posts. Find niche blogs and websites talking about your products and services then join the discussion in the comments by adding new information or answering a few fact based questions. This zone is more “link friendly” so you can throw in your affiliate link in there. It is always good etiquette to ask the owners first if adding links is okay (same with writing guest blogs).
  • Buy ad space from top niche blogs and place an attractive banner ad with your affiliate link there. This is very tricky and you will need to know exactly where to position yourself or where to buy the ad spaces that give you a high ROI. Banner ads are worthless if no one is seeing them. Same goes for videos and pretty much anything else that can be posted as an ad. There a few tools out there such as AdGooroo and WhatRunsWhere that can help you ease the hassle. These tools can help you track how your ads are doing as well your competitors. They can also give you detailed reports when you need to make important decisions on where or how to place display ads. You might want to invest in good graphic design work for this one.

What’s Trending? Join a Forum

Get yourself into an online forum and see what people are talking about. Asking and answering questions is a great way of interacting with people especially when you are in the affiliate marketing business.

Join a discussion in your target niche and pass out a word of knowledge then post your affiliate link while you’re at it. There are many online forums on the internet today and some are targeted to a particular niche. Find your spot and dive in and sell!

Don’t Do This!

Some people may lie to you, PPC campaigns are NOT recommended for affiliate marketing beginners. Organic traffic is always the best when you’re into affiliate marketing.

Knowing your customers on a more personalized level helps in getting referrals from willing and satisfied customers which is extra marketing for you! You are not here to spend money, you are here to make money instead.


Take time to find the best product, find your way around your niche and be smart about your affiliate link distribution. Find a good affiliate partner and sell, sell, sell! Now you know how to start affiliate marketing without a website…

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15 comments on “How to Start Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

  1. Organic traffic is always the best when youÒ€ℒre into affiliate marketing. Very nicely said. I am starting out and there are many things I need to learn on the journey but I do believe this is true that it’s better to attract organic traffic… Probably because they may be more interested in your offer? What do you think are the main reasons why organic traffic is better?

    1. Hi Anh,
      I like organic traffic due to the fact that 99% of the time it is actually targeted traffic – much more likely to convert in the long run πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Chris! I myself when I started online trying to work without a website.
    Simply creating Facebook groups and fan pages. I have participated in research right forums and debated by many who have had the same interests as me.
    But I must admit that I felt there was something missing. A platform where people could really come and visit me and my research.
    My thought is little now that I read this article.
    Youre also made you a website which is unique and which is your base.
    How can you describe that to make money as an affiliate without a website?

    1. Hi Steen,

      I’m not really sure what you are asking here – didn’t you read all of the article above? We cover everything you’re asking in it ( I think! ). Sorry but your question is a little scattered on it’s purpose!

  3. This is great work.
    Your ideas cover a great length of profitable ideas that a lot of people are looking for in today’s society.
    I agree with you outlook and your ideas relating to affiliate marketing. I think it’s a wise way to generate income.

    My out content is of quality, it’s relevant and reliable. Their is enough Infomation that will encourage someone to follow your advice

  4. Wow chris, this site looks amazing. I am just starting off with my website so this is great inspiration for me. your site is very clear and concise content, has excellent information for people trying to make money online passively. I am actually in two very powerful passive income programs besides WA, and thats traffic monsoon and MAPS. these two companies alone have provided me with the ability to quit my job and do what I love full time. Maybe something to consider adding in your website. :] .Its great that you mentioned WA in your blog, great exposure for everyone and is a great way to say thank you to Kyle and Carson for everything that they have done for us by providing such an amazing platform. overall great work and thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Well thank you Nelson – great to hear that you have found a few successful options to earn with online! Hope your WA journey goes as smoothly as mine has! πŸ™‚

  5. Great tips! I love the blogging approach, as it plays to my skills. I get to research things I am interested in, hook up my site to affiliate companies, and earn money by talking about things. That makes me happy. I’m currently trying to get better at social media, and haven’t ventured into forums yet. Will put that on the to-do list.

  6. Hello, Chris.

    Informative stuff in this article. I think one of the best ways to make money without a website is YouTube. Making videos and showing people what they’re looking for is the fastest way to make sales and earn commissions.

    On the other hand, learning how to leverage the power of social media is a valuable asset. The important thing about social media is that you have to have targeted and interested follows. I recently attended a webinar on how to use Instagram to get traffic and make more sales in your niche.

    1. Yeah I know a lot of ‘marketers’ who have opted to concentrate on YouTube only. A lot of work but great rewards ( if you get it right! ).

  7. Great way to start affiliate marketing until you can raise enough to be able to afford your own website.

    Guest posts are a good way to build up a name in your chosen niche although personally if I had to start over I’d much prefer to link via my own site than via an affiliate link. Too many of those change over time for my liking and if the link isn’t somewhere you control, it’s basically dead (check EzineArticles – they unlink the links that are no longer working).

  8. Hi Chris, you have a great site, and your site passive residual income ideas’ did exactly that!

    I have picked up some tips here and I like the bit where you talk about blogging – I’m a newbie blogger myself πŸ™‚

    Also learnt my lesson on ads, most specifically PPC campaigns. Waste of time for the newcomer, it is something that takes more and is for the more experienced marketer. I don’t have much money because I am starting out so I don’t want to lose it on poor advert campaigns!

    1. Hi Amar,

      I’m glad you took in that PPC information – it’s a great form of marketing as long as you have done ALL of the education and the ground work FIRST!

      It’s definitely not for newbies.

      Think of it like this – would you go trading on the stock exchange without any knowledge? No, neither would I as it would be a waste of my money!

      PPC is no different – you need money to use it so learn it’s route first.

      Great speaking with you – good luck.

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