How To Sell Hip Hop Beats Online

How To Sell Hip Hop Beats Online

After going through all the sleepless nights at yo’ crib (shameless stereotype!) to perfect your art in music production and making sick hip hop beats, you feel like you got something phat and it’s time to give some new flava to the world.

Similarly, you feel that the world should pay you back in cash for your efforts. But wait… how to sell hip hop beats online becomes the next hurdle.

Where do you start?

Where do you go?

How do you bust out some o yo’ stuff to the world?

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Selling Beats Online

There are so many unsigned producers and underground labels getting serious cheese off selling beats online and this could be you too. Some of these cats are actually doing better than the average university graduate!

Many artists who approach you (assuming there are any) will throw you some little digits hoping that you’re desperate enough to jump on the shady deal as way of building your brand.

This will not be a problem if beat making is just a side hustle. Hell, you could pass out a few free tracks to support the industry if that’s the scenario.

But in the case where you want to make it a business and support your family or pay mortgages and other bills, then you better learn a few ways to get paid for your efforts on the internet.

There are several ways to sell your hip hop beats online and this article will cover the best and the easiest.

Anyway before we even get there, why do you want to have your hip hop beats online? Simple…

  • It’s the fastest avenue to reach the entire world
  • Your bumpin’ beats get the attention and appreciation they deserve
  • Critical feedback – fans will let you know if your sh#t is whack and if your technique needs tweaking
  • It’s the cheapest way to build a business
  • It’s a good way of creating passive income

So how do you get your beats out there via the internet?

Tighten Your Act First

The first thing you want to do is polish up on your act. You are entering a saturated industry and you may need that extra “thing” to get you noticed.

Tighten Your Act First

Don’t just join thousands of other producers supplying recycled BS. It’s hard selling whack stuff even under a recognized label or brand.

Get a Website

Please build yourself a website. Truth be told you need a website even if you’re not selling your hip hop beats in there. It’s a nice way to get your new stuff advertised and announced to your potential clients and fans.

There are several website templates like the WordPress “Music Maker” theme which allows you to easily build a professional beats slingin’ website.

This is also one great way to build trust for your brand.

Join Forums

You can talk to others who have similar interests or looking for your products. Joining online forums such as “Kanye To The” will help you link up with tons of like minded people from all over the world and you can get some strong connections and build lasting relationships on such forums.

Plus you can go through the threads to spot people looking to buy hip hop beats.

Pass Some Freebies

Although circumstances differ from one individual to the next, passing free beats around has proven to work. Just make sure that you get your credit when the artists get their CD’s pressed.

However, don’t maintain this habit as you need to get paid and people will always want stuff for free as long as you keep dishing it out.

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Look Out for Copyright Issues

For the love of ho’s and money…make sure you don’t touch samples that have royalty issues tied to them. Not even with a ten meter pole!

Get into Social Media

This means having active social media pages with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and MySpace among others.

You probably won’t be able to sell your beats directly on these sites but you can get awesome leads and re-directed traffic if you play it right.

Social media just like forums, help you build connections and keep in touch with your global fan base.

Promote Yourself

We’re not talking about posing on your Facebook or MySpace page with a phony biscuit for props! This is serious business where you remember to leave a web link with every blog post, comment, social media status update and forum threads among others.

Be out there and get your voice heard. Make sure your conversations and posts are relevant and they mean something. But leave a path back home for any interested online surfers.

You can also include cool banner ads or posters and beat making videos to build can also join Beat Battle competitions like on the Roc Battles website to gather more points as a producer to be reckoned with.

Use Specialized Websites to List Your Beats

There are so many beat selling websites at your disposal. Among the great ones include Roc Battles, My Flash Store, PMP, iStandard, Euphony Beats or Beat Stars.


Others like Shadowville require you to be recommended by someone already in there to get an invite. It’s a closed market and community for producers. Your cred is sure to go up a couple of notches if you can get into Shadowville.

Build a Professional Network

Thinking that you can do it alone is just straight up 730! You need to surround yourself with other professionals in your industry.

This can include artists and other producers (either signed or freelance) as well as promoters and managers in the industry.

You need another professionals rooting for your stuff out there to get recognition. The music industry is just like any other…sometimes it’s about who and not what you know!

Parting Shot

Even with all these highlighted methods on how to sell hip hop beats online, you still need to put in just as much work as in the actual beat making if you want to have any success and earn any meaningful income.

Try some of the examples above and share your talent with the world. Share your soul…

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8 comments on “How To Sell Hip Hop Beats Online

  1. Hey Chris

    Great post about How To Sell Hip Hop Beats Online. It is actually something I have never come across before.

    I do like the idea and your approach to it. As a website owner myself, I have to agree that without a website, you would definitely be selling yourself short and missing ton’s of opportunities.

    I had a look at your number 1 recommendation and have to agree that Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best place to start.
    Considering you’ll be walking away with your own free website as well, what more could an aspiring hip hop artist ask for!?

    Keep up the awesome work chris!

    Marc Parsons

  2. Hey Chris, great write up on how to sell hip hop beats online.

    Sadly, the closest I have ever come to mixing ‘beats’ is playing two CDs at the same time.

    However, I echo sentiments when it comes to having a solid website from which to base your business – no matter what the niche.

    You can’t go wrong with Wealthy Affiliate when it comes to covering all aspects of building your business online from scratch.


  3. Hey,
    Great site!
    Your article on selling hip hop beats online was very interesting and fun to read. I feel like a lot of people are drawn to the trend of making music these days but don’t really know how to get their stuff out their and in the right way. For a person involved in music myself I believe that you have provided an amazing guideline for those interested in selling their music

  4. Hi Chris, selling hip hop beats online is the fastest way to reach million of people out there. But I was having concern about the copyright issue as there are so many copycat out there that possibly will turn you down. Is there anyway that you can recommend in order to minimize the pirated copies of our creation?

    There’s nothing worse than releasing your music only to hear someone sampling it 6 months later. I know there are some sort of laws out there but I’m not sure where to locate the info on them…

    1. Wow you really are opening up a pretty big can of worms there Tan!

      Okay, there are so many different arguments on this subject these days it’s really hard to know where you stand. At the end of the day – if you release music keep a record of it and a backup (with a time stamp etc). If you do not want people to sample your music and it is not royalty free or Creative Commons…then you will ALWAYS have a case!

      Hope this helps mate!

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