How To Sell Drop Ship Items

How To Sell Drop Ship Items

Drop shipping is a very lucrative business and has been for quite some time. But what exactly is drop shipping and how does one get into this profitable business?

In today’s post we will discuss some of the ins and outs of how to sell ship items online…

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What is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is a great way to get into internet marketing, especially if you’re a beginner in selling products online. But why and what exactly is it?

Drop shipping is a way to sell products without keeping them in your inventory.

So for example, you have an online store, someone visits your website and buys a product, you then purchase that product from the manufacturer who in turns ships the product directly to the buyer.

In many cases the product can be shipped with your brand labeling and possibly packaging, which we will get into later in today’s post.

What is Drop Shipping?

But the general idea is that when using this powerful method you now have the capability to sell products virtually risk free unlike the traditional retail method where retailers are buying products before they sell in hopes that someone will buy them.

Consequently, many have flooded the drop shipping sector due to its perceived low risk and the scalable nature of the business, however, there are still some ways you can position yourself to be successful in this niche.

How to Sell Your Products

Products you sell using drop shipping can be sold a number of ways. The most important thing to keep in mind when selling your products using this method is similar to selling anything either online or in a traditional brick and mortar business…

…Which is to always think about your competitive advantage; in other words, how does what your selling compare with what your competitors are selling?

How to Sell Your Products When Drop Shipping

If you decide to drop ship cell phone cases, do you have a particular advantage in selling them over other accessory retailers online?

If not, you can create an advantage either through pricing or providing expert advice in the niche you are targeting in addition to offering a great product to the market place.

One of the most popular ways of drop shipping products online include using sales channels such as Amazon and Ebay.

The advantages of using these sites lies in their dedicated traffic they get on a consistent basis. Amazon and Ebay are two of the most highly visited sites in the world, attracting millions of site visitors daily.

Amazon and Ebay are two of the most highly visited sites in the world

However, some of the downsides of using these sites just to name a few include increased competition due to their increased popularity, listing fees and the inability to build a real business.

When selling on Ebay or Amazon, you’re simply selling products. When you create a website and sell on your own, you’re creating a business and an enduring brand that establishes referrals, repeat business and a brand you can call your own.

Ebay and Amazon offer a drop shipper the immediate access needed to get started and experience the momentum of selling online, but if you really want to build a thriving business, your long term objective should be to setup your own website to create brand recognition in the market you serve.

Should You be a Drop Shipper?

Drop shipping isn’t for everyone, but if you have a knack for paying attention to details, can manage multiple task, and multiple suppliers, and can really hone in on managing a business that is constantly in flux due to increased competition and pricing changes, you can thrive.

Drop shipping offers online marketers the ability to scale their business without the headaches of what comes in a normal business with increased business.

However, you still have to think about suppliers who make errors and low profits from time to time and customer returns.

Should You be a Drop Shipper?

Dealing with issues such as these are not the same when dropping shipping items as they are when you control your own inventory and can manage these items in your supply chain.

In conclusion, learning how to sell drop ship items can be great for those wanting to get a start in online marketing or even established online marketers looking to diversify.

The best thing to do is to do research the markets and products you’re wanting to sell as well as understand your competition. Finally, know your weaknesses and your strengths so that you succeed.

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10 comments on “How To Sell Drop Ship Items

  1. Hello Chris
    l have always wondered how drop shipping is done, ln the past l always thought it`s something l would like to do but then there was always a question of space.
    Not only that, l was worried of not being able to sell on time then having my ware house overcrowded with items that no one wanted to buy.
    lm one of those people who can not multi task or deal with refunds and all that come with drop shipping as you have explained in your article.
    Thanks to your article im now sure drop shipping is not the right business for me and l will stay with affiliate marketing.

  2. Hi Chris! Another interesting post of yours. But, I do not completely understand. Isn’t that affiliate marketing? What are the differences between affiliate marketing and drop shipping? And don’t you need a website to sell drop ship items anyway or you can do it just with an online store? Thanks a lot!

  3. Great suggestions there on the realities of drop shipping. It is not as lucrative as advertised unless you have a way to get products at a very low price or can create your own products. It is very profitable as always to operate without inventory or low profits resulting from drop shipping.

  4. Hi Chris,
    Great article on drop shipping. I met someone that got involved in drop shipping. Basically from what I understood, someone would buy something from her website, she would then pay the drop shipper and keep the difference. Seems like a pretty good way to do business since you don’t need to keep any inventory on hand. Like you mentioned in your article, the drop shipper can even place your company labeling on the package.

    I got a good overview of the drop shipping process from your article and I don’t think it’s quite for me, at least not at this point in time. 🙂 I think I’ll continue working on affiliate marketing just because everything is handled behind the scenes.

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. No it’s not for me either Tej but there are a lot of people out there making good money off it! I’m like you – I make my money through internet marketing…and I don’t hear much of a calling for drop shipping at the moment (maybe in the future I will!)

  5. Drop shipping sounds great. Not having to keep track of stock inventory or find storage sounds great. Just take the order and then pass it on for someone else to fill. How well does this compare with affiliate marketing? Also how do you get paid? What is the best way to get started and how do I tell if the drop shipper is honest and reliable before I get involved with them?

    1. Well you’ve got a mountain of questions there Margaret – some of which are hard to answer if I’m honest with you!

      I think the best way to handle this is for me to write a whole new article covering the ins and outs of drop shipping from start to finish – I couldn’t do it justice in the comment section here!

      Keep an eye out for the article this January – I’ll be posting as soon as it’s complete!

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