How to Rank YouTube Videos on The First Page of Google

How to Rank YouTube Videos on The First Page of Google

Just last week I was reading an article on the power of marketing through YouTube – did you know that YouTube’s search bar is now the world’s second biggest search engine?

This means one thing and one thing only – tidal waves of untapped traffic!

But…if you’ve landed on this article then you have probably already dipped your toe in the video marketing waters…and realized it is not as easy as most so-called ‘gurus’ make out.

If you are looking for solid advice on how to rank YouTube videos on the first page of Google…you’ve come to the right place.

In the article below I have included a two-part video tutorial on ranking YouTube videos by the Wealthy Affiliate maestro Jay!

Regulars to this site will already know how good his webinars are – the rest of you are about to find out…

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Google & YouTube

The title of this article reads ‘How to Rank YouTube Videos on The First Page of GOOGLE’ but it’s important to realize the solid metal link between these two search engines…

They are the same beast in different clothing!

Yep, Google has now owned YouTube for a number of years and in turn, has taken over it’s search bar.

If you manage to get your video ranking in YouTube then chances are it’s going to rank on the first page of Google.

Quick question – when did you last see a Vimeo video rank on the first page of Google?

See what I mean?

Nine times out of ten Google will include two to three videos near the top of their first page of results. This is obviously very powerful stuff.


YouTube Video Training Part One

In the first awesome video training you will be covering the following important topics…

  • Do Video Topics & Quality Affect Ranking?
  • Where YouTube Videos Can Show Up
  • The REAL Metrics That Affect Rankings
  • The Secret SEO Naming Trick You are Not Doing
  • Let’s Do This LIVE!
  • Live Q & A Session

As you can see, the video tutorial actually contains a section near the end where Jay puts the teachings into action – you can actually see him going through the steps he uses to rank his videos!

It’s always worth sitting through the Q & A sections of his webinars at the end as well – nine times out of ten a member of the audience will ask a question you yourself need answering!

So, without further ado…


YouTube Video Ranking Part One


YouTube Video Training Part Two

In the second awesome video training you will be covering the following important topics…

  • A Reminder of the YouTube Ranking Metrics
  • How I Uploaded the YouTube Video
  • What Happens Next?
  • Embedding YouTube Videos for Mobile Performance
  • Let’s Keep Doing this LIVE!
  • Live Q & A Session

This tutorial sort of picks up from where the first one ended. You will be looking more at what to do once your videos are uploaded:


YouTube Video Tutorial Part Two


How to Rank YouTube Videos in Google

Disclaimer – I haven’t been an internet marketer all my life (SHOCK, HORROR!).

That’s right, I actually studied and qualified as a musician.

Why am I mentioning this?

Well the majority of visitors that end up on this article will be internet marketers looking to get high rankings for their product-related videos…the rest will actually be a more creative bunch!

That’s right folks – YouTube isn’t just a platform for you to try and sell a few affiliate products – it’s an awesome platform for the arts as well.

The Musical project I am a part of is named The Marica Frequency and we have a growing channel showcasing our music on YouTube (find it HERE).

Jay’s teachings, and the general education at the Wealthy Affiliate have taught me how to build this channel the CORRECT way and how to rank the music videos on it…

Okay, okay, that certainly was a shameless plug…but it’s important to realize that the tips and tricks covered in the videos above work for EVERY type of YouTube video – not just the marketing mash-ups floating about out there!

If you have any questions about the topics covered in the video, please leave them in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! 🙂

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  1. Awesome article, I love it
    I also recommend using video ranking softwares like this one
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    1. Do you? Do you really?

      Or are you just trying to drop an affiliate link into my comment section (which hasn’t worked)?

      Here’s a tip for you mate – give up internet marketing (you’re not very good at it!) 🙂

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