How to Monetize a Travel Blog

How to Monetize a Travel Blog

If you’re an avid traveler, then you probably want to share your advice and insights to the public. Why not make some money at the same time?

Knowing how to monetize a travel blog can help finance your trips so be sure to get the most from your travels. Use this expert advice to create your own niche and start making a good income from traveling.

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Create a Product

Your experiences and insights are a product, but you can increase your earning potential by actually selling a physical product.

Is there something that would have aided in your travels?

One example is an individual who developed and sold a travel scarf. This scarf held his passport securely in a small pouch that was easily accessible but not noticeable to potential pickpockets.

To develop and sell a physical product, be sure to develop something that resonates with the traveling community and also helps solve a problem.

Sell e-Books

Many bloggers will write about their experiences on their websites but also have a link to an e-book that can be downloaded for only a few dollars.

If you have the time and experience, why not develop your own?

The key to making your book successful is that it needs to fill a niche. Writing a book about traveling in Ecuador probably won’t stand out.

Instead, you could write a book about the best art in Ecuador, the most popular scams and how to avoid them, or something else that’s specific and interesting to your audience.

Whatever your book is, you’ll want to create something inspired that’s based on your travel experiences.

Connect With Others

Although you want to make your own money, it’s best to connect with other travelers who stand out from the travel blogging crowd.

Look for others in your area who are brilliant story tellers and wizards at social media. They’re great at connecting with others and expanding their presence.

You can learn a lot from these professionals so promote them and you’ll be increasing your own presence.

Although it will take some time, these friends will help you in many different ways and will likely promote your own blog once they become more familiar with your work.

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Consider Sponsored Posts

This is a post where the content has been created specifically for the advertiser. This could be a promotional article that endorses a product or a general blog post which has an embedded link to the company.

Many companies pay for these embedded links to boost their SEO. To do this, you’ll need to have a website in place and have a fairly steady stream of visitors.

However, after you’ve gotten your site established, you can begin looking for sponsors. The quality of your site will depend on how much you can charge. There is no industry standard, but $100-200 is a reasonable expectation.

After you’ve spent a few months building your brand and establishing yourself as the expert, sponsors may start contacting you. If not, you can ask other bloggers for their sponsors and reach out and pitch to advertisers who are known to pay for posts.

Make Commissions on Hotel Booking Affiliates

Affiliate marketing is always an area to use with caution but you’re going to have better luck by providing good lodging information.

Obviously, tourists are going to be visiting your site. Most of them are going to be looking for information on hotel deals.

Provide them with good information on particular hotels with your own review and then put your affiliate link in the article.

If your reader finds that you’ve provided valuable information, then they’re more likely to book through your links and you’ll get a nice commission by the hotel.

Adsense as Needed

Adsense is run by Google and is definitely the most popular monetizing method to earn money for travel blogging. Many popular blogs and sites use Adsense.

However, while it’s not a bad option, it’s not easy to get into Adsense. You must first have good and unique content with an excellent number of visitors.

It may take some time for you to be able to use this method. You should use the other tips first and then consider Adsense if you’re wanting to make even more money from your site.

Monetize a Travel Blog

These key tips are some of the best ways to get started making money from your travel blog. Many of them are unconventional and can set you apart from other travel sites. Get started and work smart to build your brand!

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10 comments on “How to Monetize a Travel Blog

  1. That’s a great article, Chris. I love travelling and I am considering building a travel blog. Your content is really helpful. Your tip about making a travel e-book is a great idea and I believe I could make one for any niche, am I right? Could I also promote other travel products, like camping equipment and other stuff? Thanks!

  2. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the recommendations. I have always dreamed of being a travel blogger but maybe I’ll wait until my daughter is a little older. 🙂 Writing reviews about travel gears can help too! Also, creating apps that contains a checklist of what they need to bring, or maybe some targeted map with the destinations’ tourists’ spots. They can download that for a few cents and would probably help too.

  3. Hello Chris,

    Thanks for publishing this article. You show a person the basic concepts being having and monetizing a travel site. We really love to travel, I think my son flew 72 times before he turned 2, so we traveled a lot. This article tells a person like me the things they would need to do to turn their experiences into an online business. What made you pick the travel niche as an example?

    How would you suggest a person get the training needed to set up a travel site?



  4. Some great ways to monetize your travel blog, some easy and some that require a bit more work.

    The adsense one is super easy, but as you say you do need to build up your content first.

    So the next best one for a travel blog would probably be the hotel bookings one. I think one could do pretty well just recommending great hotels for people to stay in.

  5. Very good article about how to make money with a travel blog. My ultimate goal is to have 3 websites all dedicated to the niches I love. I’ve got one website up already geared towards a specific niche of video games, I’ve got a domain name picked and ready for a second website where I can promote WA, and my third was to eventually have a website geared towards traveling. To me though this seems like the hardest one because while I’ve done some traveling in my life, I’m not sure I’ve done enough of it to create a travel website with plus I want to travel so much more, but don’t have the funds to do it (or the time thanks to my traditional job at the moment). Reading this post though has given me some hope.

    1. That could prove a little bit of a problem Brian – at the end of the day content is king so you are going to need to write a bit about traveling. Have you thought about getting a freelancer in maybe? Try iWriter? Look for another fellow traveler who would like to write for you and bump up your output?

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