How to Make Money With Baseball Cards


How to Make Money With Baseball Cards

With the online market place exploding across America the buying and selling of baseball cards is no different, in this guide we will teach you how to make money with baseball cards.

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1) Find Out What People Want

Every team has fans and every fan loves a certain player more than the others, this is what makes that player popular and the popular players are the ones that sell the most baseball cards.

To begin with you will need to create yourself a list, on that list write down all the different teams that play baseball. Once you have your list of teams you need to come up with a list of their great players – both past as well as present.

Now each player does not just have one or two cards, this is where you need to start doing some more detailed research to make sure you get the complete list of cards for each player. Now that you have your list of players and cards you are ready for the next step.

2) Time For More Research

Now that we have our list of players that we want to focus on we need to start getting a handle on how much each card is currently worth. There is no doubt that eBay is the market leader for people to use when they are selling sporting goods.

Baseball glove and bat

If you already have an account great, if not you should take the opportunity to sign up for one. Start looking through your list of players and work out what prices they are selling for and if they are popular (do not forget you need to make sure it is the same card as well as the same player), you can easily follow each sale item without putting a bid on it. Once you have the information put it next to each player’s name and card type.

3) Speculate to Accumulate

Anyone trying to take the step away from their regular day job and make some money from a product has to spend some money, it is an unfortunate necessity and selling baseball cards is no different.

You will need to buy some cards before you can sell them. The advantage of baseball cards is they are not perishable and they have a monetary value so by buying them you are investing your money in a different way.

Have a good think about how much you want to spend on the cards, do not put yourself at any financial risk by doing this but at the same time you need to make it worth your while.

4) Time to Buy

Baseball CardYou are now ready to start buying your cards, you should have everything you need by now. On your list you will have the team, the player, the card type and the amount it normally sells for.

It is time to start scouring those eBay pages for cards that are on sale for anything 20% (or more) less than the price they normally sell for (the figure you wrote down earlier.)

When you are confident you have found some you are ready to buy, remember EBay is an auction site so some cards you will need to bid for and some you will be able to buy immediately. Take your time to learn your way around all the functions on the site and only when you are ready should you purchase.

5) Time to Sell

Your cards should start to arrive through the post very shortly, always take time to inspect they are what you were sold and also that the condition matches the description. Once you are happy you can start listing the cards back on the internet to sell, my advice in the beginning would be to again use eBay but as you become more experienced you may wish to research other online selling sites.

Always take the time to give full accurate descriptions of the cards and set a reserve price on the cards at a price you are happy to sell at. 

These simple steps should start to turn you a profit in a short space of time and by following them accurately that is how to make money with baseball cards.

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12 comments on “How to Make Money With Baseball Cards

  1. Hey Chris, just saw this article and thought I would chime in. Believe it or not, one of my good friends makes a LIVING just off the Baseball card trade. Even after all these years, Baseball cards still seem like a hot item. He isn’t selling old cards from the 40’s-60’s either. He sells/buys/trades the current stuff. People want select items and he always seems to make a profit. Not too shabby as he does pretty well for himself.

  2. It looks like a good way to make money. Making a profit by selling baseball cards. The nice thing about this are that there a lot of teams to dig into and also a ton of players to promote.

    How many cards should a person start with and that is if you can buy them for cheap and sell for a profit?

    1. Hi Viljoen,
      Well as I said in the article above, it’s best to keep within your limits! If you can only afford ten cards to begin with then ten cards it is! Use the profit to buy 15 cards next time and so on and so on 🙂

  3. If my mother didn’t throw away my baseball cards in the late 70’s I’d be rich!
    I had complete to nearly complete sets from the mid 60’s to about 1973 ( many doubles and triples too!). Back then we had no idea they would ever have value ( our comic books too) so out they went unfortunately.
    Great income idea for those who still have them in a box in the attic though!

    1. Yeah I know the feeling David – I got rid of my original Star Wars collection years ago (kicking myself now!)

  4. If I had only known when I was a kid what I know now. How many Willie Mays card did I use for the spokes of my bike. Roger Maris, Barry Bond’s dad. and on and on.

    Do these cards ever decrease in value? I don’t look at it like spending money you are just trading currency for another type of money.

    No different than buying gold or silver. I have a website and a business online and I got there by learning how it’s done.

    I think a site trading baseball cards for people that have a big interest in it is great. What better way to make money than with doing something you like.

    The sound of Willie Mays clicking in my spokes sounds like flushing money down the toilet now. Youth is wasted on the young.

  5. Only if I would have kept my baseball cards from 70s and 80s. Like many of us, we really did not know how much value they would be in the 21st century.

    I can remember how I used go to school and play for cards – those were the fun times.

    Well, it never too late to get started. I also like WA as it give everyone flexibility in what niche they want to be involved it.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Chris,

    Wow this is awesome! As a kid, I grew up playing baseball so I had many baseball cards and always wanted to try to sell them and make money from them but never really knew how or what approach to take.

    I actually still have most of them (until my partner uncovers them then they’ll hit eBay!).

    I can remember my uncle watching a program on someone who actually did this sort of thing for a living – they were racking up some serious green because they really knew what they were doing!

    I think sites like eBay really help people learn more about the value of these collectible items these days – a few days on there and you have a huge amount of knowledge behind you – have you used eBay for this kind of thing before?

    This article really breaks down the idea of making money with baseball cards, its really helpful, and I think I might try to go and sell mine now (for the right price) – before my partner realizes I’ve got them hidden away upstairs….

    Cheers for sharing – great info to get started!

    1. Hi Hunter,

      Yes I actually started off my career online by selling antiques on eBay – I was sending them all over the world at one point!

      I started off with one book and learned the trade through eBay itself – you’re right about the amount of information that is housed there (if you look hard enough and you are willing to learn!).

      Unfortunately the competition was pretty low when I started out on eBay…and the business struggled after a couple of years…which led me to internet marketing instead!

      You are definitely right though – there is a lot of money to be made from things people collect IF you learn the ropes first. Baseball cards are a great place to start!

      One of my friends actually makes good money from buying and selling Star Wars figures!!!!!

      Great speaking with you Hunter – good luck with your baseball card selling! 🙂

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