How to Make Money Online Fast Without Paying Anything

How to Make Money Online Fast Without Paying Anything

There comes a point in every individual’s life where we all have to choose to the type of “go-getter” attitude to adapt when it comes to making money.

Some of us are willing to take the old route and work from the bottom to the top, some want things to happen in a flash!

Truth be told, we all wish the latter would happen and we’d be able to skip the hustle and go straight to good living…

This is why we never stop looking for the elusive technique of how to make money online fast without paying anything.

News flash…sorry to burst your bubble my friend…the reality is a bit different especially for online businesses.

You really have to put in the hours and sleepless nights; honest progressive effort. And this takes some time and lots of persistence.

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So How Do You Make Quick Money Online?

Have you come across programs promising heaven for some few dollars that they even claim to be able to pay back if you ever find the system not working?

Well, don’t go there!

Making an honest dollar online is hard enough…and now they tell you that they can get you to the $1, 000 mark within your first few weeks, and without any experience whatsoever…?

This is straight up crazy talk…and a scam!

To be honest…one of the few ways I know you can make anything close to $1, 000 or even more in a single gig is on a freelancing website like Upwork, or

…And you have to be doing some serious stuff like coding a website (note: not using drag and drop RAD tools…I’m talking about sitting down and painfully laying down the JavaScript or Python code from scratch…), and I can assure you that this is not happening overnight!

So How Do You Make Quick Money Online?

The alternative is to join these scammers and get into the unscrupulous business of selling people “false hope” through pyramid and MLM schemes, spamming, and taking advantage of newbies to sell them overpriced stuff they don’t really need.

Most of these methods are illegal in many countries around the world and you’re bound to find yourself in jail once your luck and the good run are out the window.

How Can You Make Legit Money Online Relatively Fast???

Why do I say relatively fast?

Well, the truth is…while it’ll probably take less time and financial obligations to build a successful business online as compared to the conventional world, it will definitely take you a few months before your business takes shape and you start making any meaningful profits.

Here are 5 quick ways to get you started on legitimate online money making techniques.

# 1 Become a Full Time Freelancer

Entry Cost: Free

Surely anyone can relate to this and you probably know a few websites yourself by now…

This business model makes you more of a contracted employee than a business owner but the working hours are flexible here; you call the shots about how much to do or not to do…

Freelancers make money completing gigs for clients on platforms such as the earlier mentioned and others like Elance, Guru and just to mention a few.

Become a Full Time Freelancer

This can range from technical gigs such as programming projects to providing SEO services or doing some graphic design work.

There are thousands upon thousands of opportunities here and you are only limited by the number hours you can manage to free up to complete as many gigs as possible.

Although the “ethics” of academic writing are very debatable, you can still make a living completing academic projects for students on websites such as or

You definitely need to have a strong academic background and impeccable research skills to succeed in this online business model though.

# 2 Develop and Sell Digital Written Material

Entry Cost: $150 or Less & No Prior Experience Required

One of the surest ways to build an online business is to come up with downloadable digital products you can sell.

These can be anything from Amazon Kindle eBooks to course guides and how to guides…anything that adds value to the buyer in some way.

The beauty here is that the product is completed once and you can keep selling this one eBook to millions of customers at no extra cost like making deliveries.

It’s all profit from then on…

So how do you get started here?

Simple, find a niche where people need fresh useful information and write up solid information that they want and you’re good to go.

Check out platforms like ClickBank and to learn more about creating great digital products for sale.

#3 Niche Website Development

Entry Cost: Almost Free…If you can develop the sites and Content yourself then do the SEO

A niche is simply a group of audience interested in a particular thing. We are talking about different interests such as “home gardening”, to “everyday life hacks” to “online money making techniques” or even issues like “pot training pets like dogs or cats”.

The playing field here is wide and and fairly level to allow any smart soul to make an entry and build something substantial with it.

The process here is simple: find a niche, create websites and fill them with good valuable content (information) to help them rank well on Google enough to bring in hoards of organic traffic and then monetize the websites using Google’s Adsense (among others).

Niche Website Development

You can also sell niche specific digital products and services to your audience on these websites.

The cost here really depends on how much you’re willing or required to spend in any of the processes involved in creating solid niche websites.

You may need to pay a few freelancers to develop the content for you or pay a SEO to push your rankings up.

This business model can also be taken in a completely different direction and you can instead build and sell completed niche websites to people who don’t have the time to do it.

#4 Sell Stuff on E-Stores

Entry cost: Free…well, minus their transaction commissions/fees of course…

The best way to go with this is Amazon and Ebay. These are the most established and easy to use e-stores we have so far.

The reason why using platforms like Ebay is recommended is because some of the key transaction services such as drop shipping physical products and customer protection are solid and very reliable.

You can easily build a sustainable business here by selling your own stuff that you don’t need around the house or your garage.

There’s also the option of asking for other sellers to give you access to their inventories and you can sell these products for a commission or a share of the profits.

Which brings us to our last online money making method…

#5 Joining the Affiliate Marketing Wagon

Entry Cost: Free…Well, and a killer pitch because it’s all about making sales…tons of sales

The best thing about this online business model has to be the ease of entry!

No purchases, no keeping inventories or dealing in any kind of product support whatsoever, and you can affiliate marketing to promote hundreds…no wait, make that millions of products!

Depends on how good you eventually become at it and the markets you can manage to penetrate and carve out your own authoritative space.

Joining the Affiliate Marketing Wagon

Legit affiliate marketing programs will never charge you any joining fee and you can earn commissions ranging from 1% to over 70% depending on the affiliate program and your level of engagement.

It’s important to point out here that this business model works exceptionally well with niche websites.

There’s potential to create some serious revenue streams using affiliate programs. is an outstanding candidate when it comes to affiliate marketing and getting new affiliate marketers get started.

Final Word:

Making money online could be a bit faster and maybe a bit more flexible compared to making money in the real world, but as we have seen through the legit online money making methods described above, it just won’t happen at the snap of your fingers.

You will need to put in long hours, spend some cash, and go it the slow honest way.

Now you know how to make money online fast without paying anything. Well, my advice is simple: Don’t fall prey to the quick money making schemes and programs popping up all over the internet…

…There’s really no shortcut to true success and financial freedom in the online money making business…NO WAY!

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22 comments on “How to Make Money Online Fast Without Paying Anything

  1. HI Chris,

    Great site and awesome article. There is pretty much almost innumerous way to earn some money online, and I am talking about genuine ways that work.

    You have mentioned a couple of ways in which I personally use and few that I could, if need be!

    On selling products on Amazon, pretty easy to find top class suppliers and manufacturers these days and get your own product either custom made or white(private) labeled and sell via amazon either with or without your own website and Amazon’s own FBA program will drop ship for you! Meaning you don’t even need to see your product, just have your supplier ship it directly to nearest Amazon depot! And when you get a sale..they pack and ship it for you!

  2. Hey, Chris

    Thank you for this amazing read. The internet does offer a vast world filled with possibilities. problem is, the first thing most of us encounter are scams. I have been disappointed many times. There were times I wanted to stop my search for online success. Until I found Wealthy Affiliate as well. I am a member, but a newbie. I would like to know how Wealthy Affiliate would help me build a successful business?
    Thank you, Chris.

    1. If you’re a newbie there, all you have to do is take your time and digest everything…step by step. Remember – this is not a race. Don’t try to take any short cuts – I found out the hard way 🙂

      Just make sure you understand everything before moving onto the next topic and your online business will surely grow!

      Good luck Vini

  3. Great article with valuable advices ! Yes to be successful in online business,You really have to put in the hours and sleepless nights; honest progressive effort. And this takes some time and lots of persistence. I really agree with you on that statement… We also have to add some faith to that because faith will remain the key of success… I loved reading this article and I will be coming back to learn more here.. Thank You for sharing this.

  4. Hi, I love the article and the way you lay out the multiple ways to earn money online or from home.

    It is helpful to see that there are multiple different ways to make money but also get a realistic assessment of how well they work.

    I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is a fantastic option for someone who does not already have a strong set of marketable skills such as coding or area specific expertise.

    Thanks again for the great article and for your honest approach.

  5. Hi Chris, I think I will try to freelance for other business owners by writing quality content for their websites to make extra money on the side either than on my website and on Clixsense I am not sure about it because I believe that people who can make meaningful money are those from top tier countries like the US and European countries.

    1. Wow, I’ve never seen a sentence that long before Floyd – wanna borrow a comma? 🙂

      Only joking mate – Clixsense accepts members from all over the world!

  6. A really good article because you highlight what most will not highlight – that making money online takes time and effort. It’s a process, that many are not willing to follow. I like the options you give. Undoubtedly, Affiliate Marketing is the best place to start because you can leverage other people’s products and services.

    1. Glad you agree with our points mate!

      Yeah affiliate marketing has also been my favorite choice for many years now. Once you have your content set up in your head it becomes like second nature to you!

      Great speaking with you – thank you for taking the time to leave your opinion with us.

  7. Hi mate I love your site it is really clear to understand. This post hits the mark also. The internet is littered with BS ideas about how to make money and you have pointed out the to good to be true aspect straight off which can only be a good thing. I have to agree that Wealthy Affiliate is probably the best one out of the bunch. I havent had a look at Elancer yet but I intend to do so now I have read your post.

    1. Hi there Andy!

      Unfortunately these BS ideas on how to make money on the internet work and work well – people lose money with them on a daily basis. I see you’re a member of the WA then? Great to meet you mate (see you in the community some time soon!).

  8. I’ve been considering upwork of late, made a profile and request. Don’t think that’s up my ally though, I prefere making things that are mine and I get a sense of pride. Affiliate marketing is a great opportunity, so is niche marketing. Thank you for your post, I like all the other opportunities you mention.

    1. Well what exactly are you looking to do on Upwork Nathan? It’s a good site to take on but you have to have a clear service in your head first. What are you planning on working at?

  9. I am all about trying to steer people away from all those get rich quick schemes. They prey on the needy and steal what coin those people have left.

    Your affiliate program looks very legit. Slow and steady often wins the race and that same principle should also apply to making money online. Thanks for the recommendation.


    1. Hi Jason,

      Well you are very welcome to try it – it’s free after all! 🙂

      I agree with you on the slow and steady wins the race. If you want to be successful online you are going to have to build something…and that takes time!

  10. Very well written. Some people may not get how quickly you can get scammed by trying to make a quick dollar online. I have been scammed out of my valuable time before and I have children so needless say I became extremely careful. You have provided plenty of realistic money making options. The good news is I think everyone has a niche of some sort and anyone who sticks with this can become successful.

  11. Amazing Blog, Thanks for putting step by step helping tutorials for earn money through our own content keep sharing valuable content.
    Thank you.
    Life time earning opportunity app: – (LINK REMOVED DUE TO YOU BEING A COMPLETE DICKHEAD SPAMMER)

    1. As you can see we’ve removed your link but thanks for the comment anyway. Just a heads up – this is 2017…leaving spam in a comment section of a website went out when Clinton left office. 🙂
      If you want to get into marketing – try harder.

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