How to Make Money on 2 Acres

How to Make Money on 2 Acres

I recently came across a rather interesting business forum thread on how to make money on 2 acres, and it really got me thinking.

I’ve covered an untold number of money making avenues on this site but I’ve frequently overlooked the subject of land!

Anyway, the forum thread was started off by the following question…

“I have just purchased 2 acres of agricultural land in a ‘greenbelt’ area about 2 miles outside of the town I live in. I hope it will be an investment for the future as I’m fairly confident that within the next few years, planning laws will be relaxed in the area (Northern Ireland) and my wife and I will be able to build the house of our dreams.

I must now sit on it until that day arrives so I am wondering now what I can do with a 2 acre field that would even generate enough to cover the mortgage, which is approx £300/month.”

I never really considered the (drastic) effect of greenbelts on a land investment before – I’m pretty sure this type of land is a lot cheaper than ‘normal’ land but it obviously comes with a few money-making restrictions.

The question that started the thread was interesting enough, but the answers really caught my attention – there were enough good responses there to give me a great basis for writing this article…

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Make Money on 2 Acres of Land

Make Money on 2 Acres of Land

Renting For Horses or Livestock: If your land is based in a rural area, you may well be able to find people who are looking to rent space for horses or livestock – maybe even a farmer?

Advertising: Have you noticed the amount of large ‘trailer adverts’ you find scattered along certain motorway sections these days – is you land near a highway/main road? If so you may want to consider setting up one or two of these trailer ad boards – I hear there’s decent money in it!

Creating a Dog Area: If the land is (or can be) fully enclosed, you might get people with dogs who can’t normally come off the lead, paying to use it. The forum thread pointed out that many greyhound owners are looking for safe areas to allow their animals to stretch their legs. You will also find that people who own ‘difficult’ dogs will be on the lookout for areas they can let their animals off their leads (aggression problems etc.).

A simple search online will bring up groups created for certain types of special needs dogs – see what you can find and see if they are looking for a safe space to use!

Setting up Wind Turbines: Not really my cup of tea…but I hear a LOT of farmers are making good money out of these modern wind turbines. Personally, I’m still not used to the modern ‘look’ of them – they always appear out of place in rural settings (a little bit too science fiction!).

Create a Fishing Area: If you manage to pull this one off – you really could make GOOD money! Man-made fishing ponds that are stocked with fish can bring in around $15 per day or $30 per night (per fisherman). I hear these sorts of fishing areas are VERY lucrative indeed!

Build an Allotment Business: Not sure about the planning permission etc. about this type of business…but it could be an excellent source of income if you are able to pull it off! Two acres may not sound like a huge area, but you can easily fit over 20 regular sized allotments on it if you do the groundwork/planing first.

Create a Plant Nursery/Small Gardening Center: I really like this idea because I’ve seen it up and running in many locations where I live (rural Wales), and all of them seem extremely successful.

How much do you know about horticulture? Do you feel this is a subject you could really get interested in?

These types of horticulture-based areas also give you a perfect base for creating produce for a garden marketer (general vegetable selections and chicken coops for eggs etc.)

Leisure Pursuits: Do you live on the outskirts of a town? If so, it may be a good idea to look into the various leisure pursuits you can set up on your land. Karting, archery, paint-balling – to name but a few!


Making Money off Your Land

Making Money off Your Land

The key to making any of the options covered above work, is the amount of effort you put into your research first – don’t try to cut corners and jump into something you are not 100% sure about.

Land can be a confusing subject – what you can or can’t do there, and what licenses or qualifications you need to get started in specific rural business ventures…

Do your homework first!

Now over to you – do you have any ideas for making money off 2 acres that we have not covered above?

Have you successfully developed this sort of land before?

Do you have any hints or tips on the subject that could help out others who are reading this article?

If so, we would love to hear from you – please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!

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6 comments on “How to Make Money on 2 Acres

  1. As someone who aspires (alongside my partner) to purchase property and open an outdoor retreat center in the future, your article was really interesting and useful to me. I have long believed in the merits of diversifying your income streams and think your article suggest the benefits of that approach. All of your recommendations make sense to me, but I’m curious if you would have a preferred “order of events”? For example, do you think it makes sense to start the foundation for a plant nursery/gardening center before investing in something like dredging a pond for a fishing area?

    1. Yes that makes perfect sense to me Tucker – I think you have to use your head (and common sense) with that kind of order! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the great ideas Chris. I really like the idea of wind turbines . I feel advertising board might ruin the beautiful scenery. I am in London and there is a farm near my house where there are lots of beautiful horses . In one corner ,they have started a nursery for children. Children can go to the nursery and can have a view of the horses too! 

    1. Wow – what part of London has a farm in it Priya? Surely you live just outside London?

      I’ve lived in London and there ain’t any farms there! 🙂

  3. I have seen a lot turning lands into agricultural whereby they can sell their produce and at the same time increase the value of their land. There are even success turning their agricultural land into place of interest for visits or educational purposes. It is very interesting to see a land develops from nothing into something whereby one can earn active or passive income. 

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