How to Make Extra Money With Apps – 5 New Options


How to Make Extra Money With Apps

Sometimes ​Google Alerts really rock my world!!!

I quickly scanned over several of these alerts in my mail box this morning and came across some really cool info on how to make extra money with apps.

This will be the first post we’ve created on the subject of apps with this site but expect many more – I didn’t realize how many earning opportunities these little apps provided.

Below are five simple apps that I took note of to share with you today – let’s check ’em out…

#1 Freelancer – Use Your Digital Skills

Freelancer is available on Android, iOS, Web. If you have some marketable digital skills then put them to use with the awesome app opportunity.

It’s great fun to simply crawl through the job listings and bid on them from your phone – makes you feel like a real ‘big boy’ in the business world!

At the time of writing this I came across a geezer looking to pay someone upfront for help with web design, numerous translation jobs and loads of content jobs.

Some people pay by the hour whilst others pay for the job as a whole – get on there and get working!

#2 Fiverr – Work For 5 Bucks! 

I’ll be honest – I’m not the biggest fan of on the web but there’s no getting away from the fact that it is legit and people earn money there.

With this in mind – if you are looking into how to make extra money with apps you HAVE to check out the FREE Fiverr app. It is available on Android, iOS, Web and it is very easy to use.

You’re probably not going to become a millionaire using this app but you are going to get the chance to steadily build a little income ( $5 at a time! ).

banner 2

#3 Amazon – Get Rid of That Clutter

The Amazon app is a pretty effective way to get your clutter on the internet and get it sold – I find this works best with books.

It’s currently available on AndroidiOS, Web and is FREE ( of course! ).

Bored with your copy of Fifty Shades of Grey? Well let’s pass it on to another randy housewife with the Amazon app!

Simply scan the barcode and have the whole selling process up and running in minutes – In mere moments, you’ll have it priced and listed!

#4 Snaptee – Fancy Designing T-Shirts?

OK, this probably won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s well worth checking out if you are into the whole fashion gig.

Snaptee is available on Android, iOS, Web and it allows you to design and sell your own T-Shirts. A lot of people are using Instagram to do this but this app is taking them on big style!

If you’re interested check it out – you’d be surprised at how creative you can get when money’s involved in the equation!

#5 Secret Shopper

I was really surprised to find an app like this out there – it was complete and it actually works! 

You use the GPS on your phone to get directed to the nearest target shops. Once there you simply follow tasks like snapping shots of price tags and bothering customer services with taxing questions.

Once you have gathered all the data asked of you simply fill in a form through you app and submit it – PAYDAY! 

This awesome app is available on Android, iOS, Web – it’s a really original idea and well worth checking out.

Get Creative Guys!

So there you have it – a little creativity can go a long way and get the green rolling in BIG TIME! 

If you have any new ideas on how to make extra money with apps please feel free to leave them in the comment section below – we’d love to hear from you!

Alternatively, if you are looking for a way to earn legitimate money in the ‘internet world’ as opposed to the ‘app world’ check out our #1 recommendation below ( it’s also FREE guys! ):


18 comments on “How to Make Extra Money With Apps – 5 New Options

  1. Hey Chris
    Interesting article, freelancing wouldn’t be a bad gig, you probably won’t get rich but you could make a living after you got established. I have made a couple of purchases off of Fiverr and was impressed by one of them it was a video, pretty good. T shirts a big no. Secret shopper sound cool, I can see where store owners would want unbiased feedback about their store.

    1. Hello again Randy!
      Yeah I find Fiverr pretty hit and miss at times but if you are decent enough at the service you are providing you can make money easily enough. Not into the idea of t-shirts? Shame, some people are doing quite well out of that niche at the moment 🙂

  2. Hi Chris – There certainly are numerous ways to make money online.
    I use Fiverr quite a lot. Its brilliant for getting webpage banner headings made and even some complex graphics that I use on my websites.
    As you say selling books on Amazon is another method I use.

    1. Hi Mark,
      I haven’t used Fiverr for graphics or image-related jobs yet but I think I’m going to look into it a bit – seems like there are a few decent image providers on there 🙂

  3. Hi Chris,
    I have had a few emails relating to making money using a mobile phone, I’m curious as to
    how safe my details are on my phone? Always looking at multiple income streams, is it hard to set up #3? Thanks.


    1. Hi Keri, They are all pretty simple to set up to be honest with you. From what I can remember we had no problems with each account 🙂

  4. Hi Chris, thank you for letting us in on some of the easy ways to make some money from the comfort of my mobile phone with some thrifty apps. Freelancer seems just right for me. At least I get to pick which project I want and how much I would like to be paid for my time and talent. Keep them coming Chris, lets know what we should tryout to make some cash.

  5. Hi Chris, thanks for sharing this latest info about apps that can help us to make extra money! It is amazing that many of the major players have also join-in the apps craze nowadays. I guess it is the way to go since Google launched the Armageddon earlier this year. About fiverr, I must say that in the western countries, 5 bucks is basically nothing I guess. But in some countries in Asia for example India, Indonesia, Phillipines, etc., 5 bucks is actually quite substantial considering the much lower currency value in some of the Asian countries.

  6. Hi Chris, good tips! I have already tried three of them. It is not a problem to get few buck be this but to establish a regular income it costs a lot of energy and time.

    For those who understand some topic deeply and can communicate about it might be interested also Udemy. It is not so difficult to create your training online course, and another stream of money is here. Many people have Udemy as their main income and few of trainers earned more than million dollars over there.

  7. Hey Chris

    Great article on earning extra income online… personally I’m a big fan of Fiverr and use their services quite often. I’ve been contemplating on using Freelance for some of my more complex jobs… getting a little overwhelmed assuming all the responsibility myself. After reading your article I think I’m going to delegate more and use my time a little more wisely.


    1. No problem Mark – so you’ve had some luck with hiring off Fiverr right? Would love to find out more about what gigs you centered on! 🙂

  8. Many of these ideas are familiar to me but one of your tips, snap tee, just slapped me in the face! Have you heard of the app “PicsArt”? I can just imagine how cool Tees could be made quickly with an app as powerful and easy to use as PicsArt.

    One of my issues is that I don’t live in the US. Shipping anything is nearly a nightmare. Still you have some really outstanding ideas posted up here. THANKS!

    1. Hey Marc,

      No sorry, I haven’t heard of PicsArt yet but it does sound rather interesting. I suppose it is a sort of Canva-like app that allows you to create arty designs pretty quickly right? Then you can apply them to the wears in Snap Tee?

      A good setup really – I may have to look into that a bit further!

      Well done for thinking outside the box mate – that’s the way to get ahead of the competition online! 🙂

      Thanks for taking the time to share that one with us Marc (personally…I would have kept it close to my chest LOL).

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