How to Make an Amazon Link – Anchor Text


How to Make an Amazon Link

For the past couple of months I have been pulling my hair out due to the irritating options Amazon offers for it’s product links.

I finally found and answer on how to make an amazon link stick in anchor text and I thought I’d share it with you in a quick post today ( I’m aware that many other people out there are searching for a solution to this link problem! ).

Advice on How to Make an Amazon Link

Amazon is a pretty cool option for webmasters who are looking to monetize their site. They offer quick and easy options to link to their products but everything seems to be a little ‘in-house’.

The linking widgets they offer look good and work every time but some of us out there would like something a little more basic to fit into our content ( Anchor Text Links ).

Now, before you start shouting at your screen I should point out that I’m fully aware that Amazon offers Text Links like the one below:

An Amazon Text Link Example

But these types of text link are sort of singular – they are near enough impossible to fit into content you have already written!

I want to write my content, highlight and bold a couple of words, hit the link button, enter a URL and take on the world!

Amazon’s basic link widget offerings do not really make this an easy task.

So what URL do you enter into a simple anchor text link box?

Check this out below:..

After all that hair pulling and shouting and screaming it turned out to be that simple!

The ASIN number is included on every product description page that Amazon offers and YOURASSOCIATEID is nothing more than your Amazon Associates username.

I’m aware that Amazon could of made this a lot easier and provided a button on every page to generate the link for you! Unfortunately it is up to the associate to find the ASIN number and insert it themselves ( so copy and paste – don’t make any mistakes! ).

More Help With Creating Amazon Links

So there we have it folks – I hope that’s cleared things up a little bit for you!

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