How to Increase Sales With Facebook

How to Increase Sales With Facebook

With the advent of technology and social media, much of our daily lives have moved online. Networking, socializing, and business transactions are interactions that have become digitized, just to name a few.

In order to survive in a modern, cyber world, then, businesses must similarly conquer the Internet. In particular, this article will teach businesses how to increase sales with Facebook.

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Interact With Customers

One of the greatest benefits of Facebook is increased interactions with business customers. A platform like Facebook is efficient because it is able to reach a broad volume and demographic of people with minimal effort.

This means that when businesses push products or services via Facebook that advertisements are going to reach a greater population (even more if people “like” or “share” these posts) and this will correlate with increased sales.

The other great benefit of using Facebook to interact with customers is that communication via Facebook is a two-way street.

Interact With Customers on Facebook

Customers are not simply being spammed with products, deals, and services: they also have the opportunity to provide customer feedback.

The value of this feedback is twofold.

On the one hand, customers who are able to provide feedback feel more satisfied: they have a space to air their concerns, ask their questions, pile on their compliments and ultimately, feel heard and appreciated by the company.

The company, on the other hand, now has a wealth of information from which to pull ideas for evolving their product.

Monitor Competition

A second benefit of Facebook as a business tool is that it allows for networking and, perhaps most importantly, it can serve as a tool for monitoring competition.

Facebook allows businesses to “like” and digitally interact with other similar businesses and professionals.

This provides businesses with an opportunity to stay up to date with cutting edge technology, news, and information in their respective fields.

It also allows companies to keep an eye on their competition: by “following” similar businesses on Facebook, businesses can monitor how competing businesses push sales and interact with customers.

Business Monitoring on Facebook

Businesses can then adapt their competition’s successful sales techniques, target similar clients and leverage products.

Ultimately, Facebook can provide businesses with many case studies to analyze and benefit from:

  • What other companies are succeeding?
  • What are they doing right that can be mimicked?
  • What are they doing wrong, that should be avoided?

Increasing Sales

Customer interaction, networking and competition monitoring are all important tools to keep in mind when using Facebook to increase sales.

The most important concept to grasp, however, is the concept of actually selling on Facebook.

What features of Facebook are the most useful sales tools?

Perhaps the most effective tool is the Facebook post. A Facebook post can be as simple as a line of text announcing a new product or deal, but posts also have the ability to be customized and jazzed up.

Oftentimes, customers will respond better to a flashier post – maybe a post that incorporates some sort of media – than a simple text post.

What features of Facebook are the most useful sales tools?

Examples of how to “jazz up” a post are to include a photograph, a short video, or perhaps a link to something else – such as a blog post.

This type of content is more interesting and exciting than a basic text advertisement and will often result in increased sales.

Another great way to increase sales through Facebook posts is to encourage Facebook followers to share or like posts.

When followers do this, the post will reach a greater audience because friends of followers are more likely to see posts they’ve shared or liked.

A good way to motivate followers to like or share posts is through the use of contests or deals: for example, “share this post and receive 10% your next purchase!”

One final thing to take into consideration regarding Facebook posts is the optimal time of day to post. There are several studies on this, but most seem to suggest that afternoon posts see the most traffic.

Studies also suggest controlling the quantity of posts – one to a few posts a day is ideal; any more and companies risk losing followers due to spamming.

Increase Sales With Facebook

Facebook can be a valuable tool for increasing sales. It connects businesses with clients and competition, provides feedback and serves as a cost-effective, efficient platform for advertisement.

With a little trial and error, Facebook could soon be increasing your own sales!

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12 comments on “How to Increase Sales With Facebook

  1. Great reminders about how Facebook can be a helpful tool in building ones business. I am always trying to get more folks to my site and Facebook is one of the tools I use. Every time I create a new post, I post the new post on Facebook, hoping that will attract some visitors. I do get visitors to my site from Facebook so it does work. I also like that you can “boost” your posts, which helps you to introduce your site to folks who would not otherwise see it.

  2. Hey Chris, great ideas. A video for my webpage would be great, can you recommend any good orgs for startups or those who’ve been in the business for years? How did you add the pop-up at the beginning of the website? I think that’s a good way to bring in customers and to let them know you want to help.

    1. Organizations or startups for what mate? For Facebook marketing or marketing in general? The pop up is from a plugin I use in WordPress (very simple to get hold of!) 🙂

  3. Hi Chris,
    I’m starting a website and must admit that social media is a bit confusing to me. I’m GEN X And I just opened a Facebook account about 18 months ago :). I’ve got the hang of it from an end-user perspective, but not yet from the sales perspective. Don’t even get me started on Pinterest and Twitter – they make my head spin! I guess I’ll just have to take this one baby step at a time.

    1. Well it’s not as bad as you first might think Alyssa – type in social media into our search bar at the top right of the site and a load of helpful articles will come up! 🙂

  4. I know a little bit about facebook and see many people using it to socialize on with a lot of day to day stuff.

    When you talk about using it for promoting products and posts to your website, are you talking about having your business as a free profile or as a paid business profile?

    Or are you using your personal facebook profile with all your friends and family and looking to expand to others?

    1. I go for opening up a personal profile with an added ‘Facebook Page’ Travis – keeps things simple and all in one account. I don’t get my family and friends involved with my businesses – ever! 🙂

  5. Hey Chris,

    I think you absolutely hit it on the head here when you mentioned that you can use facebook to gain feedback for your products and services. In addition to running websites I also produce mobile apps and have used facebook in the past for that exact reason.

    It has worked well, especially when you can get friends to share, and then their friends share,and pretty soon you are gaining feedback from a whole host of people you have never met before. It’s really powerful stuff.

    Great post!

    1. That’s great to hear Alec – creating apps must be a cool way to earn some cash online (you’ve given me an idea for an article there!) 🙂

  6. Thanks for the reminder on how important Facebook is to reach potential customers. I have a business page that I try to use as much as possible along with other social media sites. I need to get better at posting more and I like how you suggested to post in the afternoon to hopefully reach more people.

    I think I’ve often been guilty of the set-and-forget status with a lot of my social accounts – Facebook more than any of the others!

    It’s probably down to the link between your business page and your friends list, it’s kind of hard to split the two at times…

    1. Hi Danelle,

      I think I know what you mean there – the temptation to switch between business pages and your timeline right? Well it happens to the best of us…but it’s definitely a bad distraction.

      Have you thought about going cold turkey with your timeline/news feed and just concentrate on your business page for a month or two?

      I’ve actually got to the point where I don’t use my personal account any longer – it just gets in the way of the REAL work I have to do online!

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