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How to Increase Online Income

​There’s nothing more exciting than getting a blog to a level of ‘being found’ by the search engines. You religiously watch your analytics on a daily basis and suddenly a slight trickle of visitors appears – things are picking up!

But deep down you know that this trickle is not good enough – you need that trickle to turn into a targeted tide so that you can actually make some sort of return on your hard work.

In this article we will be looking at how to increase online income generated by your blog. We will take a a sneak peak at the key factors that are probably holding your blog back…

1) Marketing Funnel Mastery

Many bloggers make the mistake of going straight past the simple steps needed to increase blog income through marketing. They decide upon converting simple traffic into paying traffic by pushing visitors into a sale.

Here is where the problem begins – converting ‘cold’ traffic into ‘hot’ traffic is a VERY difficult job.

Marketing Funnel MasteryPeople don’t like to end up on a website only to be confronted with a product to solve their problem. They want some sort of advice on a solution before they even consider opening their wallet ( in most cases ).

It’s all about educating your targeted visitors first – not aiming straight for their bank account!

This process can be simply put in place by making use of a sales funnel – a gradual and educational way to get visitors to your ‘money page’.

These funnels do a wonderful job of guiding your traffic through the buying process. They concentrate on educating them and transitioning them from being a wanderer to a potential buyer.

Learning how to set up an effective sales funnel will allow you to grab your traffic’s attention, keep their interest in place and educate them towards your final destination ( a possible offer of a solution to their problem ).

2) Consistency – Increase Website Traffic Flow

At a guess I would say that at least 75% of newbie bloggers are looking for ways to draw in more website visitors. A blog without traffic is a blog without hope!

We are all after organic traffic – it’s free after all! But how often does this organic traffic turn out to be quality traffic or targeted traffic?

Increase Website Traffic FlowThe sad fact of the matter is that a lot of organic traffic can end up being inconsistent traffic. You may think it is free traffic but how long have you spent writing articles and studying keyword research?

Unfortunately one of the most effective ways to attract guaranteed targeted traffic is to open your wallet. Using PPC platforms will always be the swiftest way of bringing in targeted visitors.

It’s a balancing act that most bloggers are more than a little scared of ( and rightly so! ). You must learn how to spend $5 and get $6 in return – this is a lot easier said than done!

For step-by-step guidance on the subject of PPC ads we suggest checking out the free membership at this online marketing school. PPC is an art form so don’t go into it blindly – learn the ropes first!

3) Find Writers For Your Website ( Copywriters )

Copywriters are writers that excel in creating content that converts – they know how to make a sale with words.

Copywriting therefore differs significantly from your regular blog posts. It follows a proven formula that smoothly moves visitors along your funnel towards an eventual sale.

A copywriter has the power to design and provide you with a sales page ( or review page ) that could last for years. Once it starts converting it should well continue converting.

Most bloggers want to try out copywriting for themselves and rightly so – it’s their blog and they might even excel at it. But if you are unaware of the basics of copywriting the results can be disastrous.

Effective internet marketers have usually spent years developing their copy and streamlining it for success. They’re incorporating psychological nuances that could well of gone straight over your head!

For free advice on how to write a review that converts check out the tutorials on offer here.

4) Building a Brand Strategy

Most bloggers end up like a very small fish in an extremely large pond. You pick a niche you enjoy, you enter the niche and you float about picking up the leftovers of the big players within your sector.

Building a Brand StrategyWith every hour that passes the internet is becoming more and more saturated no matter what niche you pick.

How do you stand out from the crowd? What is your unique selling point? Why should people listen to you above all others?

You need to find a way to demonstrate your credibility, and create authority in your market.

People need to know that you are the authority in your niche – when there are questions to be answered, your blog is the place to go!

Learn more about effective niche marketing through the free courses provided here.

5) Losing Sight And Becoming Greedy

If I created a quick poll or survey on why newcomers jump into the blogging world I’m pretty sure a high percentage of answers would be the same.

Most newbie bloggers I come across have money etched into the front of their mind. They are focused on a sustainable monthly income and they have not given much thought to the audience they will be attracting.

There are numerous empty promises online that lure people into the world of internet marketing…

‘Stay at home mum earns $3,000 a day’

‘Start a blog and earn profits on autopilot’

‘Set-and-forget push button formula for YOUR blog’

The list goes on and on ( and on, and on, and on… ).

You need to start out as you mean to go on – prioritize the needs of your target audience first then think about your wallet second.

Don’t be afraid of ‘missing a trick’ with money – if you look after your audience you will make money. Online profits are the result of helping others – concentrate on becoming a useful domain and success will surely follow.

Learn How to Increase Online Income

If you are interested in finding out more about building a successful blog we recommend checking out the FREE tutorials at Wealthy Affiliate. Read our full review on their services by clicking the link HERE

18 comments on “How to Increase Online Income – Blogger’s World

    1. Hi Nadja,
      Glad you found the article informative. If you need any more help don’t hesitate to use our contact form and we’ll see what we can do to help out 🙂

  1. I love the term “Scam ridden mind field” HOW TRUE!! I too have been to countless sites promising information and all you get is an immediate ad trying to sell you something with very little information about its content. I’m so tired of the “Scam ridden mind field” and the dishonesty. I will definitely be back to your site for more information.

    1. Yes I’m afraid that minefield has hurt a lot of innocent people over the years…and it doesn’t seem like changing any time soon!
      Glad to hear you’ll be returning here mate – look forward to speaking with you again soon 🙂

  2. One more great article. You are publishing great content. I already read your post about using social networks and now about bloggers and both articles are awesome.

    About copywriters, How to hire them? A lot of them at websites like freelancers, but most of them are of low quality with few scammers.
    Copywriters will generally increase the content. How to efficiently use them?

    1. Hi Mahmood,
      Yes I have a couple of writers I use for other sites I own – I found them on iWriter, a great place to search for reasonably priced writers 🙂

  3. I’m so pleased I stumbled across your article. I find articles like this so interesting as I have a website and am attempting to write posts myself. I’m struggling with my brand belief at the moment and implementing a strategy moving forward. As you say making money should come second.. but will it actually come at all? That’s the question I keep asking myself! Sammi

    1. Oh it’ll come in the end Sammi but you must stick at it – internet marketing is a complete lifestyle not a 9 to 5 job. If you want the sales to start coming in you need to start missing some sleep 🙂
      The start is always the hardest part – I currently work at least a 10 hour day!

  4. I love this article. It pointed out some of the mistakes I’m doing. Thanks a lot for the Copywriters and Brand Strategy ideas. I’ve probably seen it before but overlooked it.
    A question about copywriters, do you think it is a good to hire one for a landing page? Do you know any good one?

    1. I certainly do Oscar, yes! Your landing page is essentially a ‘money page’ so it’s best to get it right from the start ( more money in the long run! ).

  5. The very first one where you should turn cold traffic into hot traffic is a very important one. You are also spot on where you say that you should educate your readers first before you throw them with a product.

    Before people are willing to buy, they need to have knowledge and it is your job give them that knowledge that will be like an extra push for them to buy the product.

  6. I like the way you get to the point about earning money online. Like you say there is so much rubbish out there about how you can earn massive amounts of money in 1 day! people need to realise this just does not happen and it takes time, thought and persistence. Very well put together and informative site!

  7. Hello, Chris.

    Another informative article. I think the best way to increase our online income is to solely focus on one area of our business, master it, start getting great results from then, move to the next. Trying to manage all sort of areas of a website is a sure way to crash and burn.

    Organic free traffic is the best but the hardest one to get. Sure some PPC campaigns using Bing, or Facebook can spark up your traffic growth, but a long-term strategy to get free traffic is the only way to go.

    If you have a lot of money to spend, you can buy targeted traffic and hire people to write articles for you, but the real fun is learning to do all of this yourself. A skill and a lot of internet marketing experience are much more important than anything else.

  8. You make a lot of interesting points. I started looking at blogging and marketing several years ago and like so many others, got caught up in the hype. I was one of the lucky one that didn’t open my wallet every time another website tried to sell me something else. Thanks for the valuable information. I will be back to visit again.

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