How to Improve Blog Traffic – Video Tutorial


How to Improve Blog Traffic

Over the last fortnight we have been busy building up a video tutorial channel to go alongside this site. We have decided to showcase the channel on this site as well as ​on YouTube so that more people can enjoy our tutorials.

This is the first video tutorial in a long line of planned tutorials – How to Improve Blog Traffic – The Sensible Way!

If you scroll to the bottom section of this post you will see the topics this particular tutorial covers. We hope you find something there that helps your online efforts 🙂

How to Improve Blog Traffic – Tutorial Topics

​#1 The Power of Keywords – The first module of this video tutorial covers using keywords to increase traffic, using keywords in blog posts and using keywords to optimize your website.

It’s set out to simply highlight the importance of keywords in content and how simple it is to use them ( in terms of density! ).

#2 Creating Unique And Valuable Content – This second module covers the subject of creating content for SEO. The module highlights how important it is to offer unique and original content. A short and sweet creating content strategy!

#3 Site Updating – This module looks at the importance of adding new content to your site frequently and how this effects your rankings.

#4 Backlinking Your Site – This module looks at how backlinks pan out in 2015 including: how to build backlinks, seo backlink strategy and how to create quality backlinks.

#5 Guest Posting For Traffic – The power of guest posting has changed dramatically over the last few years. This module looks at guest posting guidelines, guest posting opportunities and guest posting in SEO.

#6 Creating a Social Media Strategy – Social platforms can be an extremely powerful weapon to a savvy webmaster. This module looks at the power of a social media strategy template, general social media marketing and a typical social media content strategy.

This is actually one of our longer video tutorials to date but it is ram-packed full of useful information for individuals looking to earn through blogging.

It’s not going to be easy – there are billions of blogs out there that have a huge head start on you. Stick with our video tutorials and we’ll help you crawl your way to the top!

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